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Letras de The Matches

A Girl I Know
Am Tilts
Audio Blood
Between Halloweens
Borderline Creep
Chain Me Free
Clouds Crash
Clumsy Heart
Darkness Rising
December Is For Cynics
Destination: Nowhere Near
Didi (my Doe, Part 2)
Dog-eared Page
Eryn Smith
From 24c
Future Tense
Got The Time
If I Were You
Lazier Than Furniture
Little Maggots
More Than Local Boys
My Soft And Deep
Papercut Skin
Point Me Toward The Morning
Proctor Rd.
Salty Eyes
Say 18
Scratched Out
Shoot Me In The Smile
Sick Little Suicide
Sick Little Suicide (en Español)
Sunburn Vs. The Rhinovirus
The Barber's Unhappiness
The Jack Slap Cheer
The Restless
Their City
To Build A Mountain
Violent Love
Wake The Sun
We Are One
What Katie Said
Yankee In A Chip Shop
You (don't) Know Me