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Letras de Faxed Head

A Dream
Bay's Ball
Bay's Ball/new One's
Big Ol' Cheese
Bring The Dead Boy Peace
Coalinga Love
Could Eckankar Help?
Deathly Peace
Demon's Chills
Der Michelint
Don't Turn Out Like Me
Dür Michelint
Element Of Life
Farmer Ferdinand Hudson
Gore And Guts
Hanging Low My Cursed Head
Heavy Metal Cookie Cutter
House Of Spirits
I Saw Into The Grave Grave
January's Here
Mcpatrick's Lament
Mr. Bus Driver
New One's
Pantera Lines
Pirelli Deli
Previously Unreleased
Rest Stop Cleaning
Rotten Cakes
Show Pride In Coalinga
Spanish Rice
The Ancient Evil
The Astronaut
The Blackened Coffin
The Colors Of Coalinga
The Four Freshmen
The Mechanic
The Sickroom Of Delivery
Time To Retire
Violence Gone
Wireless Rattle
Wyoming Hair
Element Of Life
New One's
The Colors Of Coalinga