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Letras de Bright Eyes

A Celebration Upon Completion
A Few Minutes On Friday
A Line Allows Progress, A Circle Does Not
A New Arrangement
A Perfect Sonnet
A Poetic Retelling Of An Unfortunate Seduction
A Scale, A Mirror, And Those Indifferent Clocks
A Song To Pass The Time
A Spindle, A Darkness, A Fever, And A Necklace
Act Of Contrition
All Of The Truth
Amy In The White Coat
An Attempt To Tip The Scale
An Attempt To Tip The Scales
Another Travelin' Song
Arc Of Time
At The Center Of The World
Away In A Manger
Bad Blood
Black Comedy
Bowl Of Oranges
Burn Rubber
Center Of The World
Contrast And Compare
Devil In The Details
Down In A Rabbit Hole
Drunk Kid Catholic
Easy / Lucky / Free
Emily, Sing Something Sweet
Exaltation On A Cool Kitchen Floor
Exaltation On A Cool, Kitchen Floor
Falling Out Of Love At This Volume
False Advertising
February Fifteenth
Febuary 15th
First Day Of My Life
First Day Of My Life (en Español)
Four Winds
From A Balance Beam
Going For The Gold
Gold Mine Gutted
Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh
Hit The Switch
How Many Lights Do You See
How Many Lights Do You See?
I Beleive In Symmetry
I Watched You Take Off
I Watched You Taking Off
I Will Be Grateful For This Day
I Will Be Grateful For This Day, I Will Be Grateful For Each Day To Come
I Woke Up With This Song In My Head This Morning
If Winter Ends
I'll Be You Friend
Jetsabel Removes The Undesireables
June On The West Coast
Kathy With A K
Landlocked Blues
Laura Laurent
Light Pollution
Loose Leaves
Lover I Don´t Have To Love
Make War
Messenger Birds Song
Method Acting
Mirrors And Fevers
Motion Sickness
No Lies, Just Love
North Of The City
Nothing Gets Crossed Out
Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem
Oh, You Are The Roots That Sleep Beneath My Feet And Hold The Earth In Place
Old Soul Song (for The New World Order)
On My Way To Work
One Foot In Front Of The Other
One Straw (please)
Out On The Weekend
Padraic My Prince
Padriac My Prince
Patient Hope In New Show
Patient Hope In New Snow
Patriot Hope In New Show
Poison Oak
Puella Quam Amo Est Pulchra
Pull My Hair
Road To You
Saturday As Usual
Ship In A Bottle
Solid Jackson
Something Vague
Soon You Will Be Leaving Your Man
Sunrise, Sunset
Take It Easy (love Nothing)
Tereza And Thomas
The Awful Sweetness Of Escaping Sweat
The Awful Sweetness Of Escaping Sweet
The Big Picture
The Calendar Hung Itself
The Calender Hung Itself
The Callendar Hung Itself
The Center Of The World
The City Has Sex
The Difference In The Shades
The Feel Good Revolution
The First Day Of My Life
The Movement Of A Hand
The Vanishing Act
Theme From Pinata
Train Under Water
True Blue
Waste Of Paint
We Are Free Men
We Are Nowhere, And It's Now
When The Curious Girl Realizes She Is Under Glass
You Will. You? Will.