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bPlease read the entire profile before deciding whether a credit to Traditional is appropriate. Use the Traditional credit only for writing type credits./b Traditional is not a real composer; it is a credit given for any piece of music where the songwriter is not known and the music has been handed down - usually by rote (word of mouth / copying the music by ear). It is a common credit in music such as blues, folk, jazz, world, and rock (to a lesser extent). Common abbreviations for this credit are 'Trad' and 'Trad.' or any language variation thereof. NOTE: If the writer credit is NOT a variation or translation of 'Traditional', please check for an existing artist name, or use the following format as a credit: Written-By ReleaseCredit - Traditional Example: If the release has 'Christmas Carol' as the credit, please first check to make sure it does not exist as an artist name, and then credit it as: Written-By Christmas Carol - Traditional bFor 'Folk', 'Folklore', or variations/translations, please use Folk and an ANV./b For releases using 'PUBLIC DOMAIN' and variations, please put the information in the notes as per discussion at:
Variaciones de su Nombre:

Trad. Greek
Traditional Chinese Lullaby
Traditional Japanese Lullaby
(Folklore Mexicain) Tradition
(Folklore Péruvien) Tradition
(Indian Dance)
(Round Dance)
(Square Dance)
13th Century Trad.
14th Century
16th Cent. French
A Traditional Fling
A Traditional Irish Song
A Traditional March
A Traditional Reel
A Traditional Slow Air
A Traditional Song
Aboriginal Traditional
Adana Türküsü
Afghanistan Traditional
African Trad.
African traditional
African Traditional Melody
After Trad. Scottish
Ahmad Al Indibat
Air De Danse Populaire
Air Folklorique
Air Populaire
Air Retrouvé Par La Soyotte
Air Traditional
Air Traditionnel
Albanian Trad.
Albanian Traditional
Albanian Traditional Song
Albanska Narodna
Aleppo, Syria Tradition
Altay Comic Song
Altböhmische Volksweise
Altdeutsches Liebeslied
Alte Melodien Gälischen, Keltischen Und Bretonischen Ursprungs
Alter Deutscher Weihnachtshymnus
Altes Studentenlied
Am. Folkevise
Am. Trad.
Amer. Trad.
Amerískt Þjóðlag
Americ. Trad.
American Trad.
American Traditional
American Traditional Song
Americká Lidová
Amerik. Trad.
Amerikanisches Volkslied
Amerikansk Folkevise
Amerikkalainen Trad.

Amsterdam Tradition
An Old Romance
Andalusian Traditional
Angļu Dz.
Angļu tautas melodija
Ann. Trad.
Anon. Trad.
Anonyme Traditionnel D'Arménie
Anonyme XVIe Siècle (Catalogne)
Antica Melodia Popolare Ashkenazia Orientale
Ap3, 14-20
Appalachian Folk Carol
Appalachian Trad.
Arab Traditional
Arabo-Andalou, XIIIème
Arap Tradicional
Argentinische Volksweise
Armenia Folk Music
Armenia, Trad.
Armenian Trad.
Armenian Traditional
Arr. Tradicional
As Sung By The McPeake Family
Ashkenazic Traditional
Aus Slowenien
Australsk Trad-Låt
Austrijska Tradicijska
Authorized Version
Avarų Liaudies
Azerbaijan Song
Azeri Melody
Azeri Traditional
Aztec Traditional





Bagpipes Traditional
Bahama Islands
Bahamas Islands
Balada Anglesa S. XVIII
Balada Tradicional Anglesa
baladă populară
Bali Traditional Musicians
Balkan Trad.
Balkan Traditional
Ballada Starofrancuska
Ballata, Italië 14e Eeuw
Barde Ashot (Armenian Tradition)
Barde Sayat Nova (Arménien)
Barzah Breiz
Barzhaz Breiz
Based On A Traditional Song
Based On A Traditional Song As Performed By Elen Nymoen, Målselv
Based On A Traditional Song As Performed By Eli Kvåle, Bygland
Based On A Traditional Song As Performed By Lars Vang, Vingelen
Based On A Traditional Song As Performed By Olga Granberg, Hernes
Based On A Traditional Song As Performed By Petronille Hulbekdal, Tolga
Basque Trad.
Basque Traditional
Báthori Dance
Big Ben
Bohemian Trad.
Boikivschina, Ukrainian Trad.
Bomba (Ecuador)
Bosnian Traditional
Bougainville Trad.
Bośniacka Piosenka Ludowa
Brani Trad. Da Video Games
Brasilian Folk
Braz. Med. Lud.
Brazilian Standard (Composer Unknown)
Brazilian Traditional
Brésilian Traditional
Bresilian Traditional
Breton 19th Century Trad.
Breton Népdal
Breton Trad.
Breton Trad. (Bro Gwened)
Breton Trad. (Bro Naoned)
Breton Trad. (Vro Vigouden)
Breton Traditional
Bulgarian Dance
Bulgarian Folk Song
Bulgarian Traditional
C. Ranchera
C14th Italy
C16th Spain
Cajun Traditional
Cameroons Bafut
Cameroons Bafut And United States Wives Song And Alabama Childrens Song
Cameroons Mixed Culture
Canadian Traditional Carol
Canço Sefardita
Cançon Populara
Cançons Tradicionals
Canción Popular
Canción Popular Andaluza
Canción Popular Aragonesa
Canción Popular Gallega
Canción Populat Vasca
Canon Popular Anglès
Cant Espiritual Negre
Cant Popular
Cantique Espagnole, XIIIème
Canto Degli Alpini
Canto Folkloristico Napoletano
Canto Popolare
Canto Popolare Brasiliano
Canto Popolare Catalano
Canto Popolare Della Val Lagarina, Trentino
Canto Popolare Delle Alpi Marittime
Canto Popolare Giuliano
Canto Popolare Internazionale
Canto Popolare Italiano
Canto Popolare Lombardo
Canto Popolare Piemontese
Canto Popolare Romagnolo
Canto Popolare Savoiardo
Canto Popolare Trentino
Canto Popolare Valdostano
Canto Popolare Veneto
Canto Popular Hebreo
Canto Tradizionale Giapponese
Canz. Popol.
Canzone Napoletana
Canzone Popolare
Canzone Tradizionale
Canzonetta Toscana
Carnaval Popular
Carolan Traditional
Catalan Traditional
Caucasian Trad.
Cântec Popular
Cântec Popular Macedon
Cîntec popular american
Cîntec Popular Cuban
cîntec popular german
cîntec popular polonez
Cîntec Popular Spaniol
Cîntec Revoluționar Italian
Celtic Trad.
Celtic Traditional
Ch. Folkl.
Chabad Traditional
Chanson Bachique Du 17e
Chanson Du Pays De Vaud
Chanson Du XVIe Siècle
Chanson Mexicaine
Chanson Popul. Du Berry
Chanson Populaire
Chanson Populaire Du 18e S
Chanson Populaire Slave
Chant De La Guerre Civile Espagnole
Chant Folklorique
Chant Populaire
Chant Populaire Du Pays De Vannes
Chant Populaire Wallon
Chant Révolutionnaire Mexicain
Chant Traditionel Turc
Chant Traditionnel
Chant Traditionnel Malien
Chant Traditionnel Yoruba
Chant Yéménite
Chassidic Traditional
Chichineu, Moldova
Chinese Traditional
Church Hymn/Traditional
Ciganska Narodna
Ciganska Narodna Pjesma
Ciganski Narodni Ples
Cigány Népdal
Ciko (Native American / Papago)
Cithara Octochorda
Classical Instrumental Piece
Colecția Burada
Colecţia Burada
Colind Francez
Colind Popular
Colinde populare
Common Domain
Congolese Trad.
Copyright Control
Cornish Trad.
Cornish Traditional
Corrida Tradicional
Country Song
cover/melodie traditională mexicană
Creole Beguine De Martinique
Creole Play Song
Crn. Duh.

Cseh Karácsonyi Dal
Cseh Népzene
Cuban Traditional
Cyprus, Trad.
Czech Trad.
Czech Traditional
Czechoslovakian Melody


D'Après Un Air Traditionnel
D'Après Un Thème Traditionnel
D. P.
D. R.
D.R. Tonada Boliviana
Dalmatinska Narodna
Dance From East Anatolia
Danse Limousine
Danse Populaire
Danse Rouse
Dansk Folkemelodi
Danza Tradicional
Délfrancia Népdal
Dép Folk
Del Folklore
Del Folklore Haitiano
Depto. De Folklore Boliviano
Deutsches Volkslied

DgF 60
din literatura veche chineză
din literatura veche egipteană
din vechea poezie a triburilor primitive
din vechea poezie greacă
Dita Popular
Dn3, 57-90
Domaine Public
Domínio Público
Dominio Publico

Dutch Trad.








Традиционално / Traditional



автор неизв.


Ecuador, Tradicional, San Juanito
Ecuadorian San Juanito
Efez. 4:4-8
Egyption Trad.
Ein Wiener Team
Eng. Trad.
Engelse Trad.
Engl. Trad.
Engleska Tradicijska
English Air
English Carol
English Folksong
English Trad
English Trad.
English Traditional
English Traditional Carol
English Traditional Tune
Enskt Þjóðlag
Epska Narodna Pesma
Erlent Þjóðlag
Espiritual Negre
Estanpitta, Italië 14e Eeuw

F. Marocan
Fado Corrido
Fado Dois Tons
Fado Menor
Fado Mouraria (Popular)
Færøsk Folkemelodi
Finland Trad.
Finnisches Volkslied
Finnish Melody
Finnish Trad.
Finnish Traditional
Finnish/Swedish Trad. Arr.
Finsk Folkemelodi
Folclor Sîrbesc
Folk Art
Folk Italiano
Folk Legend
Folk Lyrics
Folk Moldova
Folk Song
Folk Song From El Salvador
Folk Song From Magyarszovát
Folk Songs
Folk Swahili
Folk Tune
Folk Unknown
Folk Words
Folk. Acadien
Folkemelodi - Traditionel
Folketone Frå Setesdal
Folkish Traditional
Folklor Traditional
Folklore Algérien
Folklore Angevin
Folklore Antillais
Folklore Argentin
Folklore Autrichien
Folklore Bolivia
Folklore Boliviano
Folklore Bolivien
Folklore Canadien
Folklore Chilien
Folklore Colombiano
Folklore Complainte Indienne
Folklore Egyptien
Folklore Guyannais
Folklore Israélien
Folklore Israëlien
Folklore Italien
Folklore Marocain
Folklore Mexicain
Folklore Nivernais
Folklore Péruvien
Folklore Togolais
Folklore Trad.
Folklore Traditionnel
Folklore Tunisien
Folklore Venezolano
Folksong Thrace
Fragm. Psalmu 23/22
Franc. Narodna
Francia Gyermekdal
Francia Karácsonyi Dal
Francuska Tradicijska
Frans Kerstlied
Frans trad.
Franse Trad.
Fransk Trad.
Fransk Trad. Folkesang
French - English
French Trad'l
French Trad.
French Traditional
French Traditional Carol
French Traditional Carol?
From The Monastery Of Montserrat
G. Gladki
Gaelic Traditional
Gagause Tune From Moldova
Galician Trad.
Galician Traditional (Spain)
Gambia Wolof
Gambian Trad.
Gammel Amerikansk Melodi
Gammel Fransk Melodi
Gammel Melodi
Gammel Norsk Folkepoesi
Gammel Russisk Marsj
Gammel Shanty
Garīga Skotu Dz.
Gaziantep Türküsü
Geleneksel Köy Türküsü
Georgian Folk
Georgian Folk Music Archives (1930-1940)
Georgian/Armenian Traditional
German Song
German Trad
German Trad.
German Traditional
German Traditional Carol
German Traditional Carol Carol
German Traditional Carol?
German Traditional Melody
Ghana Akan
Ghana Ewe
Ghanese Traditional
Gl. Am. Folkemelodi
Gl. Dansk Folkemelodi
Gl. Dansk Folkevise
Gl. Fólkalag
Gl. Folkemelodi
Gl. Melodi
Gl. Skotsk Folkemelodi
Gl. Svensk Folkemel.
Gospel According To Lucas
Græsk Folkemelodi
Grønlandsk Trad.
Greece, Trad.
Greek Folk
Greek Folklore
Greek Revolutionary Traditional
Greek Trad
Greek Traditional
Greek Traditional Lullaby
Greek Traditional Wedding Song
Greenland Traditional
Gregorian Melody
Gregorianisch – Organum-Satz
Gregorianischer Choral

Haitian Traditional
Halk Türküsü
Hawaiian Traditional
Hebrew Melody
Hebrew Traditional
Heinz V. Alten
Hen Bennill
Hernhūtiešu Dz.
Herri Kanta
Herri Olerkia
Historischer Marsch
Holland Népköltés
Hora Uit Israel
Hrv. Narodna
Hrvatska Tradicijska
Hrvatska Tradicijska, Dalmacija
Hrvatska Tradicijska, Istra
Hrvatska Tradicijska, Međimurje
Hrvatska Tradicijska, Pokuplje
Hrvatska Tradicijska, Slavonija

Hrvatska Tradicijska, Čilipi-Dubrovnik
Huaiño (Bolivia)
Huaiño (Perú)
Huastec Traditional
Huddie William Ledbetter
Hungarian Folk Song
Hungarian Trad.
Hungarian Traditional
Hungarian Traditional From Moldavia
Hymne 9th Century
Iberian Peninsular
Ile De France
Indian Traditional
Indijanska Narodna
Indijska Narodna
Indijska Narodna Pesma
Indijska Narodna Pjesma
Indijska Trad.
Indijski Narodni
Indisk Trad.
Indiska Narodna
Iraqi Children's Song
Iraqi Trad.
Iraqi Traditional
Irish & Evergreen
Irish - Traditional
Irish Air
Irish Gaelic
Irish Melody
Irish Song
Irish Trad
Irish Trad.
Irish Traditional
Irish Traditional Song
Irish Tradtional
Irish. Trad.
Irlandar Tradizionala
Irlandzki Motyw Ludowy
Irsk Folketone Fra 1600 Tallet
Irska Trad.
Irske Folketoner
Islandsk Folkemelodi
Ismeretlen Szerző
Ismeretlen Szerzők
Israel Traditional
Itaalia Rhl.
Itaiensk Folkvisa
Ital. Arbeiterlied
Italian Canzonetta
Italian Folk
Italian Song
Italian Traditional
Italian Traditional Carol
Italian Traditional Children
Italiensk Trad
Italiensk Trad.
Italų Daina
Ivory Coast Baoule
Iz45, 8
Izaj. 61;1-2
Izvorna Narodna

Izvorni R'n'R

Δίσημος Κων/πολης

Δημώδες Ρωσίας

Δημοτικά Δίστιχα
Επτάσημος Μακεδονίας
Επτάσημος Χαλκιδικής

Εννιάσημος Κων/πολης
Εννιάσημος Μ. Ασίας
Εξάσημος Δυτικής Μακεδονίας

Ινδιάνικο Ποίημα
외국 민요

Λαϊκό Αγνώστου

Μ. Ασίας


Παλατινή Ανθολογία
Παληό Λαϊκό
Παλιό Λαϊκό

Παλιά Καντάδα
Παλιά Τσιγγάνικη Μελωδία


Σκωπτικόν Πελοποννήσου

Τσιγγάνικο Της Ισπανίας

βυζαντινά Κάλαντα
J. Bonham
J. Webb
Jamaica Folk
Jamaica Kumina
Jamaika Folk
Japan 13e Eeuw
Japanese Folk
Japanese Folktale
Japanese Trad
Japanese Trad. Folk Song
Japanese Traditional
Japanese Traditional Music
Japansk Folkesang
Japonská Ľudová
Jarl Friis-Mikkelsen Eft. Svensk Ide
Jazz Standards
Jea Band
Jes. 55:6
Jevrejski Tradicional
Jewish Traditional
Jewish/Spanish Trad.
Jidd. Volkslied
Jiddisches Volkslied
Jodelarie A. D. Bayer. Wald
John 15:10
John 15:4
Jugosl. Trad.

K'antu (Altiplano)
Kalmyk Tradition Music
Kans. Säv.
Karelian Trad.
Kazakh/Chinese Traditional
Kazakhistanian Traditional
Khmer Traditional
Kikuyu Traditional Song
King David
King David Of Jerusalem

Kobiana Jazz
Korean Trad.
Korean Traditional
Korean Traditional Music
Koroška Narodna
Koroška Ponarodela
Kubanska Ljudska

Kurdish Dance
l. d.
Langelandsk Folkemelodi
Lapuan Taisteluvirsi
Latin Hymn
Latvian Folk
Latvian Folk Song
Lån Fra Folketradisjonen
Lebanese Traditional
Legende Von H.J. Von Wessenberg
Lengyel Népdal
Lezione VIII. Job 19
Liaudies Daina
Liberia Bassa
Liberia Gio
Liberia Kpelle
Liberia Mandingo
Lidová Píseň
Lidové Adventní Zpěvy Z Tradice 16. Stol.
Lidový Text
Lietuvių Liaudies
Lietuvių Tradicinė
Limanska Tradicionalna
Lincolnshire Folksong

Lithuanian Folk
Lithuanian Traditional
Lituanian Trad.
Loa Pastoril Do Século XVIII / Origem Portuguesa
Londonderry Air
Louisiana Creole
Lud. Poezje Boliwijskie
Ludowa Cygańska
Ludowa Rosyjska
Lullaby From Lebanon
M. Leontowitsch
Macedonia, Trad.
Macedonian Folksong
Macedonian Song
Macedonian Trad.
Macedonian Traditional
Magyar Népdal
Magyar Népköltés
Magyar Népmese
Magyar trad.
Makedonska Izvorna Pesma
Makedonska Narodna
Makedonska Narodna Pjesma
Makedonska Pesma
Makedonska Tradicionalna
Makedonska, Kosovska Obrada
Mali Dogon
Mali Taureg
Malian Traditional
Marche Populaire
marș tradițional
Marocco Folklore
Marokko-ko Herri Kanta
Mađarska Narodna
Mađarska Romansa
Mélodie Folklorique
Mélodie Moldave
Mélodie Populaire
Mündlich Überliefert
Mecklenburgische Volksweise
Mecklenburgisches Volklied
Mediaeval Latin
Medieval English Round C. 1280
Medieval Irish
Medieval Ital.
Meks. Trad.
Meksikanska Narodna

Meksykańska Mel. Lud.
Mel. Lud.
mel. ludowa
Mel. Trad.
Melodía Judéo Española
Melodi Från Nederländerna
Melodia Gaelica
Melodia Ludowa
Melodia Popolare
Melodia Tradicional Irlandesa. Versió Lliure
Melodia Tradycyjna
Melodie Franceză
melodie germană (German song)
Melodie Populară
Melodie Populară Austriacă
Melodie Populară Braziliană
Melodie Populară Cehă
Melodie Populară Engleză
Melodie Populară Franceză
Melodie Populară Mexicana
Melodie Populară Mexicană
Melodie Populară Poloneză
melodie populară românească
Melodie Populară Rusă
Melodie Populară Spaniolă
Melody From The Pays De Retz
Melody Trad.
Messe De Noël
Messe de Pâques
Messe VIII
Mexican Folk
Mexican Traditional
Mexico traditional
Middle Eastern Traditional
Missa De Angelis
Moldavian Folk
Mongolian Traditional Music
Montenegrin Trad.
Montenegro Traditional
Moravian Trad.
Moravská Lidová
Moroccan Jewish Traditional
Mot. Pop.
Motivo Folclórico
Motivo Folclórico Gaúcho
Motivo Popolare
Motivo Popular
Motivo Popular Centroamericano
Mountain Trad.
Music Founded On An Old Cornish Air
Music From Volyn' - Музика З Волині
Musica Etnica Boliviana
Musicians From Pakistan
Musique Ancienne
Musique Du Folklore
Musique Populaire
Muz. I Sł. Ludowe
Muz. Lud.
Muz. Ludowa
Muzyka Ludowa
N. Einem Russ. Original
Na Narodnu Temu
nach einer französischen Volksweise
Nach Einer Nordischen Sage Von Kopisch
nach einer Volksweise
Nach Span. Motiven
Nameless XVIII Century Composer
Napuljska Tradicijska
Narodna Iz Bitole
Narodna KiM
Narodna Pesma
Narodna Pesma Iz Crne Gore
Narodna Pesma Iz Srbije
Narodni Autor

Narodni Melos
Narodno Kolo
Native American Songs-Traditional
Navajo Chant
Navajo Song
Navajo Trad.
Navajo, Trad.
Német Népdal
Népi Dallam
Népi Gyűjtés
Népi Szöveg
Neap. Volkslied
Neapolitan Folk
Neapolitanisches Volkslied
Negro Lullaby
Negro Spiritual
Negro Spiritual—Trad.
Neheimer Rundgesang
New Lutheran Liturgy
New Orleans
New Orleans Trad.
New Orleans Traditional
Nigeria Hausa
Nigerian Carol
Nigerian Traditional
Noël Du XVe Siècle
Noel Canadien
Norddeutsches Volkslied
Nordisk Folkemelodi
Norsk Folkemelodi
Norsk Folketone
Norsk Folketone (Hallingdal)
Norsk Trad.
Northern Epirus
Norvegian Traditional
Norvegų Liaudies
Norwegian Trad.
Norwegian Traditional
Norwegisches Volkslied
Nursery Rhyme
Ny Trad.
Německá Lidová

