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Letras de The Raconteurs

Blue Veins
Broken Boy Soldier
Call It A Day
Carolina Drama
Consolers Of The Lonely
Five On The Five
Hold Up
Intimate Secretary
It Ain't Easy
Many Shades Of Black
Old Enough
Pull This Blanket Off
Rich Kid Blues
Salute Your Solution
Salute Your Solution (en Español)
Steady As She Goes
Store Bought Bones
The Rasconteurs
The Switch And The Spur
These Stones Will Shout
Together (en Español)
Top Yourself
Yellow Sun
You Dont Understand Me
You Don't Understand Me (en Español )
You're My Home
Now That You're Gone
Hey Gyp (dig The Slowness)
Bored And Razed Letra
Somedays (i Don't Feel Like Trying) Letra
Call It A Day Letra
Consoler Of The Lonely Letra
Don’t Bother Me Letra
Help Me Stranger Letra
Live A Lie Letra
Only Child Letra
Shine The Light On Me Letra
Somedays (i Don’t Feel Like Trying) Letra
Sunday Driver Letra
Teenage Kicks Letra
The Bane Rendition Letra
The Seeker Letra
Thoughts And Prayers Letra
What’s Yours Is Mine Letra