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Letras de The Donnas

40 Boys In 40 Nights
40 Boys In 40 Nights (en Español)
5 O'clock In The Morning
All Messed Up
Are You Gonna Move It For Me?
Better Off Dancing
Better Off Dancing (en Español)
Big Rig
Boy Like You
Checkin' It Out
Da Doo Ron Ron
Dancing With Myself
Dirty Denim
Do You Wanna Go Out With Me
Do You Wanna Hit It?
Doin' Donuts
Don't Break Me Down
Don't Get Me Busted
Don't Wait Up For Me
Drive In
Drivin' Thru My Heart
Everybody's Smoking Cheeba
Fall Behind Me
Fall Behind Me (en Español)
Friday Fun
Friends Like Mine
Get Outta My Room
Get Rid Of That Girl
Get You Alone
Gimme A Ride
Gimmie My Radio
Girl Talk
Have You No Pride
Hey, I'm Gonna Be Your Girl
High School Yum Yum
Hook It Up
Hot Boxin'
Hot Pants
Huff All Night
Hyperactive (en Español)
I Can't Keep It A Secret
I Didn't Like You Anyway
I Didn't Like You Anyway (en Español)
I Don't Care (so There)
I Don't Wanna Go
I Don't Wanna Rock And Roll Tonight
I Don't Want To Go To School
I Don't Want To Know
I Don't Want To Know (en Español)
I Wanna Be A Unabomber
I'm Gonna Make Him Mine (tonight)
Is That All You've Got For Me
It Takes One To Know One
It's On The Rocks
It's So Hard
Keep On Loving You
Keep On Loving You (en Español)
Lana & Stevie
Last Chance Dance
Leather On Leather
Let's Go Mano
Let's Rab
Like A Animal (en Español)
Like An Animal
Little Boy
Living After Midnight
Looking For Blood
Love Til' It Hurts
Love You Till It Hurts (en Español)
Midnite Snack
My Bad Reputation (en Español)
New Kid In The School
Not The One
Nothing To Do
Out Of My Hands
Outta My Mind
Outta My Mind (en Español)
Party Action
Pass It Around
Play My Game
Please Don't Tease
Police Blitz
Rock And Roll Machine (en Español)
Rock 'n' Roll Boy
Rock 'n' Roll Machine
Roll On Down The Highway
Save Me
Searching The Streets
Shake In The Action
Speed Demon
Take It Off
Take It Off (en Español)
Take Me To The Backseat
Teenage Runaway
The Gold Medal
To Fast For Love
Too Bad About Your Girl
Too Fast For Love
Wanna Get Some Stuff
We Don't Go
Well Done
What Do I Have To Do
Who Invited To You The Donnas
Who Invited You
You Don't Wanna Cal
You Make Me Hot
You Wanna Get Me High
You've Got A Crush On Me