Occitan Trad.
Okänd Sångfört.
Old Arabic Poetry
Old English
Old English Air
Old English Trad.
Old English Tune
Old Finnish Christmas Tableau
Old Folksong
Old French Carol
Old French Song
Old French Trad.
Old German Melody
Old Greek Tune
Old Gregorian Chant
Old Hundreth
Old Irish Folksong
Old Irish Melody
Old Ladino Song
Old Romance
Old Romanian Romance
Old Scotch Air
Old Song
Old Standard
old traditional Romanian songs
Old Waltz
Old Welch Air
Old Welsh Carol
Old Welsh Folk Song
Original Bulgarian folk song
Original Russian Folklore Of The 12th - 19th Centuries
Originated from Romanian Ortodox Service
Oro Prov. Trad.
Orosz És Ukrán Népmesék, Dallamok
Ostiak Trad.
P. D.
Pacific Time Theme Music
Palestinian Trad.
Palestinian Traditional Wedding Song
Pamir Tradition Music
Papago (Native American) Religious Song
Partisans Traditionnels
Pastisz Znanych Piosenek
Paunnee Traditional
Persian Traditional
Peruanska Narodna
Peruvian Trad.
Peruvian Traditional
Pesma Iz Belgije
Pios. Kaszubska XVII W.
Pismo Święte [Psalm 130]
Po Narodni
Poesie Populaire
poezie populară
Polish Trad.
Polish Traditional
Polish Traditional [Kaszubska Pieśń Ludowa]
Poljska Tradicijska
Polnisches Volkslied
pop sârbesc
Pop. Española
Pop. Sârbesc
Popular - Açores
Popular - Alentejo
Popular - Beira Alta
Popular - Beira Baixa
Popular Alemanya
Popular Alentejano
Popular Americana
Popular Americano
Popular Anónimo
Popular Argentina
Popular Asturiana
Popular Basca
Popular Búlgara
Popular Boliviana
Popular Camprodon
Popular Catalan
Popular Catalana
Popular Catalá
Popular Chilena
Popular Coreana
Popular de Bohèmia
Popular De Italie
Popular De Tamaulipas
Popular Del Altiplano Andino
Popular do Minho
Popular Eïvissa
Popular Flamenca
Popular Francés
Popular Francesa
Popular Galega
Popular Galego
Popular Gallega
Popular Hebrea
Popular Irlandés
Popular Irlandesa
Popular Italiana
Popular Japonesa
Popular Mallorquina
Popular Mexicano
Popular Nor-americana
Popular Nor-americana*
Popular Nord-Americana
Popular Rusa
Popular Russ
Popular Segoviana
Popular Song
Popular Spanish Poems
Popular Sueca
Popular Suissa
Popular U.S.A.
Popular Valenciana
Popular Yiddish
Prancūzų Daina
Prætorius-XVIe S
Prelucrare Folclorica
Prelucrare Folclorică
Provencalische Volksweise
Ps. 118.
Ps. 147.
Psalm 103
Psalm 13
Psalm 130
Psalm 137
Psalm 138
Psalm 18
Psalm 23
Psalm 51
Psalm 8
Public Domain
Publiek Domein

Quadras Populares
Quebecian Traditional
Rahvalik Laul

Ranskalainen Joululaulu
Répertoire Arabe Tunisien
Répertoire Traditionnel
Religious Song From The Orthodox Arabs' Church
Rep. Tradițional
Rocalès Sur Thêmes Populaires
Role / Name
Roma Trad.
Romance Español
romance populaire roumaine
romance roumaine
Romance Séfarade Istanbul
Romance Tsigane
Romanceiro Algarvio
Romanian Folklore
Romanian Traditional
Romska Pesma
Ros. Mel. Lud.
Rosyjska Mel. Lud.
Rosyjska Mel. Ludowa
Rumanian Traditional
Rumeli Türküleri
Rumunska Narodna
Rumunska Narodna Igra
Rumunska Tradicionalna
Rumunská Lidová
Rumunski Tradicional
Ruotsalainen Kans.säv
Ruska Ciganska
Ruska Ciganska Pjesma
Ruska Narodna
Ruska Narodna Igra
Ruska Romansa
Ruska Tradicinal
Ruská Lidová
Russ. Studentenlied
Russ. Trad
Russ. Traditional
Russian Folk Song
Russian Folk Tune
Russian Folk Voices
Russian Gypsy Song
Russian North Traditional
Russian Trad.
Russian Traditional
Russian Traditional Song
Russian Traditional Song From Belgorod Region
Russian Traditional Song From Polesye Region
Russian Traditional Song From Smolensk Region
Russian Traditional Song From Tver Region
Russian/Gypsy Ballad
Russische Trad.
Russische Volksweise
Russisches Volklied
Russisches Volkslied
Russisk Arbeidersang
Russisk folkemelodi
Russisk Folkevise
Russisk Marsj
Russisk Studentersang
Rysk Trad.
Saks. Säv.
Saksalainen Sävelmä
Sami Trad. Joik
San Juanito (Ecuador)
Santeria Traditional Song
Sámi traditional
Sépharade (Esmirna)
Scahndinavian Trad.
Scandinavian Trad.
Schlesische Volksweise
Schotse Trad.
Schottische Volksweise
Schwedisches Volkslied
Scottish Folksong
Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Trad.
Scottish Traditional
Sec. IV
Sec. VII
Sec. XI
Sefarade, XIIIème
Senegal Wolof
Sepharade (Turquie)
Sephardic Traditional
Serbian Traditional
Serbian Traditional Song
Shaker Melody
Shaker spiritual
Shope Trad
Sicilian Trad.
Sicilian Traditional
Sicīliešu Dz.
Sikuri (Altiplano)
Sikuri (Perú)
Silesian Trad.
Sioux Death Song Trad
Sizilianische Volksweise

Slovenska Narodna
Slowakisches Volkslied
Solomon Islands
Somalisches Freiheitslied
Somerset Folksong
Son Huasteco Tradicional
Son Jarocho Tradicional
Song From East Anatolia
Song Of The Hungarian Gypsies
Sorbisches Volkslied
South Italian Traditional
Southamerican Traditional
Spaans Traditioneel
Spain Traditional
Spain, Trad.
Spanische Volksweisen
Spanish Folk
Spanish Trad.
Spanish Traditional
Spanyol Karácsonyi Dal
Spiritual Negre
Spiritual Traditional
Stara Gradska
Stara Gradska Pesma
Stara Gradska Pjesma
Stara Narodna Pesma
Stara Ruska Romansa
Stara Srpska Pesma
Steirischer Jodler
Stm. Kosken Päiväkirja
Sufi Music Of The "Merghani Sect", The
Sufi Music Of The "Shazelia Sect", The
suită de jocuri tradiționale din Clejani
Suită De Melodii Americane
Suom. Kansansatu
Suomal. Kansansatu
Suomalainen Kansanruno
Sur. Trad.
Surinamese Traditional
Sv. Trad
Sváb Népdal
Sváb Népzene
Svéd Karácsonyi Ének
Svensk Folkemelodi
Svensk Psalm-Trad.
Svensk Trad
Svensk Trad.
Swedish Melody
Swedish Trad.
Swedish Traditional
Swing trad.
Swiss Folksong
Sziléziai Népdal
Szkocka Mel. Lud.
Sł. Ludowe
Słowa Ludowe / Trad.
T.T. Hall
Tahitian Traditional
Tajik Folk Music
Tajik Folk Text
Tango Trad.
Tanzanian Trad.
Tautas Dziesma
Tautas meldija
Tôn Negroaidd
Tema Folclórico
Tessiner Soldatenlied
Tessiner Trad.
Testi Trad.
Testo Trad.
Text Lidový
Text Popular
Texte Aus Dem Alten Und Neuen Testament
Thème Folklorique
Thème Inca - Bolivie
Thème Traditionnel
Tibetan Nomad Music
Tin Tradition
Tinku (Bolivia)
Tiré Du Folklore
Tiroler Trad.
Tiroler Volkslied
Tobas (Bolivia)
Tone Fra Mellomalderen
Torres Strait Traditional
Toyos (Perú)
Trad - P.D.
Trad .Arr
Trad / Unknown
Trad Afro-American
Trad Arr
Trad Arr.
Trad Baluchi
Trad Bulgare
Trad Burgundy
Trad Burm
Trad Cree
Trad Dalmate
Trad English
Trad Fra Hornindal
Trad German
Trad Iranian Avaz And South Indian Folk Melody
Trad Keres
Trad Moroccan
Trad Of Greek (Har'Livadi')
Trad Origin Unknown
Trad PAI
Trad Shoshone
Trad Spanish
Trad West African
Trad West Indies
Trad [Ireland]
Trad [Muhl]
Trad [Okla]
Trad [Scotland]
Trad, From Gransherad
Trad. Arr
Trad. (Cantigas De St. Maria Nr. 77)
Trad. (Catalan Folk Song)
Trad. (Child 12; Roud 10)
Trad. (Child 12; Roud 200)
Trad. (Child 26; Roud 5)
Trad. (Galician / Portuguese)
Trad. (Kisuaheli)
Trad. (Laws P30; Roud 218)
Trad. (Neapolitan 18th Century)
Trad. (P.D.)
Trad. - Contea De Nissa
Trad. - Estacada De Brey
Trad. - P.D.
Trad. - Russian Folksong
Trad. - Sizilianische Volksweise
Trad. - Val Grano
Trad. - Val Vermenagna

Trad. / Makedonska Tradicionalna
Trad. / Trad. Senegal
Trad. 1566 R.
Trad. 15e Siècle
Trad. 1850
Trad. 1900 (Hans Oswald)
Trad. African
Trad. African American Spiritual
Trad. African-American Spiritual
Trad. Afro-Cuban
Trad. After L. Rimmens Music Collection
Trad. Alba
Trad. Albania
Trad. Albanian
Trad. Algérien
Trad. Amérindien
Trad. American
Trad. American Ballad
Trad. American Song
Trad. Andalucian
Trad. Andino
Trad. Anglesa
Trad. Appalachian
Trad. Arab
Trad. Arab.
Trad. Arabic
Trad. Argentina
Trad. Arr
Trad. Arr.
Trad. Arr. Cream
Trad. Arr. Mike Oldfield
Trad. Arrangement
Trad. Art.
Trad. Asturien
Trad. Asturies
Trad. Aus Columbien
Trad. Author
Trad. Auvergnat
Trad. Aymara
Trad. Azerbaidzan
Trad. Azerji

Trad. Balkan
Trad. Barzaz Breizh
Trad. Bas Du Fleuve
Trad. Belgian
Trad. België
Trad. Belgija
Trad. Benedicti
Trad. Berry
Trad. Blues
Trad. Boekarest
Trad. Bolivia
Trad. Boliviano
Trad. Bret.
Trad. Bretagne
Trad. Bretania
Trad. Breton
Trad. Bretonisch
Trad. British
Trad. Brittany
Trad. Bulg.
Trad. Bulgaria
trad. Bulgarian
Trad. Bulgarian & Northern France (Late 13th Century)
Trad. Bulgarian Dance-song, Shopes Region
Trad. Bulgarian, Dobrudzha
Trad. Bulgarian, Pirin Mountains
Trad. Bulgarian, Shopes
Trad. Bulgarian, Shopes Region
Trad. Bulgarian, Thrakia/Sredna Gora
Trad. Bulgarije
Trad. Cajun
Trad. Cajun Tune
Trad. Carmina Burana
trad. Catalaans
Trad. Catalan
Trad. Catalan Folksong
Trad. Cauri - Val Grano
Trad. Champsaur - Htes Alpes
Trad. Child n. 170
Trad. Child n. 78
Trad. China
Trad. Chinese
Trad. Chinois
Trad. Colombia
Trad. Cornish/Breton
Trad. Cornualles
Trad. Corse
Trad. Croatian
Trad. Cuba
Trad. Cuban
Trad. D.P.
Trad. Danish
Trad. Des Iles Hébrides
Trad. Devon
Trad. E. Magnhild Almhjell
Trad. Eíre
Trad. Ecossais
trad. Ecuador
Trad. Ecuadorian
Trad. Egypt
Trad. England
Trad. English
Trad. English Carol
Trad. English Carol (Greensleeves)
Trad. English Carol (Tempus Adest Floridum)
Trad. English, Scottish And Irish
Trad. Escòcia
Trad. Ethiopian
Trad. Faeroese
Trad. Faroe Islands
Trad. Fiddle Tune
Trad. Finland
Trad. Flanders
Trad. Flandria
Trad. Folk Song
Trad. Folk. Äthiopien
Trad. Folk. Finnland
Trad. Folk. Kolumbien
Trad. Folk. Schweden
Trad. Folk. Türkei
Trad. Folkevise
Trad. Folks
Trad. Form
Trad. Fra Bhutan
Trad. Fra Gudbrandsdalen
Trad. Fra Nittedal
Trad. France
Trad. Frankreich
Trad. Frankrijk
Trad. Från Sydafrika
Trad. French
Trad. French & English Carol
Trad. French & English Carol (Ding Dong Merrily On High)
Trad. French Carol
Trad. From 1500-century
Trad. From Årdal
Trad. From Årdal, Sogn
Trad. From Östergötland]
Trad. From Borge I Lofoten
Trad. From Gailtal
Trad. From Jostedalen
Trad. From Kosovo
Trad. From Nordland
Trad. From Peloponnesos, Greece
Trad. From Senegal
Trad. From Tibet
Trad. From Trøndelag
Trad. From West Bengal
Trad. Ga Ghana
trad. Gaelic
Trad. Galega
Trad. Galician
Trad. Galicien
Trad. Gallega
Trad. Gaulish
Trad. Gårdsangervise
Trad. German Carol
Trad. Ghana
Trad. Gipsy Song
trad. Gospel
Trad. Grønlandsk Mel.
Trad. Greek
Trad. Gregorian Chant
Trad. Guerra Civil Española
Trad. Guinée Forestière
Trad. Guinean
Trad. Halling-Joron
Trad. Hollande
Trad. Hungarian
Trad. Icelandic
Trad. Icelandic Rím
Trad. Ierland
Trad. Iers
Trad. India
Trad. Indian Melody
Trad. Indijska
Trad. Ireland
Trad. Irisch
Trad. Irish
Trad. Irish And Irish-American
Trad. Irish Tune
Trad. Irish Tune "Paddy Ryan's Dream
Trad. Irish Tune "The Bunch of Keys"
Trad. Irish-American
Trad. Irland
Trad. Irlanda
Trad. Irlandais
Trad. Irlande
Trad. Irlandesa
Trad. Irlandese
Trad. Irlandia
Trad. Irlandzka
Trad. Irsk
Trad. Isle Of Man
Trad. Israel
Trad. Italien
Trad. Jüdisch
Trad. Jewish
Trad. Jewish Folksong
Trad. Ketchua
Trad. Klezmer
Trad. Klezmer Tune
Trad. Koralmelodi Från Orsa
Trad. Korea
Trad. Korean
Trad. Kurdish
Trad. Kurdistan
Trad. Latvian
Trad. Le Abbruzzese
Trad. Lincolnshire
Trad. Londonderry Air
Trad. Macedonia
Trad. Macedonië
Trad. Madagascar
Trad. Magyarisch
Trad. Malien
Trad. Manouche From Holland
Trad. Mazedonien
Trad. Medelpad, Jämtland, Värmland, Gästrikland
Trad. Medeltida Ballad, Dalarna
Trad. Mel.
Trad. Melody
Trad. Mexicain
Trad. Mexican
Trad. Moldavia
Trad. Music
Trad. Narodna
Trad. Native American
Trad. Nederland
Trad. Nigeria
Trad. Nigeria, Cuba
Trad. Nordmøre
Trad. Norte Potosi
Trad. North Hebridian
Trad. Northumberland
Trad. Northumbrian
Trad. Norway
Trad. Norwegian
Trad. Nouvelle-Angleterre
Trad. Old English Carol
Trad. Pakistan
Trad. Palestinsk
Trad. Persisch
Trad. Polen
Trad. Portugal
Trad. Québec
Trad. Queensland
trad. rätoromanisch
Trad. Reel
Trad. Rev. Newton
Trad. Roemeens
Trad. Romania
Trad. Romanian
Trad. Roumanie
Trad. Rumania
Trad. Rumanian
Trad. Russian
Trad. Russisk
Trad. Saint-Alban
Trad. Sangiovannese
Trad. Sardenya
Trad. Sénégalais
Trad. Schweden
Trad. Schwedisch
Trad. Schweiz
Trad. Scotl.
Trad. Scotland
Trad. Scott.
Trad. Scottish
Trad. Scottish Carol
Trad. Scottish Tune
Trad. Scottish/English
Trad. Sefardí
Trad. Sefardisch
Trad. Senegal
Trad. Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea
Trad. Sephardic
Trad. Serbian
Trad. Shaker
Trad. Shyerwandi (Balochi Classical Music)
Trad. Sierra Leone
Trad. Sierra Leone Song
Trad. Silesian
Trad. Sogn
Trad. Soldatvise
Trad. Somerset
Trad. Song
Trad. South African
Trad. Spain/Finland
Trad. Spanish
Trad. Spiritual
Trad. Spritual
Trad. Suaheli
Trad. Sudan
Trad. Sussex
trad. sv folkvisa
Trad. Svensk Bön För Barn
Trad. Svensk Melodi
Trad. Sweden
Trad. Swedish
Trad. Swedish 'Wärmeland Du Sköna'
trad. Swiss
Trad. Szkocja
Trad. Tailka Melody From Kenya
Trad. Telemark
trad. Texas
Trad. Text
Trad. Togolais
Trad. Toscana
Trad. Transylvanian]
Trad. Trois-Rivières
Trad. Tunisia
Trad. Turkey
Trad. Turkish
Trad. Tuvan
Trad. U.S. Spiritual
Trad. Ukraine
Trad. Ungarn
Trad. USA
Trad. Venezuelan
Trad. Vlaams
Trad. Volksweise
Trad. Weise
Trad. Welsh
Trad. Welsh Carol
Trad. West Africa
Trad. Western Country Carol
Trad. Words
Trad. Yemenite
Trad. Yoruba, Nigeria
Trad. Yougoslave
Trad. Yugoslave
Trad. Yugoslavia
Trad. Yugoslavian
Trad. [16th Cent French]
Trad. [Bearb.]
Trad. [Dance Tune]
Trad. [Este's Psalter]
Trad. [Georgian]
Trad. [Gregorian Chant]
Trad. [Sierra Leone Song]
Trad., American
Trad., Andes Folksong
Trad., Anon.
Trad., Arr.
Trad., D.P.
Trad., Irish
Trad., P.D.
Trad., Possibly 16th Century English
Trad., Scot.
Trad., Sicilian
Trad./ Arr.
Trad./Dansk Folkemelodi
Trad./Russian Folk Song
Trad/La Patum De Berga
Trad: (Melodi Fra Ørsta)
Trad: Svensk
Tradícional Panameña
Tradd. Llydaweg
Tradición de Al-Andalus
Tradicijska Iz Belgije
Tradicijska Iz Gradišća
Tradicijska Međimurska
Tradicijska Polka, Austrija
Tradicinė Melodija
Tradicional Alemanya
Tradicional Americana
Tradicional Anglesa
Tradicional Asturies
Tradicional Âustria
Tradicional Bolivia
Tradicional Bretanya
Tradicional Catalana
Tradicional Catalunya
Tradicional Catalunya (Principat)
Tradicional Cántabra
Tradicional Comanche
Tradicional Ecuador
Tradicional Ecuatoriano
Tradicional Escocesa
Tradicional França
Tradicional Francés
Tradicional Francesa
Tradicional Mallorca
Tradicional Mallorquina

Tradicional Mexicana
Tradicional Nord-Americana
Tradicional P. D.
Tradicional Paradela
Tradicional Paraguay
Tradicional Popular
Tradicional Provençal
Tradicional Sicília
Tradicional Tirol
Tradicional Vasca
Tradicional Španija
Tradicional-Recopilación Robles
Tradicionalna Iz Meksika
Tradicionalna Iz Perua
Tradicionalna Pesma Mađarskih Roma
Tradicionalne Pesme Ruskih Roma
Tradicionals Catalanes

