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Letras de Insomnium

Against The Stream
At The Gates Of Sleep
Black Water
Black Water (en Español)
Change Of Heart
Closing Words
Daughter Of The Moon
Death Walked The Earth
Devoid Of Caring
Down With The Sun
Drawn To Black
Dying Chant
Every Hour Wounds
Ill-starred Son
In The Groves Of Death
In The Halls Of Awaiting
Into The Evernight
Into The Woods
Journey Unknown
Last Statement
Lay Of The Autumn
Lay The Ghost To Rest
Mortal Share
Mortal Share (en Español)
Numen Divinum
One For Sorrow
Only One Who Waits
Regain The Fire
Shades Of Deep Green
Shadows Of The Dying Sun (en Español)
Song Of The Blackest Bird
Song Of The Forlorn Son
Song Of The Storm
The Bitter End
The Day It All Came Down
The Day It All Came Down (en Español)
The Elder
The Harrowing Years
The Killjoy
The Killjoy (en Español)
The Lay Of Autumn (en Español)
The Moment Of Reckoning
The New Beginning
Through The Shadows
Under The Plaintive Sky
Weather The Storm
Weather The Storm (en Español)
Weighed Down With Sorrow
Where The Last Wave Broke