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Letras de Great Big Sea

Berry Picking Time
Captain Kidd
Captain Wedderburn
Clearest Indication
Cod Liver Oil
Come And I Will Sing You (the Twelve Apostles)
Concerning Charlie Hor
Consequence Free
Donkey Ride
Drunken Sailor
Excursion Around The Bay
Fast As I Can
Feel It Turn
French Perfume
French Shore
General Taylor
Graceful & Charming (sweet Forget-me-not)
Great Big Sea/gone By The Board
Harbour Lecou
How Did We Get From Saying I Love You
Mari Mac
Old Polina
Ordinary Day
Run Runaway
Someday Soon
Stumbling In
The Mermaid
The Mummer Song
The Night Pat Murphy Died
The River Driver
Tickle Cove Pond
Time Brings
Tishialuk Girls Set
Wave Over Wave
When I Am King
Where Are You At?