Tradidional Folk Song
Tradidional Sephardic
tradițional catalan
tradițional englez
tradițional napolitan
Tradițional Sicilian
Tradional Tune From Setesdal
Tradition Arménienne
Tradition Locale
Tradition Occitane
Traditional African
Traditional (Amami Folk Song)
Traditional (Bolivian)
Traditional (Eritrean Liberation Song)
Traditional (India)
Traditional (India, Sri Lanka)
Traditional (India; Sri Lanka)
Traditional (Indonesia)
Traditional (Maldives)
Traditional (Myanmar)
Traditional (Norwegian)
Traditional (Roud 3193)
Traditional (Spanish Liberation Song)
Traditional (Tajikistan)
Traditional (Thailand)
Traditional - Folk
Traditional - Folk Lore
Traditional - Latvian Folk
Traditional - South Africa
Traditional - Sweden
Traditional - Tuva
Traditional / Instrumental
Traditional 13 Century
Traditional 15th Century
Traditional 16th Century
Traditional 18th Century
Traditional 18th Century French Song
Traditional 19th Century American Melody
Traditional 19th Century French Song
Traditional African
Traditional African (Malawi)
Traditional African (Zimbabwe)
Traditional African Folk Song
Traditional African Melody
Traditional African-American
Traditional Afro/Cuban
Traditional Air
Traditional Air From County Derry
Traditional Albanian
Traditional American
Traditional American Ballad
Traditional American Folk Tune
Traditional American Folksong
Traditional American Lullaby
Traditional American Melody
Traditional Andalusian-Tunisian
Traditional Anglo-American Ballad
Traditional Appalachian
Traditional Arab
Traditional Arabic
Traditional Arabic/Melayu
Traditional Arabo-Andalusian
Traditional Armenian
Traditional Arr.
Traditional Arranged
Traditional Arrangement
Traditional Asian Minor
Traditional Azerbaijani
Traditional Ballad
Traditional Bambara
Traditional Bambara Song From Mail, West Africa
Traditional Baskirian
Traditional Belorussian
Traditional Belorussian Spiritual Verse
Traditional Berberine
Traditional Blues
Traditional Bosnian
Traditional Brazilian
Traditional Breton Folksong
Traditional British
Traditional Bulgaria
Traditional Bulgarian
Traditional Bulgarian - Pirin
Traditional Bulgarian - Rhodope
Traditional Bulgarian - Strandja
Traditional Bulgarian Folk Tune
Traditional Byzantine Hymns
Traditional C. 1600
Traditional Cajun
Traditional Cambodian
traditional Casamance
Traditional Catalan
Traditional Catalan Song
Traditional Caucasian
Traditional Celtic
Traditional Chanson De Croisade Dated 1189
Traditional Chant
traditional chant from the Pygmies of Central Africa
Traditional Chidrens' Rhyme
Traditional Children's Piece
Traditional Chinese
Traditional Chinese Folk Song
Traditional Christmas Carol
Traditional Circa 16th Century Scottish
Traditional Cowboy
Traditional Creole Folksong
Traditional Cretan
Traditional Croatia
Traditional Croatian
Traditional Cuban
Traditional Cypriot
Traditional Dixieland
Traditional Dong
Traditional English
Traditional English (Eighteenth Century)
Traditional English (Nineteenth Century)
Traditional English Melody
Traditional English Song
Traditional English, 15th C.
Traditional Ewe Song
Traditional Exempt
Traditional Fauré Pavanne
Traditional Folk Song
Traditional Folk Song Of Chania, Crete
Traditional Folk Song Of Unknown Origin
Traditional Folk Tune
Traditional Folksong
Traditional French
Traditional French Carol
Traditional French Chant
Traditional French Minstrel Song
Traditional French Renaissance Ballad
Traditional From Asia Minor
Traditional From Azerbaijan
Traditional From Brittany
Traditional From Bulgaria
Traditional From Bulgaria (Eastern Romylia)
Traditional From Burkina Faso
Traditional from Chile
Traditional From Dodecanese Islands
Traditional From Epirus
Traditional From Epirus Region
Traditional From Epirus, Smyrna
Traditional From France
Traditional From Greece (Calymnos)
Traditional From India
Traditional From Kainuu Area
Traditional From Lebanon
Traditional From Louisiana
Traditional From Luster
Traditional From North Greece, In Slavic Idiom
Traditional From Norway
Traditional From Pirin Macedonia, Bulgaria
Traditional From Rhodes
traditional from Rodopa
Traditional From S. Starostin Collection
Traditional From Sardinia
Traditional From Setesdal
Traditional From Smyrna
Traditional From South Italy, In Greek Idion
Traditional From Spain
Traditional From Spain (Asturia)
Traditional From Thailand
Traditional From The Black Sea
Traditional From The British Isles
Traditional From The Caribbean
Traditional From The Gumatj And Rirratjinu Clans Of Yirrkala, Northern Territory
Traditional From The Hebrides
Traditional From The Provence
Traditional Gaelic Blessing
Traditional Gaelic Carol
Traditional Gaelic Melody
Traditional Gambian
Traditional Georgian
Traditional Georgian Chant
Traditional German
Traditional German Melody
Traditional Greece
Traditional Greek
Traditional Greek Folk Song
Traditional Greek From Asia Minor
Traditional Gregorian
Traditional Guaraní Indian
Traditional Guedra Chant
traditional Guinée
Traditional Gur'yan
Traditional Gypsy
Traditional Halling From Sogn
Traditional Hawaiian
Traditional Hebrew
Traditional Historic Song Of Pondos
Traditional Hungarian
Traditional Hungarian ballad
Traditional Hungarian Folk Songs
Traditional Hungary
Traditional Hymn
Traditional Icelandic
Traditional India
Traditional Indian
Traditional Inner Mongolian Folk Song
Traditional Inuit
Traditional Iranian
Traditional Iraqi Kurdish
Traditional Iraqi Melody
Traditional Ireland 19th Century
Traditional Irish
Traditional Irish Air "The Coolin", The
Traditional Irish Ballad
Traditional Irish Lullabye
Traditional Irish Melody
Traditional Irish Melody, St. Columbia
Traditional Irish Songs
Traditional Irish Tune
Traditional Irish, 14th C.
Traditional Irish, Scottish Or English
Traditional Irosh
Traditional Italian
Traditional ItalianPartisans
Traditional Italien
Traditional Japanese
Traditional Japanese Lullaby
Traditional Japanese Song
Traditional Jewish
Traditional Jiangsu Folk Song
Traditional Jigs
Traditional Judeo-Spanish
Traditional Judeo-Yemenite
Traditional Jug Band
Traditional Khakassian Takhpakh
Traditional Khorassan Iran
Traditional Klezmer
Traditional Klezmer Jewish Song
Traditional Korean Folk Song
Traditional Kurdish
Traditional Ladino
Traditional Ladino Poem
Traditional Lakota Song
Traditional Latin
Traditional Latvian
Traditional Lebanese
Traditional Lithuanian
Traditional Lithuanian/Latvian
Traditional Macedonian
Traditional Macedonian Folk Song
Traditional Macedonian Music
Traditional Macedonian/Serbian
traditional Mali
Traditional Malian
Traditional Manx Carol
Traditional Manx Gaelic
Traditional Mauritian
Traditional Melody
Traditional Mexican Folk Song
Traditional Miao
Traditional Moorish
Traditional Moroccan
Traditional Morocco-Andalusian
Traditional Music (Tahiti)
Traditional Music (Zimbabwe)
Traditional Music Of Burundi
Traditional Music Of Shona, Zimbabwe, The
Traditional Musicians, Bali
Traditional Native American Medicine
Traditional Negro Christmas Spiritual
Traditional Newfoundland
Traditional Norse
Traditional Norwegian Hardanger Fiddle Tunes
Traditional Occitan
Traditional Odessa
Traditional Okinawa
Traditional Origin
Traditional Paraguayan
Traditional Persian
Traditional Piobaireachd
Traditional Polish
Traditional Polish Carol
Traditional Polsdance
Traditional Polynesian (Tahiti)
Traditional Polynesian (Tonga)
Traditional Popular Song
Traditional Portugal
Traditional Public Domain
Traditional Québec
Traditional Reels
Traditional Religious Tune
Traditional Repertoire
Traditional Rhythms Of Andalucia
Traditional Romanian
traditional Romanian theme
Traditional Ruska
Traditional Russian
Traditional Russian Folk Song
Traditional Russian Folk Tune
Traditional Russian Folksong
Traditional Russian Song
Traditional Russian Spiritual Verse
Traditional Russian Verse
Traditional Samoan Song
Traditional Sana'ani Melody
Traditional Sanskrit
Traditional School Poetry
Traditional Scottish
Traditional Scottish And French
Traditional Scottish Melody
Traditional Scottish Poem
Traditional Scottish Song
Traditional Scottish Song - XVIIth Century
Traditional Sephardic
Traditional Serbian
Traditional Serbian From Kosovo
Traditional Serbian Tune From Vranje
Traditional Serbian/Romanian
Traditional Shaker Hymn
Traditional Shetland Tunes
Traditional Sicilian
Traditional Slovak
Traditional Social Song
Traditional Song
Traditional Song From Gujarat
Traditional Song From Southeastern Serbia
Traditional Song From Southern Russia
Traditional Song Of Skyros
Traditional Song Of The Auvergne
traditional songs
Traditional Songs Form The Vlach Villages Of Central Pindos
Traditional Songs From Rajasthan
Traditional Sources
Traditional South African
Traditional South African Folk Song
Traditional Spanish
Traditional Spanish Folk Melody
Traditional Spiritual
Traditional Sufi
Traditional Sufi Song From Sindh
Traditional Swedish
Traditional Swedish Folk Song
Traditional Swedish Folk Tune
Traditional Swedish Folksong
traditional Swiss alphorn melody
Traditional Swiss Folk Song
Traditional Syrian
Traditional Tartarstan
Traditional Tebe
Traditional Tetuanean
Traditional Text
Traditional Thai
Traditional Thayland
Traditional Throat Song
Traditional Tibetan
Traditional Tunesian Song
Traditional Turkish
Traditional Turkish Dance
Traditional Turkish Folk
Traditional Turkish Songs
Traditional Turkmenistani
Traditional Tuvan
Traditional U.S.A.
Traditional Ukraine
Traditional Ukrainian
Traditional Ukrainian Carol
Traditional Ukrainian/Canadian
Traditional Uzbek
Traditional Valaisan
Traditional Valencian
Traditional Venetian
Traditional Version
Traditional Version - Catalan - 16th Century
Traditional Version • Catalan • 16th Century
Traditional Version Catalan, 16th Century
Traditional Version Catalan. 16th Century
Traditional Version. Catalan 16th Century
Traditional Vietnamese
Traditional Voronei
Traditional Waltz
Traditional Welsh
Traditional Welsh Lullaby
Traditional Welsh Melody
Traditional Welsh Song
Traditional West Indian Melody
Traditional Yemenite
Traditional Yemenite Jewish
Traditional Yiddish
Traditional Yoruba
Traditional Yoruba Chant
Traditional Zen Meditation
Traditional ["Balada Lui Lancu Jianu" Romanian Traditional Song 19th c.]
Traditional [Algeria]
Traditional [American Anthem]
Traditional [Armenian Folk Material]
Traditional [Bulgaria]
Traditional [Byzantine Chant]
Traditional [Catalan]
Traditional [Catalonia]
Traditional [Croatian Traditional Song]
Traditional [Finnish]
Traditional [Folk]
Traditional [France]
Traditional [From The Lipovan Old Believers Tradition]
Traditional [Greek Folk Material]
Traditional [Iraq]
Traditional [Irish]
Traditional [Mexican Folk]
Traditional [Moldavian]
Traditional [Morocco]
Traditional [Negro Spiritual]
Traditional [Palestine]
Traditional [Region Of Chermignon]
Traditional [Romanian Traditional Song 19th c.]
Traditional [Scotland]
Traditional [Solomon Islands]
Traditional [Tunisia]
Traditional [Turkey]
Traditional [Ukrainian]
traditional, 13th century
Traditional, France
Traditional, Italy
Traditional, Korea
Traditional, Melodie Populaire
Traditional, Okinawa, Japan
Traditional, Spain
Traditional, Tsugaru, Japan
Traditional, Tunsia
Traditional, Unknown Soldier
traditional/Public Domain
Traditional: Al-Andalus
Traditional: Estonia
Traditional: Italy, 14th Cent.
Traditioneel Indonesisch
Traditioneel Vlaams
Traditionel - Fyn
Traditionel - Himmerland
Traditionel - Skottisch
Traditionel - Svensk
Traditionel Dansk Musik Før 1760 Efter Rasmus Storm Og Brødrene Bast
Traditionel Svensk
Traditionel Svensk Folkevise
Traditionele Muziek Uit Vlaanderen
Traditionell Lekvisa
Traditionell: Sizilien
Traditionellt Lekrim
Traditionnel (Grégorien)
Traditionnel (Irlande)
Traditionnel (Japon)
Traditionnel (Pays Basque)
Traditionnel (Russie)
Traditionnel Anatolie: Elazığ
Traditionnel Anonyme
Traditionnel Écossais
Traditionnel Breton
Traditionnel Bulgarie
Traditionnel Cajun
Traditionnel Camerounais
Traditionnel Corse
Traditionnel Cuba
Traditionnel Cubain
Traditionnel d'Alagoes
Traditionnel Egyptien
Traditionnel Franc-Comtois
Traditionnel Hebraïque
Traditionnel Irlandais
Traditionnel Latin
Traditionnel Lux.
Traditionnel Mexicain
Traditionnel Mexico '40
Traditionnel Occitan
Traditionnel Pavé de Carnac
Traditionnel Provençal
Traditionnel Roumain
Traditionnel Roumanie
Traditionnel Syrien
Traditionnel Turc
Traditionnel Yiddish
Traditionnel, Roumanie
Traditionnelle Franc-Comtois
Traditonal Syrian
Tradiz. - Elab.
Tradizionale Anonimo
Tradizionale Calabro
Tradizionale Coro A.N.A.
Tradizionale Corso
Tradizionale Ebraico
Tradizionale Irlandese
Tradizionale Klezmer
Tradizionale Macedone
Tradizionale P. D.
Tradizionale P.D.
Tradizionale Serbo
tradizione calabrese
tradizione pugliese
tradizione umbra
tradiţional catalan
tradiţional englez
tradiţional napolitan

Tradtional Cajun Song
Tradycyjna Amerykańska
Tradycyjna Muzyka Irlandzka
Tradycyjna Muzyka Szkocka
Tradycyjna Pieśń Z Białorusi
Tradycyjna Pieśń Z Podlasia
Tradycyjna Pieśń Z Ukrainy
Tradycykny Utwór Rosyjski
Tratitional French Children's Song
Tunisian Traditional
Tuntematon Liperistä
Turkish & Arabic Traditional
Turkish Song
Turkish Trad.
Turkish Traditional
Turkish Traditional Chant (Turkey)
Turska Narodna
Tw. Ludowi
Twórcy Ludowi
Two Traditional Polkas
Two Traditional Pols Tunes
Tyvan Traditional Song
U.S.A. Trad.
Ukrainian Trad.
Ukrainian Traditional
Ukraińska Melodia Ludowa
United States
United States, Gospel Group
Usmeno Prenošenje
Ut. Tradycyjny
Uzbek Traditional


لحن قديم
لحن يونانى
لحن بريمي
لحن شعبي
لحن شعبي قديم

من الألحان الشعبية
من التراث
من التراث القديم
من التراث الموسيقى العربي
من التراث السوداني
من التراث الشعبي

نظم قديم
يمني قديم
V. S. J.
Valencian Oral Tradition
Valzer Tradizionale
Vancouver Punk Trad.
Vancouver Punk Traditional
Vannetais Trad.
Vaudeville Du 17e
Velška Tradicijska
Ven. Trad.
venäl. sävelmä
Venäläinen Kansanlaulu
Venäläinen Kansansävel
Vendean Traditional
Versão Popular
Versuri bisericești
versuri din lirica norvegiană
versuri populare
Vietnamesischer Bambustanz
Volksweise Berarb
Vranjanska Narodna
W. African Traditional
W. Indian Spiritual
Welch Traditional
Welsh Air
Welsh Trad
Welsh Trad.
Welsh Traditional
West Ukraine
West Ukrainian Trad.
Western Isles Trad.
Wg "The Greenland Whale Fishery"
Wybór Cytatów
Włoska Mel. Lud.
XIIth Century Melody
XIV. Sz.-i Latin-Német Ének
XVIème Siecle
Yemenite Traditional
Yi Traditional
Yiddish Traditional
Yozgat Türküsü
Yugoslav Traditional
Yugoslavian Traditional
Zajal Lebnany
Zimbabwean Traditional
Zwabische Trad.

