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Letras de David Allan Coe

A Sad Country Song
A Sense Of Humor
Another Pretty Country Song
Atlanta Song
Bad Impressions
Blue Grass Morning
Bossier City
Canteen Of Water
Crazy Mary
Cum Stains On The Pillow
Dakota The Dancing Bear, Pt. 2
Desperados Waiting For The Train
Divers Do It Deeper
Face To Face
Family Album
Family Reunion
For Lovers Only, Pt. 3
For Your Precious Love
Free Born Rambling Man
Greener Than The Grass (we Laid On)
Guilty Footsteps
Heaven Only Knows
Heavenly Father, Holy Mother
Hey Gypsy
Houston, Dallas, San Antoine
I Still Sing The Old Songs
If I Could Climb The Walls Of This Bottle
Itty Bitty Titties
Jack Daniels If You Please
Jody Like A Melody
Just Divorced
Just In Time (to Watch Love Die)
Just To Prove My Love For You
Laid Back And Wasted
Lay My Money Down
Living On The Run
Long Haired Redneck 2001 Version
Longhaired Redneck
Maria Is A Mystery
Million Dollar Memories
Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile
Nigger Fucker
Now I Lay Me Down To Cheat
Old Grey Goose Is Dead
Old Man Tell Me
Piece Of Wood And Steel
Play Me A Sad Song
Please Come To Boston
Rock & Roll Holiday
Sad Country Song
San Francisco Mable Joy
She Used To Love Me A Lot
Shine It On
Sweet Angeline
Sweet Vibrations (some Folks Call It Love)
Take This Job And Shove It
Tennessee Whiskey
Texas Lullaby
The Ghost Of Hank Williams
The Punkin Center Barn Dance
The Ride
Thief In By Bedroom
Time Off For Bad Behavior
Waylon, Willie And Me
Whole Lot Of Lonesome
Willie, Waylon And Me (reprise)
Would You Be My Lady
Would You Lay With Me
Would You Lay With Me (in A Field Of Stone)
You Never Even Call Me By My Name
Young Dallas Cowboy