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Letras de The Kills

Alphabet Pony
At The Black Of The Shell
Baby Says
Baby Says (en Español)
Black Ballon
Black Balloon (en Español)
Black Rooster
Cat Claw
Cheap And Cheerful
Cheap And Cheerful (en Español)
Damned If She Do
Dead Road 7
Fried My Little Brains
Fuck The People
Future Starts Slow
Getting Down
Goodnight Bad Morning
Gypsy Death & You
Heart Is A Beating Drum
Hook And Line
I Hate The Way You Love
I Hate The Way You Love (parte 2 )
Kissy Kissy
Last Day Of Magic
Love Is A Desert
Love Is A Deserter
Monkey 23
Nail In My Coffin
No Wow
Now Wow (en Español)
Pots And Pans
Pull A U
Rodeo Town
Sour Cherry
Sour Cherry (en Español)
Sweet Cloud
Tape Song
Tape Song (en Español)
The Good Ones
The Last Goodbye
The Last Goodbye (en Español)
Ticket Man
U.r.a Fever
You Don't Own The Road
Siberian Nights
At The Back Of The Shell
Bitter Fruit
Black Tar
Days Of Why And How
Doing It To Death
Echo Home
Gypsy Death And You
Hard Habit To Break
Heart Of A Dog
Hum For Your Buzz
I Call It Art
I Hate The Way You Love (parte 2 ) (en Español)
Impossible Tracks
Jewel Thief
Kiss The Wrong Side
Let It Drop
London Hates You
That Love (death Row)
What New York Used To Be
Whirling Eye
Wild Charms