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Letras de Hibria

A Kingdom To Share
A Kingdom To Share (en Español)
Beyond Regrets Of The Past
Blinded By Faith
Burning All The Flags
Burning All The Flags (en Español)
Change Your Life Line
Defying The Rules
Devoted To Your Fear
Devoted To Your Fear (en Español)
High Speed Breakout
I Feel No Bliss
Living Under Ice
Living Under Ice (en Español)
Millennium Quest
Nonconforming Minds
Reborn From The Ashes
Rotten Souls
Screaming Ghost
Sea Of Revenge
Shoot Me Down
Sight Of Blindness
Stare At Yourself
Steel Lord On Wheels
Steel Lord On Wheels (en Español)
The Anger Inside
The Anger Inside (en Español)
The Faceles In Charge
The Scream Of An Angel
The Shelter's On Fire
The Skull Collectors
Tiger Punch
Tough Is The Way
Welcome To The Horror Show
Wings Of Wax