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Letras de Survivor

Across The Miles
American Heartbeat
As Soon As Love Finds Me
Backstreet Love Affair
Broken Promises
Burning Bridges
Burning Heart
Burning Heart (español)
Can't Give It Up
Caught In The Game
Chevy Nights
Children Of The Night
Children Of The Night (en Español)
Desperate Dreams
Ever Since The World Began
Eye Of The Tiger
Eye Of The Tiger (en Español)
Heart On Fire (en Español)
Hearts A Lonely Hunter
Hearts On Fire
Here Comes Desire
High On You
How Much Love
Hungry Years
I Can' T Hold Back (en Español)
I Cant Hold Back
I Can't Hold Back
I´m Always Here (en Español)
I'm Always Here
Is This Loves
It's The Singer Not The Song
Jackie Don't Go
Keep It Right Here
La Vista De Un Tigre
Let It Be Now
Light Of A Thousand Miles
Love Has Got Me
Love Is On My Side
Man Against The World
Moment Of Truth
No Easy Way Out
Popular Girl
Search Is Over
Search Is Over (en Español)
Sweet Victory
The Eye Of The Tiger
Too Hot To Sleep
Burinig Heart (en Portugues)