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Letras de Defeated Sanity

Apocalypse Of Filth/collapsing Human Failures
Arousal Through Punishment
Artifacts Of Desolation
Blissfully Exsanguinated
Butchered Identity
Calculated Barbarity
Carnal Deliverance
Coerced Into Idolatry
Consumed By Repugnance
Drifting Further
Engorged With Humiliation
Engulfed In Excruciation
Fatal Self Inflicted Disfigurement
Hideously Disembodied
Horrid Decomposition
Liquifying Cerebral Hemispheres
Lurid Assimilation
Prelude To The Tragedy
Psalms Of The Moribund
Remnants Of The Dead
Salacious Affinity
Stoned Then Defiled
The Parasite
Tortured Existence