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Letras de Mr. Big

30 Days In The Hole
A Little Too Loose
All The Way Up
American Beauty
Around The World
As Far As I Can See
Big Love
Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy
Fool Us Today
Fool Us Today ( En Español )
Goin Where The Wind Blows
Going Where The Wind Blows (en Español)
Green Tinted Sixties Mind
Hold On Little Girl
Hold On Little Girl (en Español)
I Get The Felling
I Won't Get In My Way
Just Take My Heart
Just Take My Heart (en Español)
Just To Be The Next To Be With You
Kill Me With A Kiss
Lost In America
My Kinda Woman
Nobody Left To Blame
Not One Night
Nothing But Love
Once Upon A Time
Promise Her The Moon
Rock & Roll Over
Shine (en Español )
Shy Boy
Stay Together
Still Ain't Enough For Me
Stranger In My Life
Take Cover
The Chain
The Chain (en Español)
To Be With You
To Be With You ( En Español )
Voodoo Kiss
Wake Up
Wild World
Wild World (en Español)
Wild Worldmb
Wild Worldmb (en Español)
Wind Me Up