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Letras de The Simpsons

American Way
Anyone Else
Baby On Board
Baby On Board (first Draft)
Bagged Me A Homer
Bart The General
Bart's Birthday Song For Lisa
Blanche's Song
Blimpy Boy
Born Under A Bad Sign
Bunk With Me Tonight
Busco Un Regalo Para Marge
Capital City
Chimpan-a To Chimpan-z
Circle Of Knife
Cooling Towers
Cut Every Corner
Deep, Deep Trouble
Do The Bartman
Do The Bartman (en Español)
Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius
Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius (en Portugues)
Drop Da Bomb
Drop Da Bomb (en Español)
El Rap De Bart
Flaming Moe's
Flaming Moe's (en Español)
Flaming Moe's (en Portugues)
Flanders Is
Happy Just The Way We Are
Himno De Los Magios ♫
Himno De My Little Pony
Homer & Marge
Homero Don Barredora Rap
Homer's Baloney Song
Homer's Lullaby For Maggie
If You Think I'm Cuddly
It Was A Very Good Beer
It Was A Very Good Beer (en Portugues)
Itchy & Scratchy Theme (en Español)
It's A Duff World
It's Symbiotic
Janey's Skipping Song
Join The Navy (n'synk & The Pa
Just A Simple Paperboy
Kamp Krusty Song
Kids Vs. Adults
La Cancion De Cumpleaños De Bart Para Lisa
Lisa S.
Lisa's Birthday Song
Little Miss Springfield
Little Miss Springfield Pagean
Look At All Those Idiots
Los Simpsons Nunca Acaban
Marcha De Homero
Mcbain Theme
Mi Negra Soledad (en Español)
Michael's Lullabye For Homer
Moanin' Lisa Blues
Mt. Splashmore
New Orleans
Official Theme 2010
Oh Streetcar!
Poochie Rap Song
Powerplant Song
Rap De Bart
Ringtone De Los Simpsons
Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer
School Days
Second Grade Blues
See My Vest
Seqor Burns (tito Puente´s Revenge)
Simpsons (christmas) Boogie
Slanderous Mambo
Sono Sono
Sono, Sono, Sono
Spanish Flea
Spider Cerdo
Spider Pig
Spider Pig (en Español)
Spider Pig (en Portugues)
Springfield, Springfield
Stand By Your Manager
Stonecutters' Song
Stonecutters' Song (en Español)
Suggestion For The New Nanny
Talkin' Softball
The Deficit Rag
The Garbageman
The Itchy And Scratchy Movie T
The Itchy And Scratchy Show Th
The Kindness Of Strangers
The Krusty The Klown Show Klos
The Monster Dance
The Spring In Springfield
The Trading Gap Shuffle
They'll Never Stop The Simpsons
Tik Tok
Todos Odian A Ned Flanders
Tribute To Mr. Burns
Un Garabato
Vote Burns Jingle
We Are The Jockeys
We Do (en Ingles)
We Do (en Portugues)
We're Sending Our Love Down Th
Whacking Day
When I Was 17
When The Fire Starts To Burn
When The Saints Go Over There
Who Needs The Kwik-e Mart?
Working Class Heroe
Your Wife Don't Understand You
You're A Dame And I'm A Fella
You're Wife Don't Understand Y
Yvan Eht Nioj- The Party Posse
Zet Die Muziek Stiller
Vote Burns Jingle
The Itchy And Scratchy Show Theme Song (closing Credits Version)
Vote Burns Jingle {bs}
The First Annual Montgomery Burns Award For Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Excellence Song
Little Miss Springfield Pageant Opening Number
When I Was 17
Rony Araña
Rony Araña
Policía Del Cielo
El Rap De Bart
El Rap De Bart