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Letras de Bill Wurtz

When I Get Older
All U Gotta Do Is
Alphabet Shuffle
​and The Day Goes On
​apple Juice
Blind (to No Avail)
​can I
Dance The
​drink Beans
​eat Dirt
​get Outta Here
​go Back To Where You Belong
Gonna Clean My Room
Goo Soup
​gross Insides
​hello 1
​hello 2
​hello Sexy Pants
​hey Baby, Buy My Car
Hey Jodie Foster
​hi Bye
​hide The Money
​history Of Japan
History Of The Entire World, I Guess
​history Of The World
I Can Play
I Hope We Figure It Out
I Like
I Love You
I Wanna Sail You Away
​i Write Stupid Music
Icy James
In California
La De Da De Da De Da De Day Oh
Maybe I Could Eat Blades Of Grass
Mount St. Helens Is About To Blow Up
​move Over
Movie Star
New Canaan
No Brains
Now You Can Comb Your Hair By Satellite
Rabbit Snakes
Shaving My Piano
​skip To My Loo
Soap Tips
Stuck In A Rut
Stupid Song
​teddy Bears
Textin On My Iphone
The Future Song​
The Road
The World
This Is A Song For My Next Album
This Is Not A Song
Unboxing Video
We Could Just Get High
When I Get Older
Write A Song On The Count Of 3
​write A Tune That Really Sucks
I Just Did A Bad Thing