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Letras de Jetlag Productions

A Dream Come True
A Little Bit Of Magic
A Season Of Love
A Wholesome Merry Christmas
Anything Goes In Wonderland
Are They Enemy Or Friend?
As Long As You Have A Heart
At The Fair
Close To Me
Dance Through The Night
Dream On, Cinderella
Enchanted Land Of Kids
Follow Your Heart
Greek Mythology
Heaven Here On Earth
Hip, Hip, Hooray
Hold Your Head High
I'm A Really Nice Guy
It's The Chance Of A Lifetime
Just Keep On Going
Keep Christmas In Your Heart
King Of The Jungle
Land Of Pocahontas
Love Is Everything
Love Will Find A Way
M Is For Mousetrap
Made With Love
Never Give Up
Out On My Own
Pity Not Quasimodo
Princess Of Peace
Princess, Did You Know?
Queen Of My Heart
Ride Away
Run, Alice, Run
Sleep And Dream
Sleep No More
Son Of Zeus
Start With A Smile
The Life I Lead
The Power Of Love
The Very Best Of Friends
The Wild Life In The Jungle
This Is Home
We're A Team
When Love Has Gone Away
Where Do I Belong?
Whistle And I'll Be There
With You
You Have The Power
It's The Chance Of A Lifetime (corregida Para El Webmaster)
Dream On, Cinderella (corregida Para El Webmaster)
Enchanted Land Of Kids (corregida Para El Webmaster)
Close To Me (corregida Para El Webmaster)
Sleep No More (corregida Para El Webmaster)
Start With A Smile