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Letras de Steve Lukather

Always Be There For Me
Bag O' Tales
Born Yesterday
Borrowed Time
Broken Heart For Christmas
Broken Machine
Don't Hang Me On
Drive A Crooked Road
Ever Changing Times
Extinction Blues
Got My Way
Hate Everything About U
Hero With A 1,000 Eyes
How Many Zeros
I Am
It Looks Like Rain
Jammin' With Jesus
Lonely Beat Of My Heart
Look Out For Angels
Love The Things You Hate
Never Ending Nights
Never Let Them See You Cry
Never Walk Alone
New World
Open Your Heart
Reservations To Live
Stab In The Back
Steppin' On Top Of Your World
Swear Your Love
Tears Of My Own Shame
Tell Me What You Want From Me
The Bomber
The Letting Go
The Real Truth
Turns To Stone
Twist The Knife
With A Second Chance