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Letras de Boys Set Fire

(10) And Counting
(compasion) As Skull Fragments
A Far Cry
Across Five Years
After The Eulogy
Bathory's Sainthood
Curtain Call
Dear George
Deja Coup
Dying On Principle
Eviction Article
Falling Out Theme
Fashion As A Weapon
Final Communiqué
Foundations To Burn
Full Color Guilt
Handful Of Redemption
High Wire Escape Artist
Last Year's Nest
Management Vs. Labor
My Life In The Knife Trade
Never Surrender (version 2)
Nostalgic For Guillotines
On In Five
Our Time Honored Tradition Of
Pariah Under Glass
Phone Call 4 Am
Release The Dogs
So Long... And Thanks For The
Social Register Fanclub
Still Waiting For The Punchlin
Suckerpunch Training
The Force Majeure
The Misery Index
Twelve Step Hammer Program
Walk Astray
When Rhetoric Dies
White Wedding Dress
With Cold Eyes
With Every Intention
Pariah Under Glass
After The Eulogy
Still Waiting For The Punchline
Falling Out Theme