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Letras de Lord Belial

Abysmal Hate
Ancient Splendor
Armageddon Revelation
Black Void
Black Wings Of Death
Black Winter Blood-bath
Burn The Kingdom Of Christ
Chariot Of Fire
Come To The Sabbath
Death As Solution
Death Cult Era
Demonic Possession
Demonic Possession (en Español)
Desolate Passage
Divide Et Impera
Enter The Moonlight Gate
Gateway To Oblivion
Grace Of God
Hymn Of The Ancient Misanthropic Spirit Of The Forest
In The Light Of The Fullmoon
Indoctrination Of Human Sorrow
Insufferable Rituals
Into The Frozen Shadows
Kingdom Of Infinite Grief
Legio Inferi
Lilith - Demonic Queen Of The Black Light
Mark Of The Beast
Master Of Destruction
Monarchy Of Death
Mysterius Kingdom
Night Divine
Northern Prince Of Evil
Osculum Obcenum
Path With Endless Horizons
Possessed By Fire
Purify Sweden
Realm Of A Thousand Burning Souls
Satan Divine
Scythe Of Death
Sons Of Belial
Spiritual Damnation
Succubi Infernal
The Ancient Slumber
Ungodly Passage
Unholy Crusade
Unholy Spell Of Lilith
Unholy War
Unrelenting Scourge Of War
Unspoken Veneration
War Of Hate
Wrath Of The Antichrist Horde