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Letras de Your Demise

A Decade Drifting
Blood Ran Cold
Blood Ran Cold (en Español)
Blood Stays On The Blade
Born A Snake
Burnt Tongues
Curl Up And Die
Diamonds Are Forever But You're Fucking Not
Doesn't Seem Ideal
Forget About Me
Fuck Everyone
Give Up, Get Dropped, Lose Out
Hole Hearted
Ignorance Never Dies
Ignorance Never Dies (en Español)
I'm (not) The One
Life Of Luxury
Life Of Luxury (en Español)
Lika A Broken Record
Miles Away
Never A Dull Moment
Nothing Left But Regret
Paper Trails
Push Me Under
Shine On
Teenage Lust
The Colour Of Envy
The Golden Age
The Joke's On You
The Kids We Used To Be
The Kids We Used To Be (en Español)
These Lights
You Only Make Us Stronger
You Only Make Us Stronger (en Español)