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Letras de Kate Rusby

A Ballad
A Rose In April
All God's Angels
Annan Waters
As I Roved Out
Bring Me A Boat
Caanan's Land
Drowned Lovers
Elfin Knight
Fare Thee Well
Game Of All Fours
I Courted A Sailor
I Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love This Night
Jolly Ploughboys
Let The Cold Wind Blow
Little Jack Frost
Matt Hyland
Merry Green Broom
Moon Shadow
My Young Man
No Names
Our Town
Over You Now
Radio Sweetheart
Sho Heen
Sir Eglamore
Some Tyrant
Sweet Bride
Sweet William's Ghost
The Blind Harper
The Cobbler's Daughter
The Daughter Of Megan
The Duke And The Tinker
The Fairest Of All Yarrow
The Goodman
The Lark
The Recruited Collier
The Sleepless Sailor
The White Cockade
The Wild Goose
Underneath The Stars
Who Will Sing Me Lullabies?
William And Davy
Withered And Died
Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love
You Belong To Me
Young James