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Letras de Impaled

All Gut, No Glory
All That Rots
Back To The Grave
Blood Bath
Carneous Cacoffiny
Choice Cuts
Choke On It
Dawn Of The Dread
Dead Alive
Dead Inside
Fæcal Rites
Fæces Of Death
Flesh And Blood
From Here To Colostomy
Gross Anatomy
I Work For The Street Cleaner
Immaculate Defecation
Masters Of Ordure
Medical Waste
Mondo Medicale
Night Soil
Operating Theatre
Preservation Of Death
Raise The Stakes
Rest In Fæces
Right To Die
Sickness Is Health
Spirits Of The Dead
The Dead Shall Dead Remain
The Hippocritic Oath
The Last Gasp
The Visible Man
The Worms Crawl In
To Die For
Torture Of Duty
Tourette's (nirvana Cover)
Until Death...
Up The Dose
We Belong Dead
Wrought In Hell
You Are The Dead