Řecká Lidová
Židovska Tradicijska
Česká Lidová
Česká Lidová Koleda


מן המקורות
מן התפילה

آهنگهای یونانی


تواث قومي
تراث قومي
تراث مصري
تراث نوبي
تراث أردني
تراث تونسي قديم
تراث عراقي
شعر قديم
شعر ليبى قديم
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Canti E Musiche Popolari Dell'Appennino Pavese CD 2000
Cuba Vinyl
Anthologie Illustrée Des Chansons De Salles De Garde - Volume 2 Vinyl 1974
Anthologie Illustrée Des Chansons De Salles De Garde - Volume 1 Vinyl 1973
Deutsche Traditionsmarsche Vinyl
En Äkta Svensk Jul Vinyl
Deutsche Traditionsmärsche CD 1994
Romagna Vol. 1 Vinyl 1980
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Lakou-A Vinyl 1996 Written-By
Cut The Midrange Drop The Bass CD 2001-11-26 Composed By
Cut The Midrange Drop The Bass Vinyl 2001-00-00 Composed By [Originally Composed By]
Nåid CD 1995-10-00 Written-By
Campione 2000 CD 2000 Written-By
Strategies Against Architecture III (1991-2001) CD 2001-10-08 Lyrics By
Der Osten Ist Rot Vinyl 1984 Written-By
Hans Von Stoffeln (Mein Schloss Ist Fertig) Vinyl 1989 Written-By
Campione 2000 CD 2000 Written-By
Albinoni Vinyl 2003-04-28 Written-By
Móðir Vinyl 1996-09-00 Written-By
Bonny Portmore Vinyl 2003-00-00 Music By, Lyrics By
Edward II CD 1991 Music By [Titles By]
Winter Ceremony (Tor-Cheney-Nahana) CD 1996 Written-By
Greensleeves CD 2000-00-00 Music By, Lyrics By
Helium Vola CD 2001-10-29 Lyrics By
L'Argot Du Bruit CD 1998-09-22 Written-By
Boniche Dub CD 1998-00-00 Written-By
La Cucamarcha CD 1993-11-29 Written-By
AyAyAy Cielito CD 1994 Written-By
Les Chrysanthemes CD 2003 Written-By
House Of The Rising Sun CD 1993 Written-By
When In Rome... CD Written-By
Shaped Like A Taco CD 2000 Written-By
Voyager CD 1996-08-23 Written-By
Qntal CD 1992 Lyrics By
Qntal II CD 1995 Lyrics By
Can CD Written-By
Tetris CD 1992 Written-By
Sangue De Beirona CD 1997 Written-By
Indians (Dance Remixes) Vinyl 1995 Written-By
Sol Lucet Omnibus - A Tribute To Sol Invictus CD 2002-04-08 Written-by [Traditional Ballad]
Mañana Por La Mañana (Dark Suite Remixes) Vinyl 2004 Written-By
Think About Mustapha CD 1994 Written-By
Wimoweh 89 Vinyl 1989 Written-By
Black Winter Day CD 1995-01-31 Lyrics By
Etanol CD 1998 Music By
Nowhere CD 1994-01-17 Written-By
Let It Be... Naked Vinyl 2003-11-17 Written-By
Live At The Fillmore East CD 1999-02-23 Written-By
Murder, Misery And Then Goodnight CD 1998-10-22 Written-By
Henry Lee CD 1996-02-26 Written-By
Goin' Home CD 1985 Composed By
Iko Iko CD 2004-10-04 Written-By
The Devil's Steed CD 2005-01-15 Lyrics By [Words]
Whip Of Mind Vinyl 2000 Lyrics By
The Magical Light Of Saba CD 2003 Written-By
Josie CD 1995 Written-By
The Trance Of Seven Colors CD 1994-09-27 Written-By
The Divine Punishment Vinyl 1986-06-23 Lyrics By [All Texts Taken From The Old Testament]
Red Roses For Me CD 1984 Written-By
Rum, Sodomy & The Lash CD 1990 Written-By
Sacred Spirit (Cantos Y Danzas Del Indio Americano) CD 1994 Written-By
World Gone Wrong Cassette 1993 Written-By
Dödsfärd CD 2003-07-28 Music By [Trad.arr]
Murder Ballads CD 1996-02-05 Lyrics By
The Big Come Up Vinyl 2002-05-14 Written-By
Music Wonderland Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Women Of Ireland CD 1997 Written-By
Hark! The Village Wait CD 1991 Music By
What We Did On Our Holidays CD Written-By
Disraeli Gears CD 1997 Written-By
Summer Night City Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Hate Your Friends Vinyl 1987 Written By
Nåid Vinyl 1996-03-01 Written-by [Uncredited]
Sünder Ohne Zügel CD 2002-09-00 Lyrics By [Carmina Burana]
Hard Band For Dead CD 1996 Written-By
Gospels & Spirituals Vinyl 1967 Written-By
Greens CD 1992 Written-by [Unbekannt (volkslied)]
December (20th Anniversary Edition) CD 2001 Written-By
Qntal IV - Ozymandias CD 2005-05-09 Lyrics By
Someplace Simple Vinyl 2003-11-03 Written-By
Murder Ballads Vinyl 1996-02-05 Lyrics By
Golden Gate Quartet Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Tales Out Of Time CD 2004 Composed By
The Best Of John Lee Hooker CD 1996 Written-By
ReJew-Venation CD 1998 Written-By
Dreamin' A Dream CD 1995 Written-By
Jack's House Trax Vinyl 1986 Lyrics By [Words]
The Irish Rover Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Exile On Main St. CD 1994-08-15 Written-By
Belovodie CD 2005 Music By
Perry Friedman Vinyl 1982 Composed By
Suburban Rebels CD 1993 Written-By
Feast Vinyl 1983 Music By [A New Arrangement Of A Traditional Song]
Sandra Mo - Jan Gregor Vinyl 1977 Music By [Folklore]
7 Lieder CD 1990 Written-By
Blessyr D'Amour / Black Light Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Alif - Love Supreme CD 2002 Written By
Glittering Prize 81/92 CD 1992 Music By
Gospel Oak EP CD 1997 Written-By
Glory Hallelujah Vinyl 1970 Written-By [Spirituals], Lyrics By [Spirituals]
Stormtroopers Of Hate CD 2003 Written-By
A History CD 2001 Composed By
Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Celtic Harp Volume III (Secret Isles) Vinyl 1985 Composed By
Fe Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Farewell, Angelina Vinyl 1965-09-00 Written-By
Feelin' The Spirit CD 2005 Written-By
Universal Consciousness CD 2002-05-21 Written-By
Sacred Spirit (Dance Remixes) CD 1995 Written-By
Wonder Wheel CD 1991 Songwriter
The Wassailing Song Vinyl 1992-12-15 Written-By
Helium Vola (Special Edition) CD 2003-03-15 Lyrics By
Freedom Forever (The Remixes) CD 1995 Music By
Cat Among The Pigeons Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Itaipu / The Canyon CD 1993 Words By [Text]
Das Neue Usel Vinyl 1986 Composed By
Wandering Spirit CD 1993-02-09 Written-By
Bagua CD 2003 Written-By
A Merry Jingle Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Folklore Vosgien Vinyl Written-by [Folklore]
Hurrah Hurrah Apocalypse (The Definitive Video Collection) DVD 2005-11-02 Written-By
O, Tristan CD 2002 Lyrics By
Just Beyond The River + Fearsome Fairytale Lovers CD 2004-09-20 Written-By
Someplace Simple CD 2003-11-03 Written-By
A Charlie Brown Christmas CD 1988 Written-By
Tubular Bells CD 2000 Composed By ['sailor's Hornpipe']
Aloha Hawaii Vinyl Written-By
Home CD 2005-09-26 Written-By
Tales From The Thousand Lakes CD 1995-06-21 Lyrics By
Redlight CD 2004-09-20 Written-By
A Date With Elvis CD 1986 Written-By
Hannes Wader Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Orgel Spezialitäten Vinyl 1979 Written-By [Folklore]
Suite Gallaise CD Lyrics By
James Taylor Vinyl 1969-02-17 Written-By
White Neck - Gentle Lamb CD 1997 Lyrics By
Masque Of The Red Death CD 1988 Lyrics By [All Texts Taken From The Old Testament]
Cassette 1988 Music By, Lyrics By
Solo Tape - Une Femme Chante Sur Le Quai Cassette 2001 Written-By
CD 1999-11-19 Lyrics By
Oh, The Sweet Power! CD 2000 Songwriter
The Mirror Pool CD 1995 Composed By
What Shall We Do With The Drunken D.J. Vinyl 1987-02-00 Written-By
Street Fighting Years CD 1989 Music By
Der Tod Reit / Allemal Schein Vinyl 1991-03-14 Text By
Paid In Full CD 2005 Composed By
Counting Backwards Vinyl 1991 Written-By
Parcel Of Rogues Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Es Steht Ein Haus In Ostberlin Vinyl 1989 Music By [M]
Madman Of God (Divine Love Songs Of The Persian Sufi Masters) CD 2000 Composed By
Going Down South: Blues And Spirituals Vinyl 1966 Written-By
Carmen Disco Suite Vinyl 1983 Written-By
Aestuarium CDr 2005 Written-By
Mudbird Shivers CD 1995 Words By, Music By
The Best Of Mississippi John Hurt Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Bite Lingo CD 2006 Lyrics By
Windzeit Vinyl 2002 Written-by [Finnische Folklore]
Tokyo Solo DVD 2006 Music By
Ver Tanzt? CD 2004-04-26 Music By [Songs]
Diaspora Soul CD 1999 Written-By
Gaelic Storm CD 1998-07-28 Written-By
One Foot In The Grave CD 2002-12-12 Written-By
Magical Ring CD 1995 Written-By
Ballady Przedmiejskie Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Ein Weihnachtsabend Mit Julio Iglesias Vinyl 1978 Written-By
The Jazz Singer (Original Songs From The Motion Picture) Vinyl 1980 Written-By
The Ultimate Collection CD 1997 Written-By
Smash Hits Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Scotland The Brave (Remix) CD 1994 Written-By
Boxed CD 1989 Composed By
Stick Music CD 2004-08-17 Written-By
Death To Dead Wolves CD 2004 Music By
Red Roses For Me CD 2004 Written-By
Colin Meloy Sings Trad. Arr. Shirley Collins CD 2006 Songwriter
Strategies Against Architecture III (1991-2001) CD 2001 Lyrics By
Negus Of Ethiopian Sax CD 2003 Written-By
Dragan & Alder Weihnachtsmedley CD 1999 Written-By
Venäläinen Fantasia - Kauneimmat Venäläiset Sävelmät Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Thomas The Rhymer Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Fighting For Strangers Vinyl 1976-11-30 Written-By
Love And Rockets CD 1989 Words By
Sean-Nós Nua CD 2002-10-03 Written-By
David Bowie In Bertolt Brecht's Baal Vinyl 1982-03-02 Written-By
Burnin' CD Written-By
Music For The Knee Plays Vinyl 1985 Composed By
Poland! Disco No.2 Cassette 1990 Lyrics By, Music By
Heat Light & Sound CD 1996 Written-By
Learn To Talk Vinyl 1984-06-24 Written-By
And The Weathermen Shrug Their Shoulders CD 1993 Words By, Music By
Another Poem For The 20th Century Vinyl 1989 Music By [Based On A Trad. Bulgarian Song]
Cassette 1999 Lyrics By
Havets Vargar CD 2000 Lyrics By [Taken From Old Writings]
Cornelius Cardew Memorial Concert Vinyl 1985 Written-By
Ten Man Mop Or Mr. Reservoir Butler Rides Again Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Please To See The King Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Hark! The Village Wait Vinyl 1974 Written-By
The Collection Cassette 1989 Written-By
Chibite CD 1996-06-17 Written-By
Wasser - Tropfen - Wellen CD 1998 Written-By
Live At Montreux Vinyl 1977 Written-By
The Master Musicians Of India CD Music By
South Africa: Cologne Zulu Festival CD 1992 Composed By
I Turned To See Whose Voice It Was Vinyl 1972 Lyrics By
Dark Songs Of The Prairie CD 2006-08-07 Lyrics By
Alors... CD 1997 Written-By
Luoghi E Suoni Della Trance 2 CD 1999-10-00 Written-By
Colour Vinyl 1990 Music By
Eight Songs From The Legendary Singer From Mali Vinyl 1988 Written-By
The Singles CD 2003 Written-By
Guds Spelemän CD 1996 Lyrics By
My Life On The Plains Vinyl 1989 Written-By
Diaspora Hollywood CD 2004 Written-By
Midnight Minyan CD 2002 Written-By
5 (Remixed) CD 2006 Lyrics By
Exposed DVD 2005-00-00 Written-By [Sailor's Hornpipe]
At Rockpalast-Crossroads CD 2004 Written-By
Dúlamán CD 1988 Written-By
Texas Troubadour CD 2005 Written-By
Man With A Movie Camera CD 2003 Written-By
Pahojen Poikien Lauluja 1-2 CD 1992 Composed By
Anam CD 1990 Lyrics By
The Gospel According To Groove CD 2001 Written-By
Spirit House CD 1998 Written-By
English Roots Music CD 2003-10-06 Written-By
Glory - The Christmas Album Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Leaves From Off The Tree CD 2006 Written-By
Finisterra CD 2000 Music By
Black Is The Colour Vinyl 2006 Written-By
Aussie Christmas With Bucko & Champs CD 1999 Written By
Aussie Christmas With Bucko & Champs 2 CD 1998 Written By
Aussie Christmas (Volume 1 And 2) CD 2000 Written By
Quite Extraordinary Vinyl 1988-07-00 Written-By
Love Devotion Surrender CD Written-By
Akroasis CD 2003 Composed By [Based On]
Chants And Dances Of The Native Americans CD 1994 Written-By
Live Cream Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Lashing The Rye CD 2005 Written-By
Negro Spirituals Vinyl Written By
Mythology CD 1995 Written-By
Goddess Of Fortune Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Volkslieder 3 - Im Krug Zum Grünen Kranze Vinyl 1978 Lyrics By
I Want My Mummy CD 2000 Written-By
Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo CD 2006 Written-By
Voyager Cassette 1996 Written-By
Remember The Lord CD 2002 Written-By
Practise Being Godly CD 2002 Written-By
Follow The Saviour CD 2002 Written-By
10, 9, 8... God Is Great CD 2002 Written-By
Jesus Rocks The World CD 2004 Written-By
King Of Christmas CD 2005 Written-By
Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Session Vinyl 1956 Written-By
Sons Of Satan Praise The Lord CD 2002-11-11 Written-By
A Primitive Guide To Being There CD 2006-04-07 Words By [Words Of "Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around"]
American Pie Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Searching For Contact Vinyl 1987 Music By
Carols & Capers CD 1991 Music By
Logozo CD 1991-01-01 Written-By
Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh CD 2001 Written-By
Guten Tag, Mein Freund Vinyl 1977 Composed By [Folklore]
Swinging Ännchen Von Tharau II Vinyl Written-By [Volksw]
Milkwhite Sheets CD 2006 Written-By
Hate Your Friends Vinyl 1987 Written By
Harking Back CD 1998 Composed By
Dead Planet: SonicSlowMotionTrails CD 2006 Music By, Lyrics By
Gure Jarrera Vinyl 1991 Written-By
Šota Vinyl 1979 Music By
Mexican Hat Dance / Down By The Riverside Vinyl 1974 Written-by [Folklore]
1975 - The First Album CD 1983 Written-By
Old Hag You Have Killed Me CD Written-By
Out Of The Wind Into The Sun CD 1985 Written-By
Personal Testimony Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Fenja Menja CD 1999 Lyrics By
Concerto D'Amour Vinyl Written-by [Volksw.]
Now We Are Six Vinyl 1974 Words By
Below The Salt Vinyl 1972 Written-By
All Around My Hat Vinyl 1975 Written-By
False True Lovers CD 2001 Written-By
Sarajevo Blues CD 2004-11-23 Written-By
La Cucamarcha (Remix) CD 1994 Written-By [Uncredited]
Qntal 1 CD Lyrics By
Taxidermy CD 2000 Written-By
Ännchen Von Tharau Bittet Zum Tanz 2 Vinyl 1969 Written-By [Volksw.]
Ethiopia Vinyl 2007-02-14 Lyrics By
Musette From Paris CD 1990 Music By
Yoshida Brothers II CD 2004 Music By
Disc F CDr 1998 Lyrics By, Music By
Sauna Jazz Vinyl 1974 Composed By
Omer Beže / Niz Polje Idu Babo Vinyl 1974-02-05 Written-By
Rockaman Soul Vinyl 1991 Written-By
Scarborough Fair Vinyl 1995 Written-By
Disc M CDr 1998 Lyrics By, Music By
Song For Sidi Mimoun CD 1996 Written-By
Musica 90 Presents: Trance CD 1996 Written-By
Remember Phoenix / Negru Vodă Vinyl 1991 Lyrics By
Inchtomanie Vinyl 1992 Written-By
CDr 1999 Music By
Fungus Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Do It Again: A Tribute To Pet Sounds CD 2006-12-11 Written-By
The Devil Eats His Thingy CDr 2000 Lyrics By, Music By
Lys Og Varme: Ord Og Toner Med Mening Fra Åge Vinyl 1984 Composed By
Our Beautiful Garden Is Open CD 2002 Written-By
Giddy-Up Cassette 1991 Written-By
Kete Kuf CD 1999 Composed By
Chansons Des Mers Froides CD 1994 Written-By
Hush! CD 2001 Written-By
In Concert Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Music Inspired And Taken From Underground CD 1995 Written-By
At Home CDr 2003 Written-By
Kråkeviks Songbok CD 2000 Lyrics By
Fröhliche Weihnacht CD Written-By
African Rhythms CD 2003 Composed By
I ♥ Poland CD 2006-10-02 Songwriter
Lili Marleen, Baghdad, 02'91 CD 2003 Lyrics By
日本音楽入門 CD 2005-04-21
Unsere Melodie Vinyl 1978 Composed By [Folklore]
The Inmost Light CD 2007 Lyrics By
La Vida CD 2007-04-02 Lyrics By
Den Aanhouwer Wint Vinyl 1988 Music By [Muziek]
Беловодие CD 2005-04-27 Written-By
Second Passport Vinyl Composed By
Kerstliederen Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Keep A-Runnin'-It's The Yetties! Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Exists And Entrances CD 2007-05-25 Written-By
White Sheep Vinyl 1993 Music By
Ants In My Pants Cassette 1993 Written-By
Ants In My Pants CD 1993 Written-By
Linie 3 Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Tuva.Rock CD 2003 Written-By
Aldyn Dashka CD 2000 Music By
Honi Soit CDr 2004 Composed By
Cockahoop CD 2003-05-19 Written-By
Super Oldies - Super Dancing Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Cruel Sister Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Reflection Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Speed / Balkan / Boogie CD 1995 Written-By
Songs Between Cities And Waterholes CD 1993 Written-By [13th Century Trouvére]
The Biut CD 2000 Music By
Ano! CD 2000-03-27 Music By
Många Hundra Gröna Mil: Sven-Bertil Taube På Bern's Salonger Cassette 1980 Written-By
Iko Iko CD 2001 Music By, Lyrics By
At Their Best CD 1996 Written By
A Merry Jingle Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Das Piano Buch CD 1994 Composed By
CD 2004 Lyrics By
Blessed CD 1998 Written-By
Complete Webern CD 2000 Lyrics By
Woman Of Ireland CD 1996 Written-By
Wir Sitzen Alle Im Selben Boot Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Immer Hinein Ins Vergnügen Vinyl Written-by [Volksweise]
Das Alte Försterhaus Vinyl Written-By
Campione 2000 CD 2000 Written-By
Voyager CD 1996 Written-By
Succès En 2 Disques Vinyl Music By
What We Did On Our Holidays Vinyl 1969 Written-By
De Klassieken 8 - Händel: Hoogtepunten Uit Messiah, Crudel Tiranno Amor, Tolomeo, Berenice, Guilio Cesare, Dixit Dominus Vinyl Lyrics By
Jews And The Abstract Truth CD 1997 Written-By
Gypsy Killer CD 2002 Music By
Bettans Jul CD 1996-11-16 Written-By
Stille Natt CD 1997 Lyrics By [Engelsk Fra 1400-tallet]
Henry Lee Vinyl 1996 Written-By
Get On With It Live CD 2007-01-29 Written-By
The Early Years 1984-87 CD 1992 Lyrics By
Goldene Klänge Aus Rußland Vinyl Written-by [Volksweisen]
Til Minne... CD 2007 Lyrics By
Grimen CD 2007 Music By
Tongues CD 2007 Written-By
Folk Songs Vinyl 1956 Written-By
Min Jul CD 2005 Written-By
Russia Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Dezemberträume CD 1993 Written-By
Ramizem CD 2005 Written-By
Mr. Twist CD 1996 Written-By
Goddess Of Fortune Vinyl 1985 Written-By
Voice Of The Xtabay...And Other Exotic Delights CD 2003 Written-By
The Best Of The Wailers CD 2004-07-27 Composed By
Vittrad CD 1995 Lyrics By
A' Jock Tamson's Bairns CD 1996 Written-By
Laughter Through Tears CD 2003 Lyrics By [Words By]
Weihnachten Mit Heintje Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Den Första, Den Enda... Vinyl 1986 Music By
Invisible Means CD 1990 Written-By
Enya Cassette 1986 Written-By
House Full - Fairport Convention Live In L.A. 1970 Vinyl 1986 Written-By
Deep River And Other Spirituals Vinyl Written-By
Russian Romance Cassette 1988 Composed By
Russische Weihnacht Vinyl 1969 Written-by [Volksweise]
Festival Der Panflöte Cassette Written-By
Stille Nacht / Heilige Nacht - Die Schönsten Weihnachtslieder Cassette 1978 Written-by [Volksw.]
Russische Party Vinyl 1970 Written By
330,003 Crossdressers From Beyond The Rig Veda CD 1996 Composed By
Bluesmaster 2 Vinyl 1988-08-00 Written-By
Little Town Vinyl 1982 Lyrics By
50 Beste Fra 40 År CD 2003 Lyrics By
Halling Etter Ola Mosafinn / Trepak / Texas-Låt Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Cacharpaya (Andes Pumpsá Dèsi) Vinyl 1982 Composed By
Tor-Cheney-Nahana (Winter Ceremony) CD 1995 Composed By
Kon Tiki: De Beste 1960 - 1980 CD 2001 Written-By
Secret People CD 1993 Written-By
Duels De Tchatche Et Autres Trucs Du Folklore Toulousain CD 2003 Music By
Room To Roam Cassette 1990 Written-By
Exile On Main St CD 1986 Written-By
Follow The Saviour CD 1998 Written-By
Tongue In Groove CD 2004 Composed By
Tongue In Groove CD 1992 Composed By
Alle Vögel Sind Schon Da... Die Schönsten Deutschen Volksweisen Und Kinderlieder CD 1996-10-08 Music By [Volksweise]
Danses D'Amérique Du Nord Vinyl 1985 Written-By
Eclipse Vinyl 1978 Composed By
Red Roses For Me Vinyl 1984 Written-By
Musette De Paris Vinyl 1970 Written-by [Volksweisen]
The Orphan's Lament CD 1997 Music By [All Songs]
Mountain Tale CD 1998 Written-By
Mystères Vinyl 1991 Written-By
Ein Heller Und Ein Batzen Vinyl Written-By [Volksweise]
Walking In The Shadow Of The Big Man Vinyl 1985 Written-By
Bear Tamers Music CD 2005 Music By [All Songs]
The Bagpipes & Drums Of Scotland CD 1990 Written-By
Petlovi Poje / Stojane Sine Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Schmerz CD 2007 Composed By
Schmerz CD 2007 Composed By
Tjeraj Mala Stado Iza Brijega / Nas Dva Brata Oba Ratujemo Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Singles Collection 1972-1982 CD 1999 Written-By
Les Tambourinaires Du Burundi CD Music By
Het Land Van Mijn Dromen CD 1998 Written-By
Vlaamse Volksmuziek - Musique Populaire Flamande Vinyl 1976 Written-by [Traditioneel]
I Will Not Be Sad In This World CD 1989 Composed By
The Dark Fire CD 1992 Written-By
Shahen-Shah CD 1989 Written-By
Likeness CD 2007-10-29 Lyrics By
Pesme I Igre Iz Vranja Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Waltz CD 1996-03-00 Written-By
