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Letras de Status Quo

20 Caballos
A Mess Of Blues
A Reason For Living
A Year
Accident Prone
Again And Again
All Around My Hat
All Stand Up
All That Counts Is Love
All Through The Night
All We Really Wanna Do (polly)
Analyse Time
Another Day
Any Way You Like It
Back On My Feet
Beak The Rules
Beginning Of The End
Better Than That
Big Fat Mama
Blessed Are The Meek
Blue Eyed Lady
Blue For You
Blues & Rhythm
Break The Rules
Breaking Away
Bring It On Home
Broken Man
Burning Bridges
Bye Bye Johnny
Cadillac Ranch
Can't Give You More
Cream Of The Crop
Creepin Up On You
Dear John
Dirty Water
Do It Again
Down Down
Down Down (en Español)
Fakin´the Blues
Fighting With The Pack
Forty-five Hundered Times
Frozen Hero
Fun Fun Fun (with The Beach Boys)
Heavy Traffic
In My Chair
In The Army Now
In The Army Now (en Español)
In Your Eyes (en Español)
It's All About You
Jam Side Down
Johnny And Mary
Late Last Night
Lean Machine
Like It Or Not Status Quo
Little Dreamer
Little White Lies
Lover Of The Human
Marguerita Time
Mess Of Blues
Moving On
Nada Resulta Facil
Nothing Comes Easy
Oh Baby
Paper Plane
Pennsylvania Blues Tonight
Pictures Of Matchstick Men
Rain (español)
Roadhouse Blues
Rock & Roll
Rockin' All Over The World
Roll Over Lay Down
Rythm Of Life
Sherri, Don’t Fail Me Now
Softer Ride
Solid Gold
The Oriental
The Wanderer
The Way It Goes
Twenty Wild Horses
Warning Shot
Whatever You Want
Whatever You Want (en Español)
Wild Side Of Life
Young Pretender
Young Pretender (en Español)
Your Kind Of Love
What You're Proposing
Living On An Island
Most Of The Time
Little Lady
Oh! What A Night
Mistery Song