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Gerry Teekens

Designer and producer of jazz releases.
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Boss Organ CD 1994 Producer
New York Trio - Page Two CD 2002 Cover, Design
New York Trio - Page 3 CD 2005 Design
The Master CD 1983 Producer
But Beautiful CD 1992 Producer
Green Chimneys CD 1988 Producer
Way Out Willy CD 2007 Producer, Design [Cover]
Time And The Infinite CD 2007 Artwork By [Cover Design]
Dubai CD 1996 Producer, Design [Cover]
Limits CD 2006 Artwork By
Cone And T-Staff CD 2010-02-15 Producer
Give And Go CD 2006 Producer, Design [Cover]
Unbroken Line CD 1997 Design [Cover]
The Call CD 1994 Producer, Design [Cover]
Intuit CD 1998 Producer
Isotope Vinyl 1983 Producer
Chet's Choice CD 1985 Producer
MTB - Consenting Adults CD 2000 Producer
Introducing Kenny Garrett CD 1985 Producer
Outside In CD 2008 Producer, Design [Cover]
Subliminal... CD 1997 Producer, Design [Cover]
Mark Turner CD 1998 Producer
Blues For A Reason Vinyl 1985 Producer
Signs Of Life CD 1995 Producer, Design [Cover]
New Groove CD 2007 Producer, Design [Cover]
Moods Volume I CD 1992 Producer
John Swana And Friends CD 1992 Producer
Dream Dancing Vinyl 1986 Producer
623 C Street Vinyl 1987 Producer
Moon Alley Vinyl 1986 Producer
Presenting Michael Weiss Vinyl 1986 Producer
On Target CD 2003-09-23 Design [Cover Design], Producer
Chet's Choice Vinyl 1985 Producer
Mostly Standards CD 2009 Producer
Jazz Is ... CD 2001 Producer
The Bloomdaddies CD 1996 Producer
The Art Of Organizing CD 2009 Design [Cover]
Introducing Joe Sanders CD 2012-02-20 Producer, Design
Pentasonic CD 2012-09-25 Producer, Design
Chopin Meets The Blues CD 2010-09-21 Producer, Design
Introducing Kenny Garrett Vinyl 1985 Producer
Live At Smoke Vol. 1 CD 2001 Producer
Blues For A Reason CD 1985 Producer
Moods Volume II CD 1992 Producer
Homage CD 1993 Producer
Tests Of Time CD 2002 Producer
Raney'81 Vinyl 1981 Producer
Cookin' CD 2006 Producer
Free Spirit Vinyl 1989 Design [Cover]
Pike's Groove CD 1999 Producer
Green Chimneys Vinyl 1984 Producer
Surf's Up CD 2001 Design
Kirk 'N Marcus Vinyl 1987 Producer
Rejuvenate! Vinyl 1989 Producer
New York Summit CD 1992 Producer
Introducing Tom Williams CD 1992 Producer
Simplicity CD 1993 Producer
Manhattan Afternoon CD 1994 Producer
New York Calling CD 1993 Producer
What Am I Here For? CD 1992 Producer
Somethin's Burnin' CD 1993 Producer
Invitation CD 1991 Producer
Two Of A Kind CD 1997 Producer
The Time Is Now CD 1991 Producer
After Dark CD 1994 Producer
Movin' On CD 1992 Producer
New Morning CD Producer
The Gift CD 1994 Producer
Presenting Chris Potter CD 1993 Compilation Producer
Meeting The Tenors CD 1993 Producer
Apparitions CD 2005 Producer, Cover, Design
Cities And Desire CD 2006 Producer, Cover [Design]
Lifted Land CD 2013-05-21 Producer, Cover [Design]
Barefooted Town CD 2011-05-17 Producer, Cover [Design]
New Beginning CD 2001-05-08 Cover [Design], Producer
The Search CD 1999-10-12 Cover [Design], Producer
Art Of The Invisible CD 2002-06-01 Cover [Cover Design], Producer
