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Letras de The Exploited

15 Years
15 Years (en Español)
About To Die
About To Die (en Español)
Addiction (en Español)
Adding To Their Fears
Adding To Their Fears (en Español)
Affected By Them
Affected By Them (en Español)
Alternative (en Español)
Another Day To Go Nowhere
Another Day To Go Nowhere (en Español)
Anti-u.k. (en Español)
Army Life
Army Style (en Español)
Attack (en Español)
Barry Prossit
Barry Prossit (en Español)
Beat The Bastards
Blown Out Of The Sky
Boys In Blue
Chaos Is My Life
Computer's Don't Blunder
Cop Cars
Daily News
Dead Cities
Death Before Dishonour
Dogs Of War
Don't Blame Me
Don't Really Care
Drive Me Insane
Exploited Barmy Army
Eyes Of The Vulture
False Hopes
Fuck A Mod
Fuck Religion
Fuck The System
Fuck The Usa
Fuck The Usa (en Español)
Fucking Liar
God Saved The Queen
Holiday In The Sun
I Believe In Anarchy
I Don’t Want A Holiday In The
I Don't Want A Holiday In The Sun
Law For The Rich
Lets Start A War
Lie To Me
Mucky Pup
Never Changed
Never Sell Out
Never Sold Out
No Forgiveness
Noise Annoys
Out Of Control
Police Informer
Police Shit
Porno Slut
Power Struggle
Pulling You Down
Punk's Not Dead
Punk's Not Dead (en Español)
Rival Leaders
Safe Below
Scaling The Derry Wall
Sex And Violence
Should We, Can't We
Sid Vicious Was Innocent
Sid Vicious Was Innocent (en Español)
Stick Bastard
Stop The Slaughter
The Systems Fucked Up
There Is No Point
They Lie
Was It Me
Why Are You Doing This To Me
You're A Fucking Bastard