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Letras de Mark Knopfler

A Night In Summer Long Ago
A Place Where We Used To Live
All That Matters
All That Matters (en Español)
Angel Of Mercy
Are We In Trouble Now
Back To Tupelo
Badges, Posters, Stickers, T-shirts
Baloney Again
Blues Stay Away From Me
Boom, Like That
Brothers In Arms
Calling Elvis
Darling Pretty
Devil Baby
Dire Straits
Do America
Done With Bonaparte
Down To The Waterline
Eastbound Train
El Macho
Everybody Pays
Expresso Love
Fade To Black
Fare Thee Well Northumberland
Feel Like Going Home
Follow Me Home
Get Lucky
Golden Heart
Gravy Train
Hand In Hand
Heavy Fuel
How Long
I Think I Love You Too Much
If I Had You
In The Gallery
Industrial Disease
Iron Hand
Je Suis Désol
Junkie Doll
Money For Nothing
My Claim To Fame
No Can Do
Old Pigweed
One More Matinee
Our Shangri-la
Postcards From Paraguay
Prairie Wedding
Quality Shoe
Romeo And Juliet
Sailing To Philadelphia
Sands Of Nevada
Secondary Waltz
Setting Me Up
Silvertown Blues
Silvertown Blues (español)
Single Handed Sailor
Six Blade Knife
So Far Away
Solid Rock
Song For Sonny Liston
Southbound Again
Speedway At Nazareth
Stand Up Guy
Storybook Love
Sucker Row
Sultans Of Swing
Tall Order Baby
Telegraph Road
The Bug
The Last Laugh
The Way It Always Starts
Ticket To Heaven
Tunnel Of Love
Twisting By The Pool
Two Skinny Kids
Two Young Lovers
Vic And Ray
Walk Of Life
What Have I Got To Do
What It Is
Whoop De Doo
Why Aye Man
Have All The Songs Been Written (ft. The Killers)
Trapper Man
Back On The Dance Floor
Nobody's Child
Just A Boy Away From Home
When You Leave
Good On You Son
My Bacon Roll
Nobody Does That
Drovers' Road
One Song At A Time
Floating Away
Slow Learner
Heavy Up
Matchstick Man
Matchstick Man
Rear View Mirror
Pale Imitation
Every Heart In The Room
Don't Suck Me In
Sky And Water
Back In The Day