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Letras de Elbow

Any Day Now
Asleep In The Back
Bitten By The Tailfly
Buttons And Zips
Coming Second
Crawling With Idiot
Fallen Angel
Flying Dream 143
Forget Myself
Fugitive Motel
Grace Under Pressure
Grounds For Divorce
Little Beast
Mexican Standoff
Neat Little Rows
Neat Little Rows (en Español)
New Born
Not A Job
One Day Like This
One Day Like This (en Español)
Powder Blue
Presuming Ed
Scattered Black And Whites
Switching Off
The Bones Of You
The Bones Of You (en Español)
The Fix
The Fix (en Español)
The Night Will Always Win
Weather To Fly
All Disco
Magnificent (she Says)
My Trouble Letra