The Best Of CD 1991 Written-By
Zlatan Prsten / Da Smo Se Ranije Sreli Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Terra India CD 1999 Written-By
CD 2006 Written-By
Zion Roots CD 2003 Written-By
Sweet England CD 1999 Written-By
Folk Roots, New Routes CD 1999 Written-By
No Surrender Vinyl 1963 Written-By
Malaïka Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Cara Dillon CD 2001-07-16 Written-By
În Umbra Marelui Urs CD 2000 Lyrics By [Cântec Popular Macedon]
Timișoara Vinyl 1992-12-20 Lyrics By
Timișoara CD 1996 Lyrics By
Gagaku - Ancient Japanese Court Music CD 1999 Written-By
Bert Jansch + Jack Orion CD 1993 Written-By
Hits Der Welt À Gogo Vinyl Written-By
Nađija / Dođi Moja Miro Vinyl 1977 Music By
Mesem Rom Ali Najma Čavre Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Tam' Deka Ima / Dimitrijo, Sine Mitre Vinyl 1971 Written-By
SymPhoenix / Timisoara Cassette 1995 Lyrics By
Bande Originale Du Film "Popsy Pop" Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Stare Gradske Pesme I Romanse Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Irish Folk Songs CD 2000 Written-By
A Collection CD 1999 Written-By
Live In Belgrade CD 2002 Written-By
Usnija Vinyl 1982-10-00 Music By
Vinyl 1977 Composed By
La Leyenda Del Espacio CD 2007-04-10 Music By
All My Ducks CD 1995 Written-By
Nostálgica CD 2004 Composed By
Ieva's Polka CD 2007 Music By
The Funky Beggarman / The Green Hills Vinyl 1977 Written-By
CD 2003-01-28 Music By
Techno X-Mas CD 1996 Written-By
Shahen-Shah CD 1989 Written-By
Dolina Vinyl Written-by [Volkslied]
Shahram Nazeri Et L'Ensemble Dastan / And The Dastan Group CD 2001 Written-By
Farfarello Vinyl 1984 Written-By
More Great Songs CD 1990 Written-By
Joan Baez CD 1987 Written-By
Musik Für Ch'in - China / Music For Ch'in - China Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Lunghorn Twist CD 2006 Written-By
Hawaiian Paradise: 16 Great Hawaiian Hits Volume 1 Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Atterklang CD 1996 Lyrics By
Barış Adlı Çocuk CD 1996-07-01 Written-By
Sounds Of The Pacific Vinyl Written-By
Tracks From The Story CD 1992 Composed By
Zeybekler Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Zeybekler / Ezgili Yürek CD 1993 Written-By
Ankara'nın Taşına Bak CD 1993 Written-By
Seher Yeli (Desmal) CD 1996 Music By
Tell Me Trabizon CD 1999-02-25 Written-By
Rosa Frå Betlehem Cassette 1991 Lyrics By [Lat. Frå 1300-tallet]
Abendglocken Vinyl Written-By [Russisches Volkslied]
Family Tree CD 2007 Written-By
Keepers Of The Talking Drum CD 1998 Written-By
Songs From The Center Of The Earth CD 1991 Composed By
Allegrate Mi Pueblo - Radujte Se Narodi CD 1999 Written-By
Carmen Vinyl 1983 Written-By
Schmerz Vinyl 1992 Composed By
Complete Recordings CD 2006 Written-By
Kanzler WG CD 1999 Music By [ [Holzhacker Buam]
Teta Liza I Lado CD 2007-11-00 Written-By
Ez A Világ Nekem Való CD 2007 Written-by [Lyrics]
Beautiful Ballads CD 1997 Composed By
East Meets East CD 2003 Written-By
Magical Ring CD 1993-08-00 Written-By
Clannad CD Written-By
Taint Meat CDr 1998 Words By, Music By
Native American Dance Trance CD 2000-05-22 Written-By
Sephardic Romances - Traditional Jewish Music From Spain CD 1996 Written-By
Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Azaran CD 2006-09-00 Composed By
Zillertaler Hochzeitsmarsch (Tramplan) Vinyl Written-by [Volksweise]
Blowzabella Vinyl 1982 Written By
Huvva! - Svensk Folkmusik På Beat Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Whiskey In The Jar Vinyl 1998 Written-By
Charlatan CD 1988 Written-By
Zapisi CD 2003 Written-By
God Bless The Prince Of Wales Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Marcel Cellier Présente L'Albanie Folklorique Vinyl 1979 Written-By
C CD 1996 Lyrics By
Weihnachten Mit Heintje Vinyl 1968 Written-By
"Usfret" CD 1988 Written-By
Frå Gammel Ti'Om Vinyl 1965 Written-By
Lucky Fonz III CD 2007-09-27 Written-By
Djulo, Djulo / Ratko Vinyl 1977 Music By
Colinde Vinyl 1990 Music By, Lyrics By
Irish Heartbeat Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Long Distance Vinyl 1979 Music By
Campione 2000 Vinyl 2000 Written-By
Solosång CD 1998 Written-By
Ramp Vinyl 1980 Composed By, Lyrics By
Teško Mi Je Zaboravit Tebe Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Zvonko Bogdan Peva Za Vas Vinyl 1974-10-00 Written-By
Kad Bi Ove Ruže Male Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Vera Svoboda Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Onom Tko Mi Noćas Svira Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Family Tree CD 2007 Written-By
Jingle Bells Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Live At The Gaslight 1962 CD 2005-01-01 Written-By
Molina & Roberts Vinyl 2002-10-02 Written-By
Księżyc Na Tahiti Vinyl Music By
Pesmi Vinyl 1983 Lyrics By
House Of The Rising Sun Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Colour Cassette 1990 Music By
The Alex Campbell Sampler Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Time Honoured Ghosts CD 2003-06-02 Written-By
Live Cream CD 1986 Written-By
Istranova Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Songs From The Crystal Cave CD 2005 Written By
Ram CD 2001 Composed By
Navegas Por Las Costas CD 1999 Music By
Chevrolet Vinyl 1998 Written-By
The Small Screen, Music For Television Cassette 1984 Music By
Family Tree CD 2007 Written-By
Suerte CD 1994 Lyrics By
Saulala Raudona CD 2006 Lyrics By, Music By
Jack Orion Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Soulstream CD 1999 Written-By
Gwiazdy Na Dachu Vinyl 1987 Lyrics By, Music By
Wenn Die Blümlein Draußen Zittern - Küchenlieder Vinyl 1986 Composed By [Folklore], Lyrics By [Folklore]
Shalom Vinyl Music By
Monster CD 1997-06-23 Written-By
Sahara CD 2004 Lyrics By
Segu Blue CD 2007 Written-By
Hare Krishna Mantra Vinyl 1969-08-28 Written-By
Chemins De Terre Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Se Upp För Livet Vinyl 1977 Lyrics By [Text], Music By
Malaika / Consuela Biaz Vinyl 1981 Composed By [Suaheli]
CD 1997 Written-By
CD 1997 Music By
CD 1997 Written-By
The Best Of CD 2005 Music By
...Za Dišpet CD 2004 Written-By
Hawaiian Hits Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Velkoměsto / The City Vinyl 1991 Lyrics By
The Knee Plays CD 2007 Written-By
No Earthly Man Vinyl 2005-03-21 Written-By
Just Beyond The River CD 2004-09-20 Written-By
Vyjdi Slunko Vinyl 1990 Written-by [Moravská Lidová]
Shellac 1939 Written-By
Hallelujah Hits CD 1995 Words By, Music By
Kumbaya CD 1995 Words By, Music By
Gospeltrain To London CD 1995 Words By, Music By
Transversal CD 2005 Written-By
Плещут Холодные Волны Shellac 1951 Written-By
Navidad Con Los Pitufos Cassette 1996 Written By
Vinyl Composed By
When The Saints Go Marching In CD 2007 Written-By
All Is Well Vinyl 2008-02-04 Written-By
Caravanserai CD 2000 Composed By
Groove Alla Turca CD 1999 Composed By
Gypsy Rum CD 1995 Composed By
Sultan's Secret Door CD 1997 Composed By
Trollskog CD 1992 Written By
Stille Nacht - Die Schönsten Weihnachtslieder Cassette Written-by [Volksw.]
Lizzy Killers CD Written-By
Celtic Rock Vinyl 1972 Written-By
The Legendary Sun Performers Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Матица CD 2007-12-00 Written-By
Go Slow CD 2005-10-03 Written-By
En Mana Kuoyo CD 1993 Written-By
Feelin' The Spirit Vinyl 1977 Written-By [Uncredited]
Sciuri - Sciuri / Vitti 'Na Crozza Vinyl 1964 Written-By
Just Be Yourself Vinyl 1998 Written-By
Ciganske Narodne Pesme I Igre (Gypsy Folk Songs And Music) Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Please To See The King CD 2006 Written-By
Lovely Hawaii Vinyl Written-By
Russian Folk Songs In Choir Arrangements CD 2004 Written-By
Paradies Hawaii: Traumklänge Der Südsee Vinyl Written-By
The Guitar Evangelist (1926-1929) Vinyl 1985 Written-By
Shahen-Shah Vinyl 1989 Music By
Super-Stereo Vinyl Written-By
Recapturing The Banjo CD 2008-02-05 Written-By
Cosmic Strings, Vol. I CD 1994-08-00 Written By
Tropical Nights Vinyl Written-By
Gospeltrain To London Vinyl 1995 Words By, Music By
Planxty CD Written-By
Onkel Hottes 10 Kleine Glatzenköpp CD 1993 Music By
Journey Thru Polynesia Vinyl Written-By
Alleluia CD 1990 Written-By
Kinder Singen... CD 2000 Written-By [Volksweise]
Trollskog (Mer Svensk Folkmusik På Beat) Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Til Minne... CD 2007 Lyrics By
Hans Von Stoffeln (Mein Schloss Ist Fertig) Vinyl 1989 Written-By
Biseri Narodne Muzike Cassette 1986 Written-By
Sugarolly Days CD 1994 Written By
Rocky Mountain Christmas Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Cal CD 2007-05-00 Composed By
Manzanilla Y Ole Vinyl Written-by [Popular]
The Irish Rover Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Hadi Gari Cassette 1994-07-00 Music By
Geldiler Cassette 1990-06-22 Music By [Release Credit]
The 12 Days Of Christmas Vinyl Written-By
Kalbimi Çaldın, Sevgilim Oldun (Nanay) Cassette 1992 Written-By
Vietnamese Dan Tranh Music Vinyl 1982 Written-By [Vietnamese Dan Tranh Music]
Âlem CD 1997 Written-By
Hazırım CD 1996-07-11 Music By
Yaz Aşkları CD 1994 Music By
Aryan Memory: Musical Traditions In Pamir CD 2007 Written-By
TranceSiberia CD 2001-03-27 Lyrics By [Text]
La Montanara Vinyl Written-By
Hadi Gari CD 1994-07-00 Music By
Panorama Folklorique - Danses De Roumanie Et D'Amérique Du Sud Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Au Clair De La Lune Cylinder 1860-04-09 Written-By [Uncredited]
Jaco CD 1995 Music By, Lyrics By
Forgive Me Girl Vinyl 1985 Written-By
La Montanara Vinyl Written-By
Vande Mataram - An Electronic Exploration CD 2005-07-00 Music By
Aufstehn Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Dueling Banjos Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Lieschen, Lieschen, Lieschen / In Einem Klaren Flüsschen Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Потому Что CD 2002 Lyrics By
No Direction Home: The Soundtrack (A Martin Scorsese Picture) CD 2005 Written-By
The Irish Collection CD 1998 Written-By
Meet The Demons Of Bali CD 1998 Composed By
Poor Boy Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Twist With The Lions Vinyl 1962 Written-By
Blue Wild Angel: Jimi Hendrix Live At The Isle Of Wight CD 2002 Songwriter
Radio Pașcani CD 1998 Written-By
Siberian Tales CD 2005 Written-By
Edelweiss / La Montanara Cassette 1973 Written-By
Chants And Dances Of The Native Americans CD 1994 Written-By
Balcaz CDr 2006 Composed By
December Vinyl 1983 Written-By
The Bootleg Series Volumes 1 - 3 [Rare & Unreleased] 1961-1991 Vinyl 1991 Music By, Lyrics By
Sings Silver Dagger & Other Songs Vinyl 1962 Written-By
Northwind CD 2006-09-22 Music By, Lyrics By
I Will Not Be Sad In This World CD 2005 Composed By
Live Cream CD 1997 Written-By
Dödsfärd CD 2003-07-28 Music By [Trad.arr]
Abendglocken - Die Schönsten Russland-Melodien Vinyl 1988 Written-By
April March And Los Cincos CD 1998 Written-By
Cop Yer Whack For This Vinyl 1974 Written-By
AyAyAy Cielito (The Remixes) CD 1995 Written-By
Amadeus (Original Soundtrack Recording) Vinyl 1984 Composed By [Early 18th Century Gypsy Music]
Right Hand Over, Left Hand Under / The Inside Arch, The Outside Under Vinyl Written-By
Vinyl 1974-04-29 Written-By
The Bairns CD 2007-08-20 Written-By
Greetings From Finland Vinyl 1959 Written-By
Kaksi! CD 1993 Composed By
Alger Alger CD 1998 Written-By
The Best Of Dubliners CD 2007-05-15 Written By
Corre Vento Vinyl Written-by [Popular]
Komt Vrienden In Den Ronde Vinyl 1965 Written-By
Jenny On The Railroad / Miss Brown Shellac 1928-11-00 Written-By
Nancy Rowland / Cotton Eyed Joe Shellac 1928-11-00 Written-By
Very Early Joan Cassette 1987 Written-By
Satisfied Mind - Cassette No. 2 Cassette 1979 Written-By
450 De Oi CD 2003-12-18 Lyrics By
Fort Smith Breakdown / Walk Along John Shellac Written-By
Weihnachtszeit - Schönste Zeit CD 1992 Written-By
Within Sound CD 2002-11-25 Words By
Wunderschöne Weihnachten, Folge 3 CD Written-By
Yemenite Songs Vinyl 1986 Lyrics By
Wunderschöne Weihnachten, Folge 4 CD Written-By
Davka CD 1994 Composed By
Weihnachten Mit James Last Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Huria CD 2008 Composed By
Pierre De Grenoble Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Var Det Du - Var Det Deg? CD 2007 Written-By
Dances Of Scotland Vinyl 1973 Written-By
I Like Germany - Melodien Von Waterkant Bis Donaustrand Im Heißen A Gogo-Sound Vinyl Written-By
"Savage!" Tihati's South Seas Spectacular Vinyl Written-By
Elena CD 1996-09-30 Written-By
Mystic Chants CD 1999 Written-By
Vinyl 1986 Written-By
The Lady And The Unicorn Vinyl 1970 Written By
Handful Of Earth CD 1989 Written-By
Alone In A Crowd CD 2000-10-10 Music By
Pevaju Pesme Iz Makedonije Vinyl 1966 Written-By
Scarborough Fair CD 1995 Written-By
YU Disco Expres Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Hajde Noga Za Nogama Vinyl 1985-06-18 Written-By
Ne Mogu Ti Ništa Osim Cveća Dati Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Den Aard Van 't Beest Vinyl 1982 Music By [Muziek]
Bosno Moja Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Burnin' Cassette Written-By
Russland Zwischen Tag Und Nacht CD 1998 Composed By
Silly Sisters CD 1994 Written By
Auf, Auf Zum Fröhlichen Sexy-Picknick - Keine Party Ohne Sexy Nr.3 Vinyl Written-By
20 Best Of Ireland Vinyl 1990 Written-By
Cask Strength Black Metal CD 2007 Written-By
Trans Balkan Express CD 2004 Written-by [Arrangements]
The Very Best Of Leadbelly CD 1993 Written-By
Singt Kinderlieder Aus Aller Welt Vinyl 1986 Composed By
Poulina CD 1999 Written-By
La Valise En Carton Vinyl 1986 Written-By
Song CD 2003 Written-By
Table Songs Of Georgia CD 1993-01-25 Written-By
Voices From The Distant Steppe CD 1994-03-18 Written-By
Ihre Welterfolge Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Auf Und Nieder - Die 60 Schönsten Trinklieder Vinyl Written-By [Volksweise]
Good As I Been To You CD 1992 Written-By
World Gone Wrong CD 1993 Written-By
Dreamin A Dream CD 1997 Written-By
Still Im Aug' Erglänzt Die Träne - Küchenlieder Vinyl 1981 Composed By [Folklore], Lyrics By [Folklore]
Lumini CD 2003 Music By
Land CD 2008-05-30 Lyrics By
Čuješ Seko Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Armenia: Heavenly Duduk CD 1999 Music By
Metamorphoses - Electronic Adventures In Flamenco (Little Gipsy Metamorphoses · Pequenas Metamorfosis Gitanas) CD 1999 Composed By [Compositions By]
Untitled CD 2006 Written-By
Riba CD 2006 Written-By
Tuva - Tuvinian Singers & Musicians: Chöömej - Throat Singing From The Center Of Asia CD Music By
Time Honoured Ghosts CD 2006-04-26 Written-By
Cacharpaya (Andes Pumpsá Dèsi) Vinyl 1982 Written-By
The Prospect Before Us Vinyl 1977-03-00 Written-By
The Best Of The Seekers Vinyl 1968 Written-By
De Cal Y Canto / Quisiera Ser Como El Aire Vinyl 1971 Written-by [Popular]
Spomeni Se Jedno Vrime CD 2004 Written-By
One Foot In The Grave CD 1996-08-23 Written-By
13 Cassette 1991 Written-by [Unlisted]
1922 CD 2008 Written-By
Belfast Trance CD 2002-01-28 Written-By
Vên CD 2008 Written-By
Lone Star & The Sprout Head Uprising CD 1991 Written-By
Черные Глаза CD 2005 Lyrics By
King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents CD 1997 Written-By
Musikken Inni Oss / Nattønsker CD 1992 Written-by [Folketonar]
Збірка Етнічна CD 2007-03-07 Lyrics By
Illumination (Hildegard Von Bingen: The Fire Of The Spirit) CD 1997 Lyrics By
Embryo's Reise CD Written-By
Rozmowy S Catem Cassette 1997 Lyrics By [Teksty]
Can CD 1991 Written-By
La Blama Sparozzi CD 1999 Composed By
Emma Myldenberger CD 2006 Composed By
Emmaz Live! CD 2007 Composed By
Gospel Oak EP CD 1997 Written-By
Sleight Of Hand Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Gevecht Met De Engel Vinyl 1980-02-29 Music By
Speciale Compilatie Van De Elpees: "Gevecht Met De Engel" En "Circus". CD 1987 Music By
New Hope Jazz Mass Vinyl 1979 Lyrics By
The Emigrant CD 1989-06-05 Music By
Greatest Hits Vinyl 1995 Written-By
Rocky Road To Dublin - Kivinen Tie Dubliniin Vinyl 1972-04-00 Written-By
Alive CD 1990 Music By
Good As I Been To You CD 1992 Written-By
World Gone Wrong CD 1993 Written-By
Live Cream Vinyl Written-By
Bourgeois Blues 1933 - 1946 CD 2003 Written-By
Ethnomecanica CD 2006 Lyrics By
De Gouden Eeuw CD 1996 Music By
Kofa Je Bušna Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Gang-Gang / Harry In The Piggery Vinyl Written-By
Die 20 Schönsten Volksmusik-Hits Vinyl Written-By
Be'Ru'ach Mizrachit Chelek B (Oriental Wind 2) CD 1997 Written-by [Music, Lyrics - Unless Specified]
Mayim Ne'emanim - Ha'Ossef (Faithful Waters - The Collection) CD 2003 Music By
Right Wantonly A-Mumming CD 2007 Written-By
Folktronic File 2007-07-00 Written-By
Meet The Demons Of Bali CD 2007 Composed By
Clive Barker's Lord Of Illusions CD 1995 Written-By
Presents Roumanian Flutes 1 Vinyl 1975 Composed By
China: Music Of The Pipa CD 1991-04-17 Written-By
Keif, Keifer, Keifest CD 2006 Written-By
Strip The Willow / Scottish Jigs Shellac 1942 Written-By
魂 [Kon] CD 2002-10-19 Written-By
Dundee Reel / Eightsome Reel Shellac 1942 Written-By
唄ウムイ CD 2007-01-24 Music By, Lyrics By
Requiem For A Dying Planet, Sounds For Two Films By Werner Herzog - The Wild Blue Yonder - The White Diamond CD 2006 Written-By
Heritage CD 1997 Written-By
450 Овец CD 2004-07-27 Lyrics By
A Capella Choral Works CD 1996 Lyrics By [Text]
Io Sono Illuminata CD 1995 Written-By
Russische Volkslieder Vinyl Written-By [Volksweise]
Helium Vola CD 2001-10-29 Lyrics By
Laidasta Laitaan CD 1993 Composed By
Japanese Boy Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Folksongs Of The Louisiana Acadians Vinyl Written-By
Rice CD 1998 Written-By
To Our Grandchildren Vinyl 1971 Written-By
The Magic Of The Chieftains CD 1992 Written-By
Wo De Ostseewellen Trecken An Den Strand CD 1999-07-01 Written By
"Usfret" Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Bridge Over Troubled Water (The Best Of Simon & Garfunkel) CD 1998 Written-By
Sinaa CD 2005 Written-By
Korea CD 1992 Composed By
Weihnachten CD Written-By
Kein Blick Zurück CD 2006 Written-by [Lyrics]
La Banda Bonnot CD 1995 Written-By
Balkana: The Music Of Bulgaria Vinyl 1987 Composed By
Seal Djiril's Hymn Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Mississippi Hill Country Blues CD 2001 Written-By
Die Besten Weihnachtshits CD 2004 Written-By
Qntal Vl - Translucida CD 2008 Lyrics By
Songs Of A Swedish Sailor Vinyl Written-by [Swedish Sailor Song]
World Gone Wrong Vinyl 1993 Written-By
An Evening In Old Russia Vinyl Written-By
Noi Non Ci Saremo Vol. 2 CD 2001 Lyrics By
Weihnachten Mit Der Familie CD 1997 Written-By
Weihnachtsträume - Ein Bunter Melodienreigen Zum Fest CD 1993 Written-By
Sacred And Secular Music From India CD 2000-02-21 Written-By
Stars Wünschen Frohe Weihnacht CD Written-By
Hödööd CD 1999 Music By
A Garland Of Song CD 2008-08-00 Written-By
Wohlauf, Ihr Landsknecht' Alle... CD 1999 Written-By
Zum Heiligen Abend CD Written-By
Podravino Moja Mila Vinyl 1967 Written-By
Tiha Noć / Primi, Draga, Ruže Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Varaždine, Grade Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Veronika Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Birtašice, Poredaj Stolice Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Djevojka Mlada, Rasplela Kose Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Your Love Gets Sweeter CD 1998 Written-By
It's Frontal Dog CD 1998 Music By
Do The Heart Beat Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Ed's Funky Diner Vinyl 1986 Written-By
We Wish You A Merry Christmas Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Campus Echoes From Vermont Vinyl 1967 Written-By
Cruel Sister CD 2001-10-23 Written-By
Spiritual Songs, Traditional Chants & Flute Music Of The American Indian Box Set 1997 Written-By
Winterkinder... Auf Der Suche Nach Weihnachten CD 1994 Written-by [Volksweise]
Winterkinder ...Auf Der Suche Nach Weihnachten Cassette 1987 Written-by [Volksweise]
Winterkinder ...Auf Der Suche Nach Weihnachten Vinyl 1987 Written-by [Volksweise]
Seoska Sam Lola Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Full House Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Vagabond Vinyl 2008-08-25 Written-By
Seleniko CD 1992 Composed By
Suukkoa Vai Puukkoa CD 2000 Lyrics By
Ihana Impi CD 2001 Lyrics By
Ritmistica CD 2000 Written-By
Rough Music CD 2005-04-18 Written-By
Anglicana CD 2002-10-21 Written-By
