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Letras de Quasi

A Case Of No Way Out
A Fable With No Moral
All Bent Out Of Shape
All The Same
Ape Self Prevails In Me Still
Ballad Of A Mechamic Man
Better Luck Next Time
Bon Voyage
Chocolate Rabbit
Drunken Tears
Empty Words
From A Hole In The Ground
Fuck Hollywood
Genetic Science
Ghost Dreaming
Ghost Vs. Vampire
Goblins And Trolls
I Give Up
I Never Want To See You Again
In The First Place
It Don't Mean Nothing
It's Hard To Turn Me On
It's Raining
Kiss The Snowman
Let's Just Go
Little Lord Fontleroy
Mama, Papa, Baby
Me And My Head
My Coffin
Nothing From Nothing
Nothing, Nowhere
Our Happiness Is Guaranteed
Please Do
Sea Shanty
Seal The Deal
The Curse Of Having It All
The Golden Egg
The Happy Prole
The Iron Worm
The Poisoned Well
The Skeleton
The Star You Left Behind
The Sword Of God
This Isn't Heaven
Tomorrow You'll Hide
Two By Two
Under A Cloud
Unto Itself
When I'm Dead
You Fucked Yourself