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Letras de Vital Remains

Angels Of Blasphemy
Angels Of Blasphemy (en Español)
At War With God
At War With God (en Español)
Battle Ground
Behold The Throne Of Chaos
Black Magick Curse
Born To Rape The World
Crown Of The Black Hearts
Dawn Of The Apocalypse
Dechristianize (español)
Descent Into Hell
Dethroned Emperor
Devoured Elysium
Disciples Of Hell
Disciplines Of Hell (en Español)
Divine In Fire
Divine In Fire (en Español)
Eastern Journey
Entwined By Vengeance
Entwined By Vengeance (en Español)
Excruciating Pain
Fallen Angels
Flag Of Victory
Forever Underground
Forever Underground (español)
Hammer Down The Nails
Human Sacrifice
I Am God
I Am God (en Español)
Icons Of Evil
Icons Of Evil (español)
Immortal Crusade
In Infamy
Infidel (en Español)
Into Cold Darkness
Let The Killing Begin!
Nocturnal Blasphemy
Reborn... The Upheaval Of Nihility
Rush Of Deliverance
Sanctity In Blasphemous Ruin
Savior To None... Failure For All
Scrolls Of A Millenium Past
Shrapnel Embedded Flesh
Societe Des Luciferiens
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
'till Death
Under The Moon's Fog
Unleashed Hell