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Letras de Tad Morose

A Mended Rhyme
Absent Illusion
Afraid To Die
Another Paradigm
Another Time Around
Another Way
But Angels Shine
Circle Of Souls
Circuit Vision
Clearly Insane
Corporate Masters
Don't Pray For Me
Eternal Lies
Ethereal Soul
Eyes Of A Stranger
Eyes So Tired
Fading Pictures
Forever Gone
Goddess Of Chaos
Guest Of The Inquisition
Here After
I Know Your Name
In The Shadows
Life In A Lonely Grave
Lord On High
Lost In Time
Matters Of The Dark
Morning Sun
Mother Shipton's Words
New Clear Skies
No Mercy
No Tears In The Rain
No Wings To Burn
Order Of The Seven Poles
Power Of The Night
Reach For The Sky
Reason Of The Ghost
Riding The Beast
Save Me
Sender Of Thoughts
Servant Of The Bones
Stories Around A Tale
Sword Of Retribution
Take On The World
The Dead And His Son
The Devil's Finger
The Dragon Tide
The Vacant Lot
Time Of No Sun
Time Of Silence
Trader Of Souls
Unwelcome Guest
Way Of History
When The Spirit Rules The World
Where The Sun Never Shines