Helena Espvall & Masaki Batoh CD 2008 Written-By
Que Murmuraditos Son / Que Pases Y No Me Hables Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Can CD 2006-03-30 Written-By
The Best Of Donovan: Catch The Wind CD 1996 Written-By
{Morocco} Crossroads Of Time CD 1995 Music By
Good As I Been To You CD 1992-11-03 Written-By
Gamle Tonar, Nye Strenger CD 2008-11-03 Music By
Mountain Harmonica 1938 - 1953 CD 2004 Written-By
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad / Freight Train Boogie Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Saatus - Fate CD 1994 Written-By
Saatus CD 1997-03-11 Written-By
Saatus - Fate CD Written-By
Saatus - Fate CD 1994 Written-By
Frol Nova Vinyl 1971 Written-By [Popular]
Éthiopie - Musiques Des Hauts-Plateaux CD 1999 Written-By
Chants Tziganes - Gypsy Songs CD 1993 Written-By
Die Grosse Stimmungsrakete - Mitsingen Erlaubt Vinyl Written-by [Volksweisen]
Stare Gradske Pesme I Romanse Cassette 1980 Written-By
Russian Memories CD 1998 Composed By
Tir na n'Og CDr 2006 Lyrics By, Music By
Koliko Te Volim - Romanse 2 Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Serboplov CD 2004 Written-By
Balkana: The Music Of Bulgaria CD 1987 Composed By
Dirt Don't Hurt Vinyl 2008-10-14 Written-By
Heller Die Glocken Nie Klangen Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Burlesque CD 2006 Music By [Melody], Lyrics By
Filia Melusine CDr 2008-09-22 Lyrics By [Text]
Bellow CD 2004 Written-By
A Tribute To Scott Joplin Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Bawdy Songs And Backroom Ballads - Vol.1 Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Mary Star Of The Sea CD 2003 Written-By
Spectreman Git A Relijiss Feelin Vinyl 1996 Written-By
Bellmeade Sessions CD 1998 Written-By
Ali-Baba Et Les Quarante Voleurs / Aladin Ou La Lampe Merveilleuse Vinyl Written-By
L'Histoire De Céleste La Petite Mélodie / Barbaro Le Barracuda Vinyl Written-By
Jouons Avec Cousine Odette Vinyl Written-By
Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Cassette 1981 Written-By
Oldham's Burning Sands Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Santander: Canciones Campurrianas Vinyl 1973 Written-By
The Complete Guitarist CD 1999 Written-By
Máramaros - The Lost Jewish Music Of Transylvania CD 1993 Music By
Bertha Egnos & Gail Lakier's Ipi Tombi: Original Cast Recording Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Lieschen, Lieschen CD 1998 Written-By
Bistrik CD 2001 Written-By
Tarpoš CD 2006 Written-By
Приче Из Давнина CD 2002 Written-By
Tekno Wonderland CD 1995-09-11 Music By, Lyrics By
Aza Arianao CD 2001 Composed By [Folklore Malgache]
Quintessence Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Almanach Vinyl 1976 Written By
My Yiddishe Mama's Favorites CD 2007 Written-By
Ot Serdca K Nebu CD 2008 Lyrics By [Folk]
Во Славу Великим CD 2005 Lyrics By
The Wicker Man CD 1998 Composed By
Weihnachten Mit Heintje CD Written-By
Baboma Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Corsica / Sardinia: The Mystery Of Polyphony CD 1995 Composed By
One-String Blues: Rural Blues On Skid Row CD 1993 Written-By
Combustication CD 1998 Written-by [Releasecredit]
Goro, Goro Visoka Si / Planino Moja Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Weihnachtszeit Im Kindergarten CD 1997 Written-By
Soviet Eurasia - L'Asie Au Temps Des Soviets CD 1999-04-00 Music By
Dezemberträume Cassette 1993 Written-By
Dueling Banjos Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Penguin Eggs CD 1994 Written-By
De Bie Zingt - Een Mini-A-Capella-Elpee Vinyl 1984 Written-By
The Bairns CDr 2008-11-14 Written-By
Tarpoš CD 2007 Written-By
Мамо, Я Дурна Cassette 1990 Lyrics By
Svikiro - Meditations From An Mbira Master CD 1997 Written-By
High Country Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Dreams Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Country (An Original Soundtrack Album) CD 1984 Composed By
Gospel 1938/1943 CD 1994 Written-By
Zapisi Cassette 2003 Written-By
The Silk Ripped Dress CD 2006 Written-By
Negro Spirituals Vinyl Written-By
Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Stare Bekrijske Pesme Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Dueling Banjos Vinyl 1973 Written-By
I Want A Beer / My Dear Anna Vinyl Written-By
Приче Из Давнина Cassette 2002 Written-By
El Trébole Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Life's Hard And Then You Die Vinyl 1986 Written-By
Gathering Pace CD 1987 Music By
The Same Way CD 2003 Written-By
Ryydjoulu Vinyl 1989 Composed By
Uma CD 2000 Written-By
A Garland Of Song Vinyl 2008-12-01 Written-By
Gospel Oak EP CD 1997 Written-By
Mother Of Devotion CD 1998 Written-By
En Passant Med Aksent CD 2001 Music By
The Girl From Donegal, No. 3 Vinyl 1958 Written-By
Zoraida Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Fast Paced World CD 2008 Written-By
Favourite Ballads Vinyl Written-By
Verschärfte Weihnachten! Vinyl 1982 Composed By
Oumou. CD 2003 Written-By
Työväen Lauluja Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Waraba SACD 2004 Composed By [Compositions By]
Red Roses For Me Vinyl 1984 Written-By
An Anthology Of Icelandic Choir Music CD 1993 Composed By
Love And Rockets Vinyl 1989 Lyrics By
Tistega Lepega Dne ... CD 1996 Written-By
Kolędy CD 1995 Music By, Lyrics By
Germanistan – I Wish I Could Stay Far Away Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Glad Music Vinyl 1986-02-21 Written-By
Original Country & Western Music Vinyl Written-By
Native Spririt: Spirit Of The Wind • Cries From The Earth CD 2003-01-23 Written-By
Irish Heartbeat CD 1988 Written-By
Allemansrätt Vinyl 1977 Composed By
Gospel Trails CD 1997 Written-By
Watching The Evening Sun Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Vollmond CD 2000 Lyrics By
Cruel Sister Vinyl 1978 Written-By
De Levendes Land Vinyl 1983 Music By
Fiddlin' Through The Years CD 2005 Written-By
Mighty Day On Campus Vinyl 1962 Written-By
Live Cream Vinyl 1985 Written-By
'Round About Midnight CD 2005 Written-By
Spjärnsvallet Vinyl 1975 Composed By
Akustin Polska Vinyl 1989 Written-By
Super Collection CD 2006-03-29 Written-By
Roots And Culture CD 2004 Written-By
Whisky In The Jar Vinyl 1986-04-00 Written-By
The Book Of Invasions CD 1989 Written-By
Red Roses For Me Vinyl 1984 Written-By
The Bagpipes & Drums Of Scotland CD 1998 Written-By
The Essential Doc Watson Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Cantos Y Danzas Del Indio Americano CD 1994 Written-By
Amanda Thompson And Friends CD 1994 Composed By
Christmas With The Everly Brothers And The Boys Town Choir Vinyl 1962 Written-By
Music Of Bali - Gamelan Gender Wayang Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Water Of Tyne Vinyl 1967 Written-By
Shadow Hunter CD 1990 Written-By
Music Of Ireland CD 1997-00-00 Written-By
Kunstkopf Dimensionen Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Fake World CD 2004 Written-By
Everlasting Arm / Dead Man CD 1994 Written-By
Jingle Bells / Jingle Rave CD 1994 Written-By
Ой, Да Ти, Калинонько / Гей, Люди Ідуть По Ліщину Shellac 1937 Written-By
Hemel En Aarde Kunnen Vergaan, Vrolijke Musici Blijven Bestaan Vinyl Written-By
L'Argot Du Bruit CD 1998 Written-By
A Pilgrim Life With Music CD 1998 Written By
Rags / The Golddiggers CD Written-By
Creation Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Зона Замфирова - Манетова Музика CD 2002 Written-By
Зона Замфирова - Зонина Музика CD 2002 Written-By
The Light Of Experience (Doina De Jale) Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Solo Concert Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Vinyl 1991-04-00
An Evening With Big Bill Broonzy Vinyl Written-By
Brother Lowdown Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Helena Espvall & Masaki Batoh Vinyl 2008 Written-By
Lord's Rake Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Swimming CD 1996 Written By
Saukki & Oravat CD 2004 Composed By
Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Murzynek Bambo CD 1995 Music By, Lyrics By
Singles Collection 1972 – 1982 Vinyl 1984 Written-By
The Complete Guitarist Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Old Hag You Have Killed Me Vinyl 1982 Written-By
False True Lovers Vinyl 2005 Written-By
Sham Wedding | Hoax Funeral CD 2004 Written-By
The Lautarii Of Mârșa And Clejani CD 2004 Music By, Words By
From East To West Vinyl 1978 Written-By
The Enchanted World Of Ferrante & Teicher Vinyl 1964 Written-By
Amazin' Grace / Swing Low Vinyl 1972 Written By
Malicorne Vinyl 1974 Written By
The First Few Words: Mountain Dulcimer Instrumental Album #2 Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Qntal II CD 2007-10-09 Lyrics By
Starogradski Biseri 2 - Idem Kući A Već Zora CD 2001 Written-By
Pesniary Vinyl 1971 Written-By [Folk Song]
Vinyl 1978-10-00 Written-By
Belorussian Folk Songs Arranged By V. Muliavin Vinyl 1978-10-00 Written-By
Interpreta A Serrat Vinyl 1969 Written-By [Popular Catalana]
Haudanmaa CD 2007-05-02 Composed By
Please To See The King Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Ten Man Mop Or Mr. Reservoir Butler Rides Again Vinyl 1971-12-00 Written-By
Murder Ballads Vinyl 1996-02-05 Lyrics By
Kaiwahu-Marsch / Hilo-Marsch Vinyl Written-By
Pakistan: Musiques Kalash - Songs Of The Hindu Kush CD 1999 Written-by [Kalash Dance Music]
Toma Cassette 1991 Written-by [Xxx]
Naked Season Cassette 2009-01-21 Written By
Fujin Raijin CD 2007 Composed By
All Buttoned Up Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Prince Heathen CD 1994 Written-By
Solomon's Seal CD 2003 Written-By
Poljushka CD 1999 Composed By
Jungfruburen CD 2000 Written-By
Chants And Dances Of The Native Americans CD 1994 Written-By
Speed Brass Of The Gypsies CD 2007 Lyrics By, Music By
Сокровенный Свет CD 2008 Lyrics By
O Jelo, Jelo, Jeleno Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Country (An Original Soundtrack Album) Vinyl 1984 Composed By
HMS Donovan CD 1998-01-12 Music By
Cassette 1996 Written-By
Cassette 1996 Written-By
Рушники Cassette 1996 Written-By
Swing Low CD 2003 Written-By
Vokalni 4M Kvartet Vinyl 1972 Written-By
The Blackhawk Waltz / Put Your Little Foot Right Out Vinyl Written-By
Mary Star Of The Sea CD 2003 Written-By
Mary Star Of The Sea CD 2003 Written-By
Åsmund Frægdegjevar CD 2004 Lyrics By [An Old Norwegian Tale]
The Inca Harp: Laments And Dances Of The Tawantinsuyu, The Inca Empire Vinyl 1982 Music By [Tawantinsuyu Folk Music]
Čudni Svati CD 2008 Lyrics By
Charlow-Up Vinyl 1967 Written-By
Barszcz Ukraiński Czyli Miecz, Tryzub I Ogień CD 1999-02-01 Written-By
CD 1994 Composed By
Cosmic Collection Vinyl Written-By
The Soul Of A Man CD 2003 Written By
Hard Time CD 2002 Written By
Jack O' Diamonds- 1949 Recordings CD 2004 Written-By
No Line On The Horizon CD 2009-02-27 Music By
Green Rocky Road Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Sitting On Top Of The World Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Yangguan San Die CD 2002 Written-By
No Line On The Horizon CD 2009-03-03 Music By
First Recordings Vinyl 2008 Written-By
Worldtour Concert DVD 2001 Written-By
Florja An Prunj Anflurit Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Popular Koto Melodies Of Japan Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Silly Sisters Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Cruel Sister Vinyl 1977 Written-By
飛魚 (Fish In The Sky) CD 2006 Lyrics By
Dreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection CD 2006 Written-By
Rythmes Pour L'Expression Primitive Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Little Town Vinyl 1982 Lyrics By [Words]
All Is Well CD 2008-02-04 Written-By
Sængerkrieg CD 2008 Lyrics By
Selected Jigs Reels & Songs Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Live! CD 2007 Written-By
First Recordings CD 2003 Written-By
Lougarou Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Profesionalka Cassette 2001 Music By
The Best Of Qntal - Purpurea CD 2008-10-31 Lyrics By
Cold Blow And The Rainy Night Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Shellac 1958 Written-By
Bonny Portmore Vinyl 2003 Music By, Lyrics By
Malicorne Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Tongues CD 2007 Written-By
A Girl & A Gun Vinyl 2009-02-19 Written-By
Not For Kids Only CD 1993 Written-By
Belfast Child CD 1989 Composed By
Dirt Don't Hurt Vinyl 2008-10-14 Written-By
Susanna Remix CD 1995 Music By
Mountain Rock Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Lonely Town CD 2008 Written-By
Rocksteady CD Written-by [Adapted]
Honey Moan CD 2003-10-07 - Lyrics And Arrangement By Entrance
Ein Prosit Der Gemütlichkeit - 80 Titel Zum Tanzen, Singen Und Fröhlichsein Vinyl Written-By
Mera Mora CD 1992 Written-By
Spirit CD 2003 Written-By
Wonder Wheel Cassette 1991 Songwriter
Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Trad CD 2001 Written-By
Pratty Flowers (The Holmfirth Anthem) Vinyl Written-By
Lumje Lumje Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Mama Dor Da Mama Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Northumbrian Pipe Music Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Henry Lee CD 1996 Written-By
Biber CD 2004 Written-By
An Irish Christmas Album Vinyl 1987 Composed By, Lyrics By
Red Roses For Me Vinyl 1984 Written-By
Hóachmhà CD 1992 Written-By
Swing Low (Run With The Ball) Vinyl 1991 Written-By
Battle Of The Field Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Dead Girl's Waltz File 2003-03-01 Lyrics By
Follow Thru ... CD 1998 Written-By
No. 2 CD 2001 Written-By
Balalaika Vinyl Written-By
Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Hawaiian Christmas Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Lettonie - Musique Des Rites Solaires (Latvia - Music Of Solar Rites) CD 1995 Music By, Lyrics By
Singles Collection 1972 ★ 1982 CD 1999-04-06 Written-By
Soliferro / Wolves Of The North Vinyl 2009-04-02 Written-By
The Art Of Pan - Concert For Pan Flute & Organ CD 2003 Composed By
King Bravo Selects Ska Authentic Volume 2 (Miss Jamaica Meets The Skatalites) CD 1997 Written-By
Triptych Vinyl 1988 Written-By
20 Melodies From Paradise: Romantic Hawaii CD 1989 Written-By
Roumanian Flutes 1 Vinyl 1975 Composed By
The First..... CD 2006-05-24 Written-By
Kilima Hawaiians CD Written-By
Golden Hawaiin Melodies CD 1988 Written-By
Spirit Of Love Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Suomi Pop Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Hawaii: Anthology Of Hawaiian Music CD 2005 Composed By
Sonores Antiqui Vinyl 1977-11-00 Written-By
Richardin Korkkijalka - Kansan Musiikkia Irlannista Vinyl 1984 Composed By
Korkleg Vinyl 1987 Written-By
The Best Of The Seekers Vinyl Written-By
Puer Nobis Nascitur - Europäische Weihnachtslieder Aus Dem 12.-17. Jh. CD 1998 Lyrics By
Steeleye Span Vinyl 1984 Written-By
...At Their Best Vinyl 1982 Written-By
The Lady And The Stranger Vinyl 1977 Written-By
King Of The Georgia Blues Singers (1929-1935) Vinyl Written-By
Classic Anne Briggs : The Complete Topic Recordings CD 1990 Written-By
Tour D'Afrique De La Chanson Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Pe Argeș În Jos CD 2008 Lyrics By
Russische Volks-Chöre Vinyl Written-by [Russisches Volkslied]
Thrill Me Up CD 1995 Written-By
An Irish Evening CD 1992-01-28 Written-By
The Folk Songs Of Britain Volume 1: Songs Of Courtship Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Vinyl 1988 Lyrics By [Lidová Poezie]
Tropical Heat CD 1993 Written-By
Family Tree Vinyl 2007 Written-By
Happy Brasilia Vinyl Written-By
La Nativité - Chants Grégoriens Et Chants Polyphoniques Vinyl 1979 Composed By [Gregorian]
A Pair Of Brown Eyes Vinyl 1985 Written-By
Mostly Modern... Vinyl 1960 Written-By
Mantra CD 1998 Lyrics By
Afro-Brazilian Religious Songs: Cantigas De Candomblé/Candomblé Songs Vinyl Written-By
Vinyl 1990 Written-By [Americká Lidová]
V Krogu Prijateljev Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Summer Night City Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Ciobănașul / Melodie Din Oaș / Mândrulița Mea / Dorul Vinyl 1970-12-00 Music By [Prelucrări De Melodii Populare]
Chassidic Greatest Hits Vinyl Lyrics By [מקורות]
Trance-Mission (Bali-Symphony) CD 1991 Music By [Original Music From Bali]
Jim Moray CD 2006-05-26 Written-By
English Roots Music CD 2003 Written-By
The Best Of Ireland CD 2001 Arranged By
Clannad Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Clannad CD 1997 Written-By
In Concert CD 1989 Written-By
The Toughest CD 1996 Written-By
Brett Marvin And The Thunderbolts Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Ilow Koth A Gernow - The Ancient Music Of Cornwall CD 1999 Written-By
Hemlösa Katter / Homeless Cats CD 2009 Music By, Lyrics By
Old Lead CD 1991 Written-By
Galleries Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Home CD 2005-09-26 Written-By
Lookin For A Home CD 2001 Written-By
13 Humler Cassette 1996 Written-By
The New Ska Age CD 1994 Written-By
Musique Et Chants Du Theatre Japonais - Music From The Kabuki Vinyl Written-by [The Kabuki]
King Bravo Selects Ska Authentic (Miss Jamaica Meets The Skatalites) CD 1997 Written-By
CD 1995 Lyrics By
Beyond The Night Sky - Lullabies For Guitar CD 1996 Written-By
Sjajna Zvijezdo Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Irish Heartbeat Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Yeha-Noha CD 1995 Written-By
Drinkin' & Courtin' Vinyl 1968 Written-By
My Lagan Love CDr 2005 Written-By
Purge CD 2000 Written-By
Sings "A Night In The Caribbean" Vinyl 1962 Written-by [Carib]
Missa Luba - Messe Des Savanes (De La Bande Originale Du Film "If..." "Sanctus") Vinyl Composed By
The Emigrant CD 1989-06-05 Music By
Himzo Polovina Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Magla Pala Od Pola Saraj'va Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Exile On Main Street CD 1994 Written-By
Kebnekaise II Vinyl 1973-10-00 Written-By
Eleno, Momo... Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Gorom Jezde Kićeni Svatovi Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Heavy Petting CD 2007 Written-By
Darla Dirladada Vinyl 1970-04-28 Written-by [Folklore Grec]
Auld Lang Syne Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Festival Flamenco Gitano CD 1993 Written-By
Celtic Folkweave Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Bröselmaschine Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Ja Hoću Da Volim Pa I Da Patim Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Trojka Vinyl 1959 Written-By
Live At Real World CD 1992 Composed By
Here We Go Gathering Nuts In May / Ten Green Bottles Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Negro Spirituals Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Cockahoop CD 2004 Written-By
Western Party And Square Dance Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Cacharpaya (Andes Pumpsá Dèsi) Vinyl 1982 Written-By
My Bonnie Vinyl 1961 Written-By
Freedom Fields CD 2006 Written-By
Guten Tach! Cassette 1992 Music By
Angel Clare Vinyl Written-By
Yad Anugah (Tender Hand) Vinyl 1992 Music By
Aprendiendo Tablas De Mulitplicar Con Musica CD 2006 Written-By
Stare Gradske Pesme Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Realitale CD 2004 Lyrics By
The House Of The Rising Sun Vinyl Written-By
Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Vinyl 1982
Hare Krishna Mantra Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Govinda Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Mystères CD 1991 Written-By
The Mirror Pool CD Composed By
The Complete Savoy & Dial Master Takes CD 1999 Written-By
Ma Ville Est Le Plus Beau Park CD 1995 Written-By
Greatest Irish Accordion Melodies CD 1 CD 1999 Written-By
Bergtagen Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Guds Spelemän CD 1996 Music By
Pet Sounds Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Can CD 2007 Written-By [Booklet]
Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Primi Ove Ruže / Dolinom Se Šetala / Sutra Će Nam Ranom Zorom / Na Te Mislim Kada Zora Sviće Vinyl 1966 Written-By
The Troublemaker Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Der Osten Ist Rot Vinyl 1984 Written-By
If You Look Far Enough CD 1993 Composed By
The Bootleg Series Volumes 1 - 3 [Rare & Unreleased] 1961-1991 CD 1997 Written-By
The Irish Rover Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Sleight Of Hand Vinyl 1987 Written-By
