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Letras de Country Joe Mcdonald

Air Algiers
All Of Me Belongs To You
Balancing On The Edge Of Time
Blowing Down That Old Dusty Road
Blues For Breakfast
Blues For Michael
Carry On
Clara Barton
Cocaine (rock)
Crazy Arms
Doctor Of Electricity
Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife
Going Home
Heartaches By The Number
Hold On To Each Other
Jean Desprez
Lady With The Lamp
Mr. Big Pig
My Girl
My Last Song
Oklahoma Hills
Only Love Is Worth This Pain
Pastures Of Plenty
Picks And Lasers (live)
Playing With Fire
Pretty Boy Floyd
Ring Of Fire
Roll On Columbia
Six Days On The Road
Standing At The Crossroads
Starship Ride
Stolen Heart Blues
Superstitious Blues
Tennessee Stud
The Call
The Man From Athabasca
The March Of The Dead
The Munition Maker
The Sinking Of The Reuben James
The Twins
This Land Is Your Land
Tiger By The Tail
Tom Joad
War Widow
What Wondrous Love Is This
When The Curfew Blows
Young Fellow, My Lad