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Letras de The Libertines

Another Girl, Another Planet
Arbeit Macht Frei
Back From The Dead
Boys In The Band
Boys In The Band (en Español)
Bucket Shop
Campaign Of Hate
Can't Stand Me Now
Can't Stand Me Now (en Español)
Death On The Stairs
Don't Be Shy (axe Unlimited Comercial)
Don't Be Shy (en Español)
Dont Look Back Into The Sun
For Lovers
France (en Español)
General Smuts
Ha Ha Wall
Horror Show
I Get Along
In Love With A Feeling
Last Post On The Bugle
Merrygoround (that Bowery Song)
Music When The Lights Go Out
Music When The Lights Go Out (en Español)
Otra Chica,otro Planeta
Plan A
Radio America
Sally Brown
Seven Deadly Sins
Skag & Bone Man
Skint And Minted
Tell The King
Tell The King (en Español)
The Boy Looked At Johnny
The Boy Looked At Johnny (en Español)
The Delaney
The Good Old Days
The Good Old Days (en Español)
The Last Post On The Bugle
The Last Post On The Bugle (en Español)
The Man Who Would Be King
Through The Looking Glass
Time For Heroes (en Español)
Time For Heros
Up The Bracket
What A Waster
What Became Of The Likely Lads
What Katie Did
What Katie Did (español)
You're My Waterloo
The Lust Of The Libertines
Gunga Din
Gunga Din (en Español)
Heart Of The Matter
You're My Waterloo