If You Could See What I Hear Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Kolinda Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Chants And Dances Of The Native Americans CD 1994 Written-By
El Viento: The Garcia Lorca Project CD 2009-06-00 Written-By
At The Close Of An Irish Day / Two Little Orphas Vinyl 1958 Written-By
The Last Emperor Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Exile On Main Street CD 1994 Written-By
Koštana Vinyl 1978 Composed By
Da Ne Zaboravis Vinyl 2005-12-00 Written-By
Le Génie De La Flûte De Pan Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Big Bill Broonzy Vinyl 1979 Composed By
Red Roses For Me CD 2004 Written-By
Malicorne 4 Vinyl Written By
Verikihlat Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Seven Directions Divergent CD 2009-06-28 Lyrics By
Hare Krishna Mantra Vinyl 1969-08-28 Written-By
Songs Of The Irish Rebellion Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Tribal Offerings CD 2002-08-02 Composed By
Part Of Me File 2009-07-20 Written-by [Uncredited]
God CD 1993 Written-By
Quatuors N°1, 2, 3 Et 4 Pour Cordes Et Bruitages Animaliers CD 2004-02-00 Composed By
Good As I Been To You Vinyl 1992 Written-By
The Roadsmell After The Rain CD 1999 Music By
Give An Irish Girl To Me Vinyl Written-By
Non Stop Party Hits Vol. 2 Vinyl Written-By
Loved, But Unrespected Vinyl 2006-04-11 Music By
One Night With Venus, A Lifetime With Mercury Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Black Water Vinyl 2006 Written-By
Greatest Irish Accordion Melodies CD 2 CD 1999 Written-By
Les Plus Grands Succès Des Chœurs De L'Armée Rouge Vinyl Written-by [Chant Populaire]
Bal Breton Vinyl 1972 Written By
Ker Ys Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Beggin'I Will Go Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Traditional Songs CD Music By
Paratiisin Pojat - Amerikansuomalaisia Lauluja CD 2008-10-29 Composed By [Säv.]
Pallavi: South Indian Flute Music Vinyl 1973 Composed By
The Garden Of Jane Delawney Vinyl 1970 Written-By
The Best Of The Seekers Vinyl 1980 Written-By
CD 2008 Lyrics By
Let It Be... Naked CD 2003 Composed By
Folk Roots, New Routes Vinyl 1964 Written-By
Pour Jacques CD 1995 Written-By
Hare Krishna Mantra Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Rye Whiskey Flexi-disc 1989 Written-By
Bartók Album CD 1998 Composed By
Kein Blick Zurück CD 2006 Lyrics By
Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Sabilulungan - Degùng Instrumentalia Cassette 1989 Written-By
CD 2008 Words By
Jay & Lyn: Songs, Ballads & Fiddle Tunes Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Live! Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Коломийки CD 2004 Music By, Lyrics By
Martinmas Time / Nottanum Town Vinyl 2009-08-03 Written-By
La Kora Du Sénégal Vinyl Music By
At Home Vinyl 1970 Written-By
The Definitive Collection CD 2003 Written-By
Grey Eagle: Old Time Fiddle Music By Bill Stevens CD Written-By
Live At The Albert Hall London Vinyl 1969 Written-By
At Home With The Dubliners Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Greatest Irish Accordion Melodies CD 3 CD 1999 Written-By
Silver Stream Vinyl 1980 Written-By
The New Village On The Left... CD 1993 Composed By
Folksound Of Britain Vinyl 1965 Written-By
Chants And Dances Of The Native Americans CD 1994 Written-By
The Definitive Collection CD 2005 Written-By
The Traveling People Of Ireland: Irish Tinker Music Vinyl 1967 Written-by [Irish Tinker Folk Songs]
Musique Cajun Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Sound, Sound Your Instruments Of Joy Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Kebnekajse II CD 2001 Written-By
New Moon Vinyl 1980 Composed By
Wintersong CD 1986 Music By
Hate Your Friends CD 1995 Written-By
Earthbeat CD 1987 Written-By
Travelling The Face Of The Globe CD 2009-05-08 Written By
Toccata / Vivaldi Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Gens De Lorraine Vinyl 1978 Written-By
No Quarter: Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Unledded CD 1994 Written-By
Joan Baez On Vanguard Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Travelling The Face Of The Globe Vinyl 2009 Written-By
Flexi-disc 1972 Written-By
Die Oberkrainer Musikanten Vinyl 1967 Written-by [Volksweisen]
Beautiful Hawai Cassette Written-By
Gospels, Spirituals And Ballads Vinyl Written-by [Trad.]
Lagadjar CD 1995 Written-by [Release Credit]
Folk In Sandwich Vinyl 1973 Written By
Die Schönsten Deutschen Volkslieder Vinyl 1977 Written-by [Volksw.]
Bierzeltparty Cassette Written-By [Volksweise]
Chansons Populaires De France Vinyl 1955 Written-By
A Merry Jingle Vinyl 1979-11-30 Written-By
Vamos Indo... CD 2008-10-00 Lyrics By, Music By
Folk Awards 2005 CD 2005-01-31 Written-By
Red Roses For Me CD 1984 Written-By
Folk Songs CD 2009 Written-By
One Elephant, Deux Éléphants Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Masters Of Chant Cassette 1999 Written-By
Irish Drinking Songs For Cat Lovers CD 2006 Music By
Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere Vinyl Written-By
The Music Of Tibet & Nepal CD 2003 Written-by [Uncredited]
450 De Oi CD 2003 Lyrics By [Folclor]
The Frost Is All Over CD 2006 Written-By
Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Lore CD 1996 Written-By
Ballad Of Sam Hall / One Eyed Riley Vinyl Written-By
Pomol CD 2007-05-07 Lyrics By
Vinyl 1990 Written-By
Folk Songs CD 2009 Written-By
Ack, Värmeland Du Sköna Shellac 1929 Written-by [Svensk Folkvisa]
Сивка-Бурка Vinyl 1990 Written-By
Atlan CD 2009-08-25 Lyrics By [Releasecredit]
Convivencia CD 2007 Written-By
Vinyl 1991 Written-By
Vinyl 1991 Written-By
Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Música Popular Do Norte 2 Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Celtic Folkweave Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Vanno Mulle CD 1995 Composed By
Mallku Kunturi: Music Of The Andes • Volume Two CD 1998 Written-By
ДОМашний Концерт CD 2007 Lyrics By
CD 1999 Music By, Lyrics By
Dudi S Puno Ljubavi Vinyl 1983 Written-By
Unterbayern CD 2003 Composed By
Gongoma Times CD 1993 Written-By
Irish Melodies (For Violin) CD 2009 Written-By
No More To The Dance Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Rory Gallagher Vinyl Written-By
Comptines À Tue-Tête CD 2006 Written-By
Одной Крови CD 2005 Lyrics By
Music Party: Alaskan Fiddling Poet Music From All Over CD 2003 Music By
Szól A Kakas Már - The Lost Jewish Music Of Transylvania CD 2000 Music By
Sings Irish Folksongs Vinyl 1970 Written-by [Trad. Folks]
Untitled Vinyl 1968 Written-by [Russian Folk Song]
Crann Ull Vinyl 1980 Lyrics By
DVD 2006 Lyrics By
Сказки Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Wade In The Water CD 1990 Written-By
DVD 2006 Written-By
Lucy Wan CDr 2009-09-14 Written-By
Homeland Movement CD 1989 Written-By
DVD 2006 Lyrics By
Traditional & Unplugged CD Written-By
Swarbrick Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Relativity CD 1985 Written-By
Medley / Slievenamon Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Off To Dublin / Kevin Barry Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Black Velvet Band / Orange And Green Vinyl 1974 Written-By
A Scottish Soldier / Scotland The Brave Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Off To Dublin / Kevin Barry Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Falile Se Kaštelanke Vinyl 1965 Written-By
Dybbuk CD 1995 Music By
Steve Riley And The Mamou Playboys CD 1990 Written-By
J'Ai Vu Le Loup, Le Renard Et La Belette CD 1989 Written-By
Ritual CD 1998 Written-By
A Week In Eek: Alaskan Fiddling Poet Music CD 2000 Music By
I'm Ready Vinyl 1998-04-00 Written-By
Nattønsker CD 1991 Written By [Jødisk Trad.]
The Shawl CD 2008-12-09 Lyrics By
Kebnekaise III Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Live CD 1997-02-25 Written-By
Home CD 2005-09-00 Written-By
The Wild Field CD 1991 Written-By
Table Songs Of Georgia CD 1993 Written-By
Voices From The Distant Steppe CD 1994-03-18 Written-By
Songs Of The Auvergne CD 2002 Composed By
Martinmas Time CD 2009 Written-By
CD 2006 Lyrics By
Sacrifice To Love CD 1999 Written-By
Variations On The Kanon By Johann Pachebel / Carol Of The Bells Vinyl 1984 Written-By
Улетают Журавли Shellac 1954 Written-By
The Party Album CD 2001 Written-By
Violin Position 3 CD 2002 Written-By
Free Beer And Chicken CD 1991 Written-By
Yon Folk Songs Is For The Burds Vinyl 1963 Written-By
From The Steppes Of Russia With Love Vinyl Written-By
Chants D'Auvergne CD 1996 Composed By
One Eye On The Future One Eye On The Past CD 1993 Written-By
Farewell To The Hollow CD 1991 Written-By
Mist Covered Mountains, A Celtic Odyssey CD 1996 Written-By
Invisible Means CD 2000 Written-By
Ana Hina CD 2008 Written-By
Prince Heathen Vinyl 1971 Written-By
New Leaves On An Old Tree Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Dead Man Walking - The Score CD 1996 Written-By
Birds CD 2008 Music By
Kitty Jay CD 2004 Written-By
No Line On The Horizon CD 2009-03-02 Music By
Folk Songs Vinyl 2009-08-10 Songwriter [All Songs]
Where The Time Goes - Sandy '67 CD 2005 Written-By
The Sound Of Summer CD 2009-08-02 Composed By
Vinyl 1967-10-00 Written-By
Eleno Kerko / Razbole Se Anka Pindova Vinyl 1978 Written-By
A Charlie Brown Christmas Piano Tribute CD 2007 Written-By
Oh Happy Day Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Children Of Ibeji CD 1992 Composed By
I Want To Go Where Jesus Is / Down On My Knees Vinyl 1965 Written-By
Come Ye Disconsolate / Certainly Lord Vinyl Written-By
Kolja Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Dr. John Plays Mac Rebennack: The Legendary Sessions Volume 2 CD 2006 Written-By
Alleluia CD 1990 Written-By
Vinyl 1968 Written-By
December Vinyl 1982 Composed By
Reds (Original Soundtrack Album) Vinyl 1981 Written-By
The Fems Cassette 1990 Written-By
Live At The Continental CD 2007 Written-by [Uncredited]
Silver Solstice CD 2005 Written-By
Vs. Children CD 2009-03-06 Written By
Ansambl "Biljana" Ohrid Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Kako Si Lepa Dežela Naša Vinyl 1967 Written-By
This Woman's Work (Anthology 1978-1990) Box Set Written-By
Frau Trude CD 2009 Lyrics By
Burnin' Vinyl Written-By
The Troublemaker Vinyl 1976 Written-By
The Fall Of Acre CD 2009-10-26 Written-by [Release Credit]
CD 2005 Lyrics By
Have Thine Own Way / Ezekial Saw De Wheel Vinyl 1963 Written-By
CD 1997 Music By, Lyrics By
Nur Für Jung's Vinyl 1984 Written-By
Micky's Star-Parade Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Flik Flok (Garibaldi Fu Ferito) / La Macchina Del Capo Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Ar Rannoù CD 1997 Lyrics By
Original Witzparade Cassette Written-By
Lietuvių Liaudies Pasakos Vinyl 1987 Written-By
The Junction Of The Two Rivers CD 2008 Written-By
Starinsko Slavonsko Kolo Flexi-disc 1966 Written-By
Ljus Från Afrika Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Ванюшка И Царевна Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Valivann CD 2002 Written-By
If On A Winter's Night... CD 2009 Lyrics By
Es Steht Ein Haus In Ostberlin Vinyl 1989 Music By
Blue To The Bone CD 2003 Written-By
Im Schönsten Wiesengrunde Vinyl 1973 Written-by [Volksweise]
Vinyl 1963 Written-By
Vinyl 1990 Written-By
Deep Inside The World Provider CDr 2003 Written By
Fallen Asleep Just Like Papa Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Sinaa CD 2005 Written-By
Earthbeat Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Anali CD 1995 Written-By
Red Roses For Me Vinyl 1986 Written-By
Obstakel Vinyl 1981 Written-By
The Jazz Singer (Original Songs From The Motion Picture) Vinyl 1980 Written-By
A Muna Tête / Who's Can Woman Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Whatevergreens - Édesmindegy Szerenádok CD 2009-11-00 Music By
Los "Pepito" Machucambos Vinyl 1961 Arranged By
Nr. 100 Vinyl 1981 Written-By
An Irish Evening At Durty Nelly's Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Srebro I Zlato Cassette 1979 Written-By
In The Mood - Anno 1727 Vinyl Composed By
Koekoek Vinyl 1983 Written-By
CD 2006 Lyrics By, Music By
Navajo Singer Vinyl 1951 Written-By
Live Vinyl 1985 Written-By
Destination Nowhere Vinyl 1975 Written-By
House Of The Rising Sun (Special Disco Version) Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Jij En Ik Blijven Bestaan Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Songs And Dances From Macedonia Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Voyager CD 1996 Written-By
Mary Connaught & James O'Donnell CD 2009 Written-By
Borneo Vinyl Written-By
Folkmusik I Sverige 13 - Sjunger Från Åbolands Skärgård - Traditionsinspelningar Från Sveriges Radio Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Java: "Langen Mandra Wanara" Opéra De Danuredjo VII Vinyl Libretto By [Drawn From The Legend Of Ramayana], Composed By
Рушники CD 1996 Written-By
Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Black Sea Winds - The Kobzari From Ukraine CD 2001 Music By
Think Of Tomorrow CD 1991 Written-By
Merry Christmas CD 1992 Composed By
Please To See The King CD 2005 Written-By
Ten Man Mop Or Mr. Reservoir Butler Rides Again CD 2006 Written-By
Mark Pavey CD 2009-11-27 Written-By
Castle Masters Collection CD 1991-05-00 Written-By
The Best Of Joan Baez Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Kinder Singen Die Schönsten Volkslieder • Folge 11 - Horch, Was Kommt Von Draußen Rein Cassette 1988 Written-by [Volksweise]
Padstow Vinyl 1989 Written-By
Welterfolge Auf Der Trompete Vinyl 1973 Written-By
New York Rock Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Ham-Dyt CD 2005 Music By
Vientos Del Pueblo CD 1993-09-00 Written-By
Aurinkoinen Musiikkimatka Vinyl 1975 Written-By
What Shall We Do With The Drunken D.J. Vinyl 1987-02-00 Written-By
Amazing Grace Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Ethnic Songs And Dances / India-A Theme Set Vinyl Composed By
La Tarara - Chansons Espagnoles CDr 2005 Composed By
Scarborough Fair / Giriama Wedding Vinyl 2008-11-17 Written-By
Troika - Chansons Russes CDr 2005 Composed By
I Muvrini CD 2001 Written-By
Ein Bunter Melodien-Strauß Vinyl 1979 Written-By [Releasecredit]
The Polish Song And Dance Ensemble, Vol. 2 Vinyl Lyrics By [Folk]
The Polish Song And Dance Ensemble, Vol. 1 Vinyl Lyrics By [Folk]
CRM Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Electropica CD 2002 Written-By
Amadeus (Original Soundtrack Recording) Vinyl 1984 Composed By [Early 18th Century Gypsy Music]
Po Dekle Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Lauluja Kansanmusiikkinäytelmästä Kanteletar Vinyl 1980 Lyrics By [Kanteletar]
Foppt Den Dämon! CD 1996 Lyrics By
Best Of Agricantus CD 1999 Written-By
Hark! The Village Wait Vinyl 1976 Music By
Cacharpaya (Panpipes Of The Andes) Vinyl 1982 Written-By
What's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid CD 2007 Written-By
The North Farm Sessions CD 2009 Written-By
George Heizt Die Kiste An Vinyl Written-by [Volksweisen]
Car Button Cloth CD 1996 Written By
Vinyl 1988 Songwriter
Jégbontó CD 2005 Lyrics By
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Party Vinyl 1990 Written-By
Shellac 1945 Written-By
The Best Of The Seekers Vinyl Written-By
Volume 3: When I'm Gone Vinyl 2009 Written-By
Super-Stereo '70 Vinyl 1971-03-24 Written-By
Duets CD 1988 Written-By
Classic Album Cuts 1968 - 1976 CD 1992 Written-By
Mit Dir Leben Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Alulu Songs Vinyl 1984 Written-by [Yugoslav Folk Song]
Red Roses For Me Vinyl 1984 Written-By
Ashes And Diamonds Vinyl 1977 Written-By
CD 2005 Lyrics By
Shahen Shah Cassette 1989 Composed By
Abendglocken / Einsam Klingt Das Glöckchen / Gesang Der Wolgaschiffer / Poljuschko Vinyl Written-by [Russisches Volkslied]
The Garden Of Jane Delawney CD 1993 Written-By
Heart Ease Blues CD 1996 Written-By
Ostpreußischer Humor - Bernotat Vertellt Zatzkes Und Dammeleien Vinyl Written-By
Eutaw CD 2001 Written-By
CD 2007 Lyrics By
Летучий Корабль Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Electric Mountain CD 1993 Written-By
Songs Of The Isles Cassette 1994 Music By
Vinyl 1967 Music By
Amazing Grace And Gospel Train Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Kalinka / Stenka Rasin Vinyl Written-by [Volkslied]
National Dances 1 Vinyl Written-By
National Dances 1 Vinyl 1961 Written-By
National Dances 2 Vinyl Written-By
National Dances 2 Vinyl Written-By
National Dances 3 Vinyl Written-By
National Dances 3 Vinyl Written-By
Silent Night, Holy Night Vinyl 1965 Written-By
Najpiękniejsze Kolędy Cassette 1998 Music By, Words By
Negro Spirituals Vinyl Written-By
The Greatest Is Love Vinyl Written-By
Südamerika Olè Vinyl Written-By
Memoria Sefardí CD 2002 Composed By
De Castille À Samarkand CD 2006 Composed By
Terres Turquoises CD 2004 Composed By
On The Line Vinyl 1979-01-00 Written-By
Námořnickej Bál / Tuhle Rundu Platím Já Vinyl 1966 Written-by [Anglická Lid.]
Sails Of Silver CD 1998 Written By
Shearwater Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Anthems In Eden Vinyl 1985 Written-By
Pure Aztec Gold CD 2001 Written-By
Med Rötter I Medeltiden Vinyl 1974 Lyrics By
Rackarspel Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Fotheringay Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Pierre De Grenoble CD 1995 Written-By
Malicorne CD Composed By
Malicorne CD Composed By
Toys For Tots Vol. 2: 30 Holiday Favorites CD 2004 Written-By
My Lord And I - Finest In Gospel CD Written-By
Cairo Vinyl 1983-03-14 Written-By
Reflection Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Negro Spirituals Vinyl Written-By
Amaranth Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Keeper Of The Fire - The Anthology CD 2006 Written By
Sikuriadas (Aparat) Vinyl 1983 Written By
Speaking Balkanian CD 2010-01-01 Written By
For The Faithful Vinyl 1984 Written-By
Alone In A Crowd Vinyl 2000 Written-By
Aubépine - Traditionele Vlaemsche Brederen En Musiek (Musique Et Chants Traditionnels Flamands) Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Jutros Mi Je Ruža Procvetala Vinyl 1989-12-00 Written-By
Orange & Silver Vinyl 2005 Written By
Aj, Mene Majka Jednu Ima Vinyl 1977 Written-By
The Doppler Trio CD 2006 Written-By
Летучий Корабль Vinyl 1990 Written-By
Midwinter Graces All Media 2009 Written-By
Wielka Radość Cassette 1992 Written-By
La Rose Noire CD 1988 Written-By
A Friend In Jesus / Two Wings Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Preserves Uncanned CD 1991 Written By
Demons And Dragons CD 2006 Composed By [Based On Easter Overture, A Russian Easter Hymn]
Go Man Go Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Untitled Flexi-disc 1988-02-00 Written-By
...З Мороку.../Огнецвет CD 2008
Börte 1 CD Written-By
Bleizi Ruz Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Irij CD 2009-12-16 Lyrics By
The Way They Played Vinyl 1989 Written-By
Sweet England CD 2003 Written-By
Ljiljano Mome Ubavo / Što Si Naluteno Libe Vinyl 1959 Written-By
Music From The Balkans And Anatolia No. 1 Vinyl 1976 Written-By [Original Folktunes]
Makedonske Narodne Pjesme Vinyl 1959 Written-By
The Very Best Of Irish Music And Ballads CD 1996 Written-By
Valceri I Polke Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Elefanten Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Desert Poems CD 2001 Composed By
1000 Balalaika's Vinyl Written-By
Le Goût Du Bonbon CD 2009-09-14 Written-By
Ja Izlezi Stara Majko Vinyl 1960 Written-By
The Sun Also Rises CD 1999 Written By
Give Me The Blues (The Living Tradition) Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Nation Of Fools CD 2007 Written-By
Оризонт Vinyl 1978 Lyrics By
Волшебное Яблочко Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Narodne Pesme Makedonije Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Mike Waterson Vinyl 1977 Written-By
The Lady's Back Vinyl 1980 Music By
Early Days CD 1994 Written-By
Polish Folk Songs And Dances Vinyl 1964 Written-By
Bochumer Jungenlied Vinyl Written-By
Bill Knopf On Banjo With Hot Off The Press And Friends Vinyl Written-By
Folk Songs CD 2009 Written-By
Zvjezda Tjera Mjeseca Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Burnin' Cassette Written-By
Ođila Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Snafu Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Vinyl 1989 Written-By
Usnija Vinyl 1977-05-00 Written-By
Romske Pjesme / Gypsy Songs Vinyl 1985 Written-by [Xxx]
