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Letras de Legion Of The Damned

Avenging Archangel
Black Templar
Black Wings Of Yog-sothoth
Bleed For Me
Chronic Infection [pestilence Cover]
Cult Of The Dead
Death Is My Master (slay For Kali)
Death's Head March
Disturbing The Dead
Enslaver Of Souls
Feel The Blade
House Of Possession
Infernal Wrath
Into The Eye Of The Storm
Killing For Recreation
Legion Of The Damned
Lucifer Saviour
Malevolent Rapture
Necrosophic Blessing
Nocturnal Predator
Nuclear Torment
Obsessed By The Grave
Pray And Suffer
Reaper's Call
Scourging The Crowned King
Sepulchral Ghoul
Slaughtering The Pigs
Slut Of Sodom
Solar Overlord
Son Of The Jackal
Taste Of The Whip
Ten Horns Arise
The Final Godsend
Undead Stillborn
Werewolf Corpse