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Jerry Colonna

Nombre Real:
Gerardo Luigi Colonna
Italian-American comedian, singer and songwriter. Born September 17, 1904, Boston, Massachusetts - Died November 21, 1986, Woodland Hills, California One of the most prominent US entertainers of the inter-WW2 years, Colonna became famous for his role as Bob Hope's side kick in his popular radio shows of the 1940s, and for appearing in "The Road To..." films, again with Hope and Bing Crosby. He was distinguished by his imposing frame, bug-eyes, huge moustache and nasal singing voice. His recordings are generally characterised by big band music with Colonna singing humourous songs in a deliberately grating and tuneless way for comic effect. One of his most notable releases was the 1954 Decca (2) release "Music For Screaming". Starting his career as a trombinist in dance bands around Boston. He can be heard with Joe Herlihy's orchestra on discs recorded for Edison Records in the late 1920s. During the 1930s, Colonna played with the CBS house orchestra, the Columbia Symphony Orchestra. During this time he became notorious for clowning and practical jokes, which almost got him fired on more than one occasion. This brought him to the attention of veteran comedian Fred Allen (2), who gave Colonna periodic guest slots on his CBS show, and a decade later he joined the John Scott Trotter band on Bing Crosby's Kraft Music Hall, alongside other acts such as Victor Borge (2) and Spike Jones.
Instrumentalists, The
Jerry Colonna And His Dixieland Band
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Baffi (Pajon) / Chicago Style Vinyl
Memphis In June / Dodgers' Fan Dance / I Cried For You / Tampico Shellac
Entertains At Your Party Vinyl
Can't Yo' Heah Me Callin' Caroline / I Hate Music Shellac 1944
The Velvet Glove Shellac
Entertains At Your Party Vinyl 1959
Music For Screaming Vinyl 1955
Baffi (Pajon) / Chicago Style Vinyl
Here Comes... Colonna's Trolly Vinyl 1947
I Cried For You / Bell Bottom Trousers Shellac 1945
Let's All Sing With Jerry Colonna Vinyl
I'm-A-Love You / Hey Barmaid Shellac 1953
Ebb Tide CD 2005
Casey/Josephine Please No Lean On The Bell Shellac
Wyoming / When Rosie Riccoola Do The Hoola Ma Boola Shellac 1946
It Might As Well Be Spring /Ja-Da Vinyl
My Sweet Adeline Vinyl
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
The Raymond Scott Project Volume One: Powerhouse CD 1991 Trombone
Walt Disney's Alice In Wonderland CD 2006 Vocals
Entertains At Your Party Vinyl Vocals, Trombone
He Swings And He Sings Vinyl Trombone, Vocals
Entertains At Your Party Vinyl 1959 Vocals, Trombone
Walt Disney's Alice In Wonderland CD 1997 Vocals
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