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Letras de Clit 45

Breaking Out
Broken Unity
Bullets Flying
Bullshit Fucking Waste Of Time
Can't Stop The Bleeding
Caught In A Crack
Dead Ends And Debauchery
Empty Day
End Of You
Fight Back
Gimme Death
It Ain't Over
Just Exist
Just Who The...?
Kids Aren't Alright
Killed By Life
Long Beach Kids
Misery On A Mainline
No More Propaganda!
No Sanctuary Insanity
No Surrender
Nvenient Or Vicious
Over My Head
Right In Line
Set It Off
Strength Thru Struggle
Teeth On The Floor
The Storm Is Over
The Streets
Used To Have A Life
We'll Have Our Say
What's Left?
Who Commits The Crime?
Your Life To Choose