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Letras de Stan Rogers

A Matter Of Heart
Acadian Saturday Night
Billy Green
Blue Nose
Delivery Delayed
Down The Road
Famous Inside
Fat Girl Rag
Field Behind The Plow
First Christmas
Forty-five Years
Free In The Harbour
Guysborough Train
Half Of A Heart
Harris And The Mare
House Of Orange
It All Fades Away
Last Watch
Leave Her Johnny Leave Her
Love Letter
Mac Donnell On The Heights
Make And Break Harbour
Man With Blue Dolphin
Music In Your Eyes
North West Passage
Oh No Not I
Rolling Down To Old Maui
Song Of The Candle
Straight And True
Take It From Day To Day
The Flowers Of Bermuda
The Idiot
The Jeannie C.
The Mary Ellen Carter
The Nancy
The Witch Of The Westmorland
The Woodbridge Dog Diaster
The Wreck Of The Athens Queen
Three Pennies
Tiny Fish For Japan
Up In Fox Island
Watching The Apples Grow
White Collar Holler
White Squall