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Letras de The Cribs

Ancient History
Another Number
Baby Don't Sweat
Be Safe
Cheat On Me
City Of Bugs
Don't You Wanna Be Relevant?
Emasculate Me
Girls Like Mystery
Hari Kari
Hello? Oh...
Hey Scenesters!
I`m Realist
Ignore The Ignorant
I'm Alright
It Was Only Love
I've Tried Everything
Last Year's Snow
Learning How To Fight
Major's Titling Victory
Men´s Needs
Men's Needs (en Español)
Mirror Kisses
Moving Pictures
My Life Flashed Before My Eyes
Our Bovine Public
Save Your Secrets
Shoot The Poets
Stick To Yr Guns
The Lights Went Out
The New Fellas
The Watch Trick
The Wrong Way To Be
Things Aren't Going To Change
Things You Should Be Knowing
Third Outing
Victims Of Mass Production
We Can No Longer Cheat You
We Share The Same Skies
We Were Aborted
What About Me
Women's Needs
You And I
You Were Always The One
You're Gonna Lose Us