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Letras de The Tallest Man On Earth

Both Sides Now
Bright Lanterns
Burden Of Tomorrow
Dark Bird Is Home
Dark Bird Is Home [booklet]
Darkness Of The Dream
Fields Of Our Home
In Little Fires
Into The Stream
It Will Follow The Rain
Kids On The Run
King Of Spain
Leading Me Now
Like The Wheel
Little Brother
Little Nowhere Towns
Little River
Love Is All
On Every Page
Over The Hills
Pistol Dreams
Revelation Blues
Same Ghost
Shallow Grave
Shallow Graves
Ship Of Fools
Slow Dance
Steal Tomorrow
Tangle In This Trampled Wheat
The Dreamer
The Drying Of The Lawns
The Gardener
The Sparrow And The Medicine
The Wild Hunt
This Wind
Thousand Ways
Thrown Right At Me
Time Of The Blue
To Just Grow Away
Troubles Will Be Gone
Walk The Line
Weather Of A Killing Kind
Where Do My Bluebird Fly?
Where I Thought I Met The Angels
Wind And Walls
An Ocean - When The Bird Sees The Solid Ground
Then I Will Sing No More
All I Can Keep Is Now
I'm A Stranger Now
The Running Styles Of New York
The Dreamer
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Hotel Bar
I Love You. It's A Fever Dream.
I'll Be A Sky
My Dear
There's A Girl
Waiting For My Ghost
What I've Been Kicking Around