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Letras de Severe Torture

Blinded I Slaughter
Buried Hatchet
Carnivorous Force
Consuming The Dying
Countless Villans
Dead From The Waist Up
Decree Of Darkness
Dismal Perception
Dogmasomatic Nausea
End Of Christ
Endless Strain Of Cadavers
Enshrined In Madness
Fight Someting
Forever To Burn
Impelled To Kill
Impulsive Mutilation
Meant To Suffer
Misanthropic Carnage
Mutilation Of The Flesh
Pray For Nothing
Redefined Identity
Repeat Offender
Rest In Flames
Sawn Off
Serenity Torn Asunder
Sworn Vengeance
Twist The Cross
Unconditional Annihilation
Vomiting Christ
Your Blood Is Mine