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Letras de Michael Franks

Abandoned Garden
All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go
Antonio's Song
Blue Pacific
Doctor Sax
Eighteen Aprils
Face To Face
How The Garden
I Remember You
I Surrender
Inside You
Island Life
Long Slow Distance
Lotus Blossom
Love Duet
Monkey See - Monkey Do
Mr. Blue
Never Satisfied
Never Say Die
Now That Your Joystick's Broken
Now You're In My Dreams
Popsicle Toes
Rainy Night In Tokyo
Somehow Our Love Survives
Soul Mate
The Art Of Love
The Lady Wants To Know
Tiger In The Rain
Vincent's Ear
When I Give My Love To You
When I Think Of Us
When Sly Calls
When The Cookie Jar Is Empty
Woman In The Waves
You Were Meant For Me
Your Secret's Safe With Me