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Letras de Eels

A Daisy Through Concrete
All The Beautiful Things
Beautiful Freak
Bright As Yellow
Cance For The Cure
Daisies Of The Galaxy
Dirty Girl
Dog Faced Boy
Eight Lives Left
Electro-shock Blues
Electro-shock Blues (en Español)
Elizabeth On The Bathroom Floor
Estate Sale
Fashion Awards
Feeling Good
Fitting In With The Misfits
Fresh Blood
Fresh Feeling
Grace Kelly Blues
Guest List
Hello Cruel World
Hey Man
Hospital Food
I Like Birds
I Need Some Sleep
I Need Some Sleep (en Español)
I Want To Protect You
I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart (en Español)
In My Dreams
In My Dreams (en Español)
L.a. River
Last Stop This Town
Last Stop: This Town
Lone Wolf
Love Of The Loveless
Manchester Girl
Most Unpleasant Man
My Beloved Monster
My Beloved Monster (en Español)
My Old Raincoat
Not Ready Yet
Novacaine For The Soul
Novocaine For The Soul
Numbered Days
Only Thing I Care About
P.s. You Rock My World
Packing Blankets
Permanent Broken Heart
Rags To Rags
Restraining Order Blues
Rock Hard Times
Royal Pain
Royal Pain (en Español)
Saturday Morning
Selective Memory
She Loves A Puppet
Shine It All On
Somebody Loves You
Someone To Break The Spell
Something Is Sacred
Standing At The Gate
The Beginning
The Day I Wrote You Off
The Good Old Days
The Sound Of Fear
Tiger In My Tank
Wooden Nickels
Wrong About Bobby
You Are Such A Beautiful Freak (en Español)
Your Lucky Day In Hell
Agony (en Español)
Beautiful Freak (en Español)
Little Bird
Trouble With Dreams
Jeannie's Diary
Beautiful Freak (en Español)
Flower (en Español)
Flower (en Español)
Agony (en Español)
Last Time We Spoke
Last Time We Spoke (en Español)
Last Time We Spoke (en Español)
Dirty Girl (en Español)
All The Beautiful Things (en Español)
Dust Of Ages
Going To Your Funeral Part 1
Rotten World Blues
All The Beautiful Things (en Español)
Oh So Lovely
Mystery Of Life
What I Have To Offer
What I Have To Offer (en Español)
The Good Old Days (en Español)