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Letras de Thursday

A Hole In The World
A Hole In The World (en Español)
As He Climbed The Dark Mountain
Asleep In The Chapel
At This Velocity
Autobiography Of A Nation
Autum Leaves Revisited
Between Rupture And Rapture
Beyond The Visible Spectrum
Circuits Of Fever
Counting 5-4-3-2-1
Cross Out The Eyes
Cross Out The Eyes (en Español)
Dead Songs
Division St.
Dying In New Brunswick
Ever Fallen In Love
For The Workforce, Drowning
Friends In The Armed Forces
How Long Is The Night
I Am The Killer
Ian Curtis
In Transmission
Into The Blinding Light
Jet Black New Year
Ladies And Gentlemen: My Brother, The Failure
Ladies And Gentlemen: My Brother, The Failure (en Español)
Last Call
Love Has Led Us Astray
M. Shepard
Marches And Maneuvers
Mass As Shadows
Ny Batteri
Panic On The Streets Of Health Care City
Paris In Flames
Paris In Flames (español)
Porcelain (en Español)
Resuscitation Of A Dead Man
Resuscitation Of A Dead Man (en Español)
Runing From The Rain
Signals Over The Air
Sketch For Time's Arrow
Standing On The Edge Of Summer
Steps Ascending
Streaks In The Sky
Subway Funeral
Sugar In Sacrament
Telegraph Avenue Kiss
The Dotted Line
The Dream
The Love Song Writer
This Sadness Alone
This Side Of Brightness
This Song Brought To You By A Falling Bomb
Time's Arrow
Time's Arrow (en Español)
Tomorrow I'll Be You
Tomorrow Ill Be You (en Español)
Understand In A Car Crash
Understand In A Car Crash (en Español)
Voices On A String
War All The Time
War All The Time (en Español)
We Will Overcome
Where The Circle Ends
Wind Up
You Were The Cancer
You Were The Cancer (en Español)
Cross Out The Eyes (español Cantable) Adaptación / Versión