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Letras de The Number Twelve Looks Like You

Alright I Admit It... It Was A Whore House
An Aptly Fictional Description
An Excercise In Self Portraiture: Go Shoot Yourself
Bambi The Hooker & A Case Of Beer
Blue Dress
Civeta Dei
Clarissa Explains Cuntainment
Cradle In The Crater
Document Grace Budd
Don't Get Blood On My Prada Shoes
El Piñata De La Muerte
Glory Kingdom
If These Bullets Could Talk
Jay Walking Backwards
Jesus & Tori
Like A Cat
Opertaing On A Re-run Episode
Paper Weight Pigs
Sleeping With The Fishes, See?
Texas Dolly
The Devil's Dick Disaster
The Proud Parent's Convention Held In The Er
The Try
The Weekly Wars