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Letras de Cut Copy

A Dream
Autobahn Music Box
Blink And You´ll Miss All Revolution
Cold Youth
Corner Of The Sky
Far Away
Feel The Love
Feel The Love (en Español)
Going Nowhere.
Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat
Hearts On Fire
Kidz At The Disco
Lights & Music
Lights & Music (en Español)
Midnight Runner
Need You Now
Out There On The Ice
Pharaohs & Pyramids
Sands Of Time
So Haunted
Strangers In The Wind
Sun God
Take Me Over
That Was Just A Dream
This Is All We've Got
Time Stands Still
Unforgettable Season
Where I'm Going
Zap Zap
(above The City)
(into The Desert)
(the Waves)
Dark Corners
Free Your Mind
I Wish The Sun Would Grow Today
In Memory Capsule
In These Arms Of Love
Let Me Show You Love
Lights Shine On
Like Any Other Day
Meet Me In A House Of Love
Standing In The Middle Of The Field
Take Me Higher
Walking In The Sky
We Are Explorers
Tied To The Weather