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Roy Digre

Roy Digre grew up in Mo I Rana, Norway, where he since childhood has had a deep fascination with music. His main project is Technomancer, where he for the most part deals with personal and occasionally abstract lyrics on top of electronic music. He works mostly with FL Studio.
Variaciones de su Nombre:
Roy J. Digre
Roy Julian Digre
Zone Tripper (4)
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Restructure CDr 2008 Producer, Performer, Artwork By [Cover Design], Music By
Restructure File 2009 Vocals, Synthesizers, Programming
De:Harmonized File 2009-08-01 Electronics, Vocals
De:Harmonized CD 2009-08-01 Electronics, Vocals
Emulator E.P. CDr 2009-11-03 Written-By, Electronics, Programmed By, Vocals, Producer, Mixed By, Recorded By
Stay With Me CDr 2010-01-15 Artwork, Mixed By, Programmed By, Vocals, Photography By
2 CD 2010-03-19 Performer
The Future CDr 2010-08-13 Artwork, Mixed By, Programmed By, Vocals, Written-By
De:Harmonized CDr 2010 Artwork
Electronic Warfare CDr 2010-10-29 Artwork, Electronics, Vocals, Programmed By, Recorded By, Mixed By
Mindspace CD 2011-02-04 Artwork By
Mindspace File 2011-02-04 Artwork By
Hardwired CDr 2011-03-11 Written-By, Programmed By, Synthesizer, Vocals, Cover, Photography By
Mindspace CDr 2011 Mixed By
Esc.EP CD 2011-08-01 Artwork By
Mindspace - Deluxe Edition File 2011-11-02 Artwork
Re:Sync CDr 2012-05-26 Electronics
Drift File 2013-03-08 Producer
Nothing That I Wouldn't Do CD 2013-05-01 Producer
Nothing That I Wouldn't Do File 2013-05-01 Producer
System Failure CD 2013-05-17 Mixed By
System Failure File 2013-05-17 Mixed By
Voyager File 2014-02-07 Producer
D-Mn File 2014-08-08 Vocals
System Failure - The Singles CDr 2014 Mixed By
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