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Letras de Helen Love

A Giant Kiss
A New Squad Attacking Formation
Boots On
Calm Down Dad
Dance On (solid Gold)
Day-glo Dreams
Debbie Loves Joey
Debbie Loves Joey (kid Karate Mix)
Don't Forget About This Town
First Boyfriend
Hark The Herald Angels
Honolulu Superstar
It's My Club
Jennifer Hanley
John Peel Roadshow
Judy Don't Dance
Julie's Got A New 7 Inch Single
Junk Shop Discotheque
Make Up, Break Up
My Imagination
Our Mum And Dad
Pogo Pogo
Pogo Pogo (ricardo Autobahn Italo Disco Remix)
Queen Of The Disco Beat
Red Light
Rodneys English Disco
Saturday.... Nite!
Shut Your Mouth
Shy Girl
Spin Those Records
Staying In
Teenage Soap Opera
The 1910 Fruitgum Company
Transistor Radio
We Are All The Lo-fi Kids
Where Dylan Thomas Talks To Me
You And Stacy
You Better Learn Karate