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Letras de Primus

American Life
Amos Moses
Ballad Of Bodacious
Bob's Party Time Lounge
Coattails Of A Dead Man
Dirty Drowning Man
Eclectic Electric
Electric Uncle Sam
Fish On
Grandad's Little Ditty
Greet The Sacred Cow
Hamburger Train
Here Come The Bastards
Is It Luck?
Jerry Was A Racecar Driver
John The Fisherman
Lacquer Head
Mama Didn't Raise No Fool
Mr. Krinkle
My Name Is Mud
N.i.b. (feat. Ozzy Osburne)
Natural Joe
Nature Boy
Over The Falls
Pork Soda
Power Mad
Scissor Man
Seas Of Cheese
Sgt. Baker
Shake Hands With Beef
South Park Theme
Southbound Pachyderm
The Air Is Getting Slippery
The Devil Went Down To Georgia
The Family And The Fishing Net
The Final Voyage Of The Liquid Sky
The Pressman
The Thing That Should Not Be
Those Damned Blue
Tommy The Cat
Too Many Puppies
Too Many Puppies (en Español)
Welcome To This World
Wynona's Big Brown Beaver