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Letras de Zakk Wylde

1 000 000 Miles Away (en Español)
1,000,000 Miles Away
13 Years Of Grief
13 Years Of Grief (en Español)
Between Heaven And Hell
Cry Me A River
Darkest Days
Dead As Yesterday
Dead As Yesterday (en Español)
Evil Ways
Fadin Away
Harvester Of Pain
Hate Your Guts
Horse Called War
I Thank You Child
In This River
Losin´ Your Mind
Love Reign Down
Lovin´ Woman
Machine Gun Man
Peddlers Of Death (acoustic Version)
Road Back Home
Shine On
Sold My Soul
Sold My Soul (en Español)
Sweet Jesus
The Chosen One
The Color Green
The Things You Do
Throwin’ It All Away
Till The End
Toe´n The Line
Too Numb To Cry
Troubled Wine
Way Beyond Empty
Way Beyond Empty (en Español)
What You’re Look’n For
Autumn Changes
Battering Ram
Black Dog
Bridge To Cross
Candle In The Wind (live Elton John Cover)
Come Together
Crazy Or High
Darkest Hour
Demise Of Sanity
Eyes Of Burden
Forgotten Memory
Gets Me Through
Going To California
Good Times Bad Times
Graveyard Disciples
Harbors Of Pity
Hey Jude
House Of Doom
I Wish
In My Time Of Dying
Iron Man
Lay Me Down
Life, Birth, Blood, Doom
Lost Prayer
Miracle Man
No More Tears
One Way Out
Queen Of Sorrow
Sleeping Dogs
Sorrowed Regrets
Spoke In The Wheel
Suicide Note, Part. 1
Tears Of December
The Hammer And The Nail
The King
The Levee
The Wizard
Too Numb Too Cry
Useless Apologies
Whiter Shade Of Pale
Zombie Stomp