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Letras de Clutch

American Sleep
Big News I
Big News Ii
Careful With That Mic
David Rose
Electric Worry
Escape From The Prison Planet
Four Lords
Gifted And Talented
Open Up The Border
Pure Rock Fury
Red Horse Rainbow
Rock And Roll Outlaw
Texan Book Of The Dead
The House That Peterbilt
The Mob Goes Wild
The Yeti
Who Wants To Rock?
Crucial Velocity
1906, Part 2/great Bakertons
A Good Fire
A Quick Death In Texas
A Shogun Named Marcus
Basket Of Eggs
Behold The Colossus
Black Umbrella
Book Of Bad Decisions
Book, Saddle And Go
Bruce Bigsby
Burning Beard
Burning Hell
Child Of The City
Cyborg Bette
Cypress Grove
D.c.sound Attack!
Decapitation Blues
Doom Saloon
Earth Rocker
Emily Dickinson
Ghoul Wrangler
Gimme The Keys
Gone Cold
H.b. Is In Control
Hot Bottom Feeder
How Many More Years
How To Shake Hands
In Walks Barbarella
King Of Arizona
Last Orbit
Mad Sidewinder
Many Gators
Mr. Freedom
Mr. Shiny Cadillackness
Never Be Moved
Night Hag
Noble Savage
Oh, Isabella
One Eye Dollar
Opossum Minister
Our Lady Of Electric Light
Outland Special Clearance
Power Player
Promoter Of Earthbound Causes
Rapture Of Riddley Walker
Slow Hole To China
Small Upsetters
Son Of Virginia
Sonic Counselor
Spirit Of '76
Sucker For The Witch
The Affidavit
The Devil
The Face
The Profits Of Doom
The Soapmakers
The Wolf Man Kindly Requests...
Unto The Breach
Vision Quest
We Need Some Money
Weird Times
When Vegans Attack
White's Ferry
X-ray Visions
You Can't Stop Progress
Your Love Is Incarceration