Allegory CD 2003-09-15 Cover [Cover Design], Producer
Evolution Of An Influenced Mind CD 2014-02-18 Cover [Cover Design], Producer
Obligation CD 2005-09-23 Cover [Cover Design], Producer
The New Bop CD 1995 Cover [Cover Design], Producer
Foolhardy CD 2013-05-21 Cover [Cover Design], Producer
Excursions CD 2000-04-18 Cover [Cover Design], Producer
The Artistry Of The Standard CD 2014-02-18 Cover [Cover Design], Producer
Yam Yam CD 1995 Cover [Cover Design], Producer
Alternate Side CD 2001-02-27 Design, Producer
Day In Night Out CD 2008-02-18 Cover [Cover Design], Producer
New York-Philly Junction CD 2004-02-15 Cover [Cover Design], Producer
Mel's Spell CD 1996-09-17 Cover [Cover Design], Producer
Four For Time CD 1996-06-04 Cover [Cover Design], Producer
Echonomics CD 2001-02-27 Cover [Cover Design], Producer
Bellwether CD 2009-09-12 Cover [Cover Design], Producer
Earth Tones CD 1998-08-25 Producer
In Focus CD 2000-08-29 Cover [Cover Design], Producer
Raney'81 CD Producer
Distant Star CD 1997-06-24 Design [Cover Design], Producer
Almost Twilight CD 1999 Producer, Design [Cover Design]
Isotope CD 1993 Producer
Bastion Of Sanity CD 2005-02-15 Producer, Design [Cover Design]
Heart Of Darkness CD 1998-10-13 Design [Cover Design], Producer
Unseen Universe CD 2000-10-17 Design [Cover Design], Producer
The Feeling's Mutual CD 1993-12-16 Design [Cover Design], Producer
Prints CD 2007-05-27 Design [Cover Design], Producer
The Master Vinyl 1984 Producer
New York Trio - Page 3 CD 2013 Design
On A Misty Night CD 1987 Producer
Momentum CD 1992 Producer
Human Spirit CD 2002 Producer, Design [Cover]
Océanos CD 2007-02-12 Design [Cover Design], Producer
Third Wish CD 2008-05-08 Design [Cover Design], Producer
Justin Time CD 1997-05-20 Design [Cover Design], Producer
Progression CD 2014-05-20 Design [Cover Design], Producer
Introducing Opus 5 CD 2011-09-27 Design [Cover Design], Producer
Communications CD 1990 Producer
Universal Spirits CD 1998-02-24 Design [Cover Design], Producer
Sleepless Nights CD 1998-05-05 Design [Cover Design], Producer
New York Encounter CD 2011-02-15 Design [Cover Design], Producer
Anacapa CD 2014-05-20 Design [Cover Design], Producer
Aliso CD 2010-02-15 Design [Cover Design], Producer
Sundiata CD 1995 Design [Cover Design], Producer
Stockholm Syndrome CD 2010 Design [Cover Design], Producer
Battle Cry CD 1998-05-05 Design [Cover Design], Producer
Reverence CD 2013-02-19 Design [Cover Design], Producer
Almost Never Was CD 2012 Producer, Design [Cover Design]
Inversions CD 2010-05-16 Design [Cover Design], Producer
Generations - Dedicated To Woody Shaw CD 2010-05-16 Design [Cover Design], Producer
A Jones For Bones Tones CD 2007-09-18 Producer, Design [Cover Design]
New For Now CD 2005-04-26 Design [Cover Design], Producer
623 C Street CD 1987 Producer
Gone, But Not Forgotten CD 2014-05-20 Design [Cover Design], Producer
New Adventures CD 2006-02-22 Design [Cover Design], Producer
New Morning Vinyl Producer
Back Home CD 1986 Producer
Night Songs CD 2009-02-05 Producer, Design [Cover Design]