Soar CD 2006-04-04 Written-By [Panamanian Folk Song]
One Star Awake CD 2002 Written-By
Willie Jean Vinyl 1967 Written By
Musica Helvetica: New Swiss Talents Vinyl 1982 Written-By
When The Saints Go Marchin' In / St. Louis Blues Vinyl 1961 Written-By
Musique Du Fond Des Âges - Expression Populaire En Bocage Vinyl Written By
Carmina Burana, Volume 4, Songs Of Spring And Love / Morality Songs / Sacred Songs Vinyl Lyrics By [Carmina Burana]
Uz Zvuke Harmonike Vinyl 1988 Written-By
I'm A-Doun For Lack O'Johnnie (A Little Scottish Fantasy) CD 1996 Composed By
Gori, Gori Ciganska Ljubav Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Vinyl 1977 Written-By
What Doctors Don't Tell You Cassette 1993 Written-By
Der Große RTL Club-Geburtstags-Hit-Mix CD 1997 Written-By
Dueling Banjos / Reuben's Train Vinyl Written-By
The Hermit CD 2004 Written By
Party Jump EP File 2010-02-05 Composed By
CD 2008 Written-By
Shellac Written-By
Ditch Mix Volume Two CDr 2007 Written-By
Led Zeppelin III CD 1997-05-11 Written-By
Vinyl 1972 Written-By
So Clear CD 1997 Written By
Mighty Day On Campus Vinyl 1962 Written-By
Caravel De Caraveles Vinyl 1976 Written-By
The Bootleg Series Volumes 1 - 3 [Rare & Unreleased] 1961-1991 CD 1997-08-17 Written-By
Live Cassette 1993 Music By
All Mein Gedanken (Deutsche Volkslieder Von Johannes Brahms) Vinyl 1968 Composed By
Shellac 1961 Written-By
Veselo, Veselo Zagorci Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Oriente - Occidente Vinyl 1982 Written-by [India]
The Book Of Invasions Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Shellac 1937 Written-By
Ukleti Salaš CD 2008 Music By
All My Trials Vinyl 1990 Written-By
The Mist Covered Mountain Vinyl 1980 Written-by [All Titles]
Play Gaelic: The First "Legendary" Recordings CD 1990 Written-By
Because It's There Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Try For The Sun: The Journey Of Donovan CD 2005 Written By
The Peel Sessions Vinyl 1986 Written-By
Dúlamán Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Shellac 1946 Written-By
Otto Ebner Und Seine Münchner Blasmusik Cassette 1987 Written-by [Volksweise]
Shellac 1939 Music By
New Swing Quartet Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Local Ground CD 2005 Lyrics By
Impressions Du Japon (L'Art Du Koto) Vinyl 1966 Written-By
The Irish Collection CD 1999-11-15 Written-By
Vinyl 1985 Written-By
Everything Remains (As It Never Was) Box Set 2010-02-19 Music By [Tunes]
Петушок-Золотой Гребешок / Коза-Дереза Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Everything Remains (As It Never Was) Vinyl 2010-02-19 Music By [Tunes]
Insanyya CD 2009-12-16 Lyrics By [Arabic Traditional]
Поет Иван Скобцов Vinyl 1969
A Christmas Festival Vinyl Written-By
Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Tubarval Vinyl 1983-07-00 Written-by [Ruska Ciganska]
Red Roses For Me Vinyl 1984 Written-By
Untitled Vinyl 1980 Written-by [Russian Folk Song]
Piirpauke CD 2007 Composed By
Vinyl 1975
The Biut Cassette 1993 Music By
CD 2002 Lyrics By [Лирика]
CD 2007 Lyrics By
Jerusalem Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Hark! The Village Wait Vinyl 1991 Music By
Vinyl 1978
Russian Romance Vinyl 1986 Composed By
Police In Mississippi Blues Vinyl 1978-06-27 Written By
Music Wonderland Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Hanging Johnny File 2009-06-28 Written-by [Sea Chanty]
I'm A-Doun For Lack O'Johnnie (A Little Scottish Fantasy) CD 1996 Composed By
Dödsfärd CD 2003 Lyrics By [Old Swedish Tale]
Magnante Plays Polkas Vinyl Written-By
The Time Is Right Vinyl 1976 Written By
The Bootleg Series Volumes 1 - 3 [Rare & Unreleased] 1961-1991 CD 1991 Written-By
Paloma Negra Vinyl 1966 Written-by [Meksikanska Narodna]
Ȫzlem CD 2004 Written-by [Turkey]
Amadeus (Original Soundtrack Recording) Vinyl 1984 Composed By [Early 18th Century Gypsy Music]
Spirit The Earth Aflame CD 2002 Written-By
Time Will Pass Vinyl 1977 Lyrics By
Hometown Blues Vinyl 1973 Composed By
Волшебное Колечко Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Guds Spelemän CD 1996-08-25 Music By
O Come All Ye Faithful / Ave Maria Vinyl 1960 Written-By
Frank Fairfield Vinyl 2009-08-00 Written-By
Alone In A Crowd CD 2000-10-10 Music By
Land CD 2008 Lyrics By
Russian Balalaikas (Рyccкиe Балaлaйки) Vinyl Written-By
Tottenham, Tottenham Vinyl 1982-05-01 Written-By
A Christmas Treasure Vinyl 1967 Written-By
Long Long Ago Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Treachery CD 2004 Lyrics By [Quotations Of Various Edda Poems]
4D CD 2010-03-00 Written-By
Cassette 1996 Written-By
Bijele Ruže, Nježne Ruže / Kad Ne Bude Mene Više Vinyl 1963 Written-by [Mađarska Romansa]
Old Hag You Have Killed Me Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Zero She Flies CD 2007 Written-By
King Of The Ukrainian Fiddlers CD 1993 Written-By
Najpiękniejsze Kolędy Polskie (Wersje Instrumentalne) Cassette 1995 Written-By
El Folklore De Nuestro Pequeño Mundo Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Bella Ciao / Amore Dammi Quel Fazzolettino Vinyl Written-By [Folklore]
Low Culture CD 2008 Written-By
Julens Sange Med Lis Og Per CD 2003 Written-By
Iran • Percussions • Samani Ensemble In Concert CD 2009 Written-By
Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Sinoć Sam Pio Iz Bokala Cassette 1974 Written-By
Joy To The World (Part 2) Vinyl Written-By
There's A Time Vinyl 1979-02-00 Written By
Mandrin Vinyl 1978 Written By
Mandrin Vinyl Written By
Пан Коцький Vinyl 1991 Written-By
Sabre Raver CD 1995 Music By, Lyrics By
Kiko, Kiko Vinyl 1983 Written-By
Eliza Carthy And The Kings Of Calicutt CD 1997 Written-By
Here Comes The Bride Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Mila Majko, Šalji Me Na Vodu / Djevojka Je Zelen Bor Sadila Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Six Songs From A Wreath Of Carols Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Carols For Christmas Vinyl Written-By
Nikola Karović I Slavko Perović Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Was Wollen Wir Trinken CD 1995 Music By
The Biut Cassette 2000 Music By
Vinyl 1962 Written-by [Ciganske Romanse]
Everything Remains (As It Never Was) CD 2010-02-19 Music By [Tunes]
Vinyl 1963 Written-by [Ciganske Romanse]
Djevojka Podravka Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Davorike Dajke Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Slušam Kaj Šumat Šumite Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Rural Blues Vinyl 1973 Written-By
The Early Years - 1984 To 1987 Vinyl 2001 Lyrics By
Room To Roam Cassette 1990 Written-By
Biesiada Polska - Wesele Cassette 1998 Music By, Lyrics By
Biesiada Polska - Oczepiny Cassette 1998 Music By, Lyrics By
Глаза Змеи Vinyl 1989 Written-By
Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Zajko Kokorajko Vinyl 1962 Written-By
Vinyl 1960 Written-By
Still Life With Guitar CD 1992 Written-By
Piano Poems (Una Corda) CD 2010 Composed By
The Guys (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) CD 2003 Music By
Сивка-Бурка / Диво-Дивное Vinyl 1991 Written-By
Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Houvast Vinyl 1984 Written-By
Ti Ne Znaš, A Ja Te Volim Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Dreams Come True (Hi • I Love You Right Heartily Here • New Songs) CD 2005 Written-By
Canto A Lo Humano Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Freedom's Lament CD 1991 Written-By
Me Derft Se Hett Noch Senge... [Pourquoi Ne Plus Les Chanter Aujourd'hui] Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Thank You For The Music CD 1994-10-31 Written-By [Uncredited]
Spremio Sam Svog Dorata Vinyl 1967 Written-By
Forgotten Days CD 2001 Music By
Dixieland-Festival International Vinyl Written-By
O Miorbhuill Grais / An Crann Ceusaidh Vinyl 1971 Written-By
The Snake CD 1995 Written-By
Oj Ora Je, Ora Je Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Ma Rov Daje Mori / Gelum Ko Bijav Daje Vinyl 1979 Written-by [Romska Pesma]
Second Album Vinyl 1974 Written By
Freedom Is Coming Vinyl 1983 Written-By
Zie Mwea (Natural Conditions): Ancient Keyboard Music Of West Africa CD 2001 Written-By
Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Tempted And Tried Vinyl 1989 Written-By
Dix Ans Dix Filles Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Dva Me Momka Zaprosiše Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Narodna Kola Vinyl 1983 Written-By
Narodna Kola Cassette 1983 Written-By
Crnogorske Narodne Pjesme Pjeva Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Pjesme Iz "Koštane" Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Korean Court Music CD 1991 Written-By
Een Pot Met Bonen (Oh Marie) Vinyl 1975 Written-By
The Best Oryginal Vol. 1 CD 2002 Lyrics By
Supreme Collection CD 1990 Written-By
Maja Andina Vinyl 1990 Written-By
Irlandzki Tancerz Vinyl 1979 Lyrics By [Original]
Acoustically Yours CD 2007-12-03 Written-By
Ar An Bhfidil CD 2004 Written-By
Folk Celtique Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Yiddish Songs:Traditionals (1911-1950) CD Written-By
Puszta Zauber Vinyl Written-by [Volksweisen]
China: The Sound Of Silk And Bamboo CD 1997 Composed By
Back In The Saddle Again CD 1983 Written-By
The Path To The Heart Of Asia CD 1992 Written-By
Traditional Music Of Armenia CD 2006 Written-By
Imala Sam Drugaricu Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Kudelma CD 2005 Written-By
Cruel Sister CD 2005 Written-By
Music Wonderland Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Délivrance CD 2009 Composed By
Grimen CD 2007-06-00 Music By
Seemanns-Party Im Goldenen Anker Vinyl Written-By
Radiolarians I CD 2008 Written-By
Otvor' Prozor, Curice Malena / Ljubio Sam Cure Dvije Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Die Schildbürger Vinyl 1973 Written-by [Volkssage]
Kosmos CD 1997 Lyrics By
Hajda, Hajda, Di Hajda... Vinyl 1983-10-00 Written-By
Get Out CD 1992 Written-By
For As Many As Will Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Adieu To Old England Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Sweet England Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Dead Planet: SonicSlowMotionTrails CD 2006 Music By, Lyrics By
Lark Rise To Candleford Vinyl 1980 Written-By
The Power Of The True Love Knot Vinyl 2005-10-00 Written-By
No Roses Vinyl 1973 Written-By
A Favourite Garland Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Ja Imam Cigansko Srce - Mungro Ilo Romano Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Bobo In White Wooden Houses Vinyl 1991 Written-By
The Immortal Mississippi John Hurt Vinyl 1967 Written-By
Volume II Of The Original Piedmont Recordings "Worried Blues" Vinyl Written-By
Port Isaac's Fisherman's Friends CD 2010 Written-By
Live In Concert CD 2002 Written-By
Murder Ballads CD 1997 Words By
Polyphonies Vocales Et Instrumentales D'Albanie CD 1992 Written-by [Répertoire Populaire]
Shellac 1959
Cockahoop CD 2003-05-19 Written-By
Saimaata Ei Sanoilla Selitä CD 2010-02-26 Written-By
Jeden Za Wszystkich... CDr 2005 Music By
Striži Mome Ruse Kose Vinyl 1966 Written-By
The Mask And Mirror CD 1994 Written-By
Deoch 'N' Dorus CD 2005 Written-By
Close To Home CD 2000 Written-By
Moder, Du Er Kjærlig Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Da Sam Ptica Vinyl 1974-12-00 Written-By
Wir Sitzen Alle Im Selben Boot Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Troitsa CD 2004 Lyrics By
Сон-трава CD 2008 Lyrics By
The Guitar & Banjo Of Reverend Gary Davis Vinyl Written-By
Suut Makiaks! CDr 2010-05-05 Composed By
Vinyl 1978
Odessa CD 1999 Words By
The Spirit Moves Me / Burning Bridges CD 2004-11-09 Written-By
V Sloveniji Vinyl 1969 Written-by [Slovenska Narodna]
Otroške Pesmice Vinyl 1964 Written-by [Otroške Ljuske Pesmice]
Mia CD 2001 Lyrics By, Music By
Kora Music From Gambia CD 2003 Music By
Vol. 3: Texas Songster In A Live Performance Vinyl Written-By
Feelin' The Spirit Vinyl 1959 Written-By
A Garland Of Song Vinyl 2008-12-01 Written-By
Henrich & Hochstetter Vinyl 1971 Written-By
To Our Grandchildren Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Pflaumenpolka 2000 CD 2000 Music By
Nestaćeš Iz Mog Života Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Sound Track From The Motion Picture) CD 1988 Composed By
Parables CD 2010 Music By [Melody From Lesbos, Greece]
A Theme From Picnic At Hanging Rock Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Dream In Red - The Music Of Peter Gabriel CD 2001 Written-By
Hemel En Aarde Kunnen Vergaan, Vrolijke Musici Blijven Bestaan Vinyl Written-By
Keep The Rumor Going Vinyl 1966 Words By
Alte Kärntner Liebeslieder Vinyl 1978 Written-by [Volkslied]
Ragtime Blues Guitar 1928-30 Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Persona Non Grata CD 2010 Lyrics By
The Celtic Blues Project CD 2007 Written-By
The Bothy Band 1975 Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Gaudete Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Yeşil Ördek / Bahçelere Geldı Bahar Vinyl Written-by [Halk Türküsü]
Please To See The King Vinyl 1971 Written-By
The Troublemaker Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Japanese Dub CD 2010-04-06 Written-By
Kad Pođoh Da Se Prošetam Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Live Cream Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Sings 21 Years & Others Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Isole Che Parlano CD 1999 Composed By
Live Cream Vinyl Written-By
Meksiko - La Pachanga Cassette 1979 Written-By
Live Beogradska Arena 15. Oktobar 2005. CD 2010 Lyrics By
Tri Men CD 2007 Music By
Hare Krishna Mantra Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Christmas With Weezer File 2008-12-16 Written-By
Panama Limited Jug Band Vinyl 1969-09-00 Written-By
Second Album CD 1993 Written-By
Još Litar Jedan / A Što Ti Je Mila Kćeri Vinyl 1975 Written-By
The Young Tradition / So Cheerfully Round CD 1996 Written-By
A Kiss In The Morning Early Vinyl 1976 Words By
Winter Ceremony Vinyl 1996 Written-By
Hyperboreans CD 2009-09-07 Written-By
How Could I Leave My Wife Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Light Up The Fire Vinyl 1972 Music By
Shellac Written-By
Continental Drift CD 1987 Composed By
Shellac 1946 Written-By
Sidi H'Bibi Vinyl 1991 Written-By
Christmas Country Style Cassette 1979 Written-By
Sounds Of New Orleans Streets: Funeral And Parade Music Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Impressions CD 2000 Composed By
Another Country CD 1992 Written-By
Wenn Die Blümlein Draußen Zittern - Küchenlieder Vinyl 1979 Composed By [Folklore], Lyrics By [Folklore]
Wings Over The Jordan Vinyl Written-By
Wanderlust / Mit Rucksack, Hut Und Wanderstock Vinyl 1962 Lyrics By
Vive La Rose - Les Très Vieilles Chansons De France Vinyl 1966 Written-By
Кулик / Ой, Джигуне, Джигуне Shellac 1937
Stroll On Vinyl 1975 Words By
The Best Of BBC Radio Carlisle's Folk Workshop Vinyl 1976 Written-By
CD 1996 Written-By
Love And Rockets CD Words By
Farewell And Remember Me Vinyl 1987 Written-By
I See The Sign CD 2010-04-20 Written-By
CD 2006
Pass Office Special Shellac 1957 Written-By
Songs And Pipes Of The Hebrides Vinyl 1952 Written-By
Tihati's South Seas Spectacular Vinyl Written-By
Wait A Minim! Vinyl 1962 Written-By
Best Of The Canadian Brass CD 1989 Composed By
The New Village On The Left... Vinyl 1977-12-31 Composed By
Union Cafe CD 1993 Composed By
Ma Ville Est Le Plus Beau Park CD 1995 Written-By
Abendglocken - Die Schönsten Russland-Melodien CD 1988 Written-By
Van Drakensberg Tot Tafelberg Vinyl 1977 Written By
Ellington Masterpieces Vinyl 1989 Written-By
Grylukvaedi CDr 2010 Written-By
Tetris CD 1992 Written-By
Til Minne... CD 2007 Lyrics By
I Will Not Be Sad In This World Vinyl 1989 Composed By
The First 25 Yearz CD 2006-12-25 Music By
Пожар / Коробейники Shellac 1961 Written-By
Local Punkheroes Vol. 1 CD 2007-12-25 Lyrics By
Vinyl 1970
Espontex Sinfonia CD 2006 Written-By
Hamarak Vinyl 1999 Written-By
Cruel Sister Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Shellac 1956
Shellac 1956
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone CD 1997 Written By
Die Schönsten Zigeuner-Melodien Vinyl Written-By [Trad.]
Kaviar, Sånglekar Och Tigerjakt Vinyl 1980 Written-By
My Life On The Plains CD 1989 Written-By
Steeleye Span's Tim Hart And Maddy Prior Sing Folk Songs Of Old England Vol 2 Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Jack Orion Vinyl 1966 Written-By
Handgjort Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Galleries Revisited Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Ot Serdca K Nebu Vinyl 2009 Lyrics By [Folk]
Farewell, Angelina Vinyl 1965 Written-By
Home Edición Especial CD 2005 Written-By
Kraj Jedne Ljubavi Vinyl 1969 Music By
Vinyl 1963 Written-By
A Christmas Treasure Vinyl 1967 Written-By
Le Dernier Empereur Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Changing Channels Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Osman Aga Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Under The Volcano Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Under The Volcano CD 1998 Written-By
Beautiful Garden Of Prayer Vinyl 1967 Written-By
Travelling Days Vinyl 1973 Written-By [Release Credit]
Afterhours Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Bouzoukispelman Vinyl 1986 Composed By
Just Act Normal Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Bećarac Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Star Weihnacht Folge 1 Cassette 1989 Written-By
Star Weihnacht Folge 2 Cassette 1989 Written-By [Release Credit]
John Renbourn Vinyl Written-By
1798 - 1998 Irish Songs Of Rebellion CD 1998 Written-By
Do It Again: A Tribute To Pet Sounds CD 2006-12-11 Written-By
Nem Arról Hajnallik, Amerről Hajnallott CD 1993 Written-By
The Bagpipes & Drums Of Scotland Cassette Written-By
Žal Za Mladost / Keremejle Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Volume 4 CD Written-By
Whiskey In The Jar From Ireland Cassette Written-By
Moshi CD Composed By
Another Monday CD 2002 Written-By
...Beneath A Dublin Sky The 1916 Easter Rising The 90th Anniversary Commemorative Collection CD 2006 Written-By
Faro Annie CD 2005-10-28 Written-By
Ciganske Pesme Vinyl 1981-12-00 Music By
The Black Balloon CD 2005-10-28 Written-By
The Power Of The True Love Knot CD 2000 Written-By
Faro Annie CD 2002 Written-By
Batteries Included CD 2003 Written-By
Wide Blue Yonder Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Land CD 2008 Music By
Zil Zurna Sevdalar CD 1994 Written-By
More Sokol Pie Vinyl 1974 Written-by [Uncredited]
Irish Heartbeat CD 1998 Written-By
Quicksilver CD 1994 Written-By
Süperstar '83 CD 2008-05-22 Music By [Uncredited]
Don't Go Cassette 1990 Written-By
Solange Der Vorrat Reicht CD Music By
Rising Again: Union Songs For The '80's Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Music From The Four Corners Of Hell CD 2003 Written-By
La Treizième Heure Vinyl 1979 Lyrics By
Vinyl 1989 Written-By
Onzen Bok Is Dood CD 1994 Written-By
Son Of India Vinyl Written-By
A Caballo Vinyl 1990 Written-By
Aufstehn CD Written-By
The Best Of Ajda Pekkan CD 2008-02-14 Music By
The Mirror Pool Vinyl 2009-12-07 Composed By
Glory Hallelujah Cassette Written-By [Spirituals], Lyrics By [Spirituals]
Vinyl 1987 Written-By
My Bonnie Vinyl Written-By
Vinyl 1969
The Planxty Collection Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Birigwa CD 2007 Written-By
Horse Vinyl 1970 Written-By
You'll Sing A Song And I'll Sing A Song CD 1989 Written-By
The Red Crow CD 1990 Written-By
The Pipe Music Of Scotland Vinyl Written-By
Vinyl 1980
Musiques De Basse-Bretagne Vinyl 1985 Written-By
Gloryland - The Official Theme Song Of WorldCup USA 94 CD 1994 Written-By
Trąf Trąf CD 1997 Lyrics By
Harvest Storm CD 1992 Composed By
The Well Below The Valley Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Landschaft Mit Entfernten Verwandten CD 2007 Lyrics By
Mali Čun Vinyl 1967 Written-by [Ruska Ciganska Romansa]
Ima Dana Kada Ne Znam Šta Da Radim Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Voices Of The Civil Rights Movement (Black American Freedom Songs 1960-1966) CD 1997 Written-By
Traditional Scottish Songs CD 2002 Written-By
Au Dahomey - A Tahiti. Les Lépreux Chantent Pour Les 60 Ans De Raoul Follereau Vinyl Written-By
Blackwater CD 1996 Composed By
Shuffle Off Vinyl 1983 Written-By
Na Zawsze Młodzi... CD 1998 Music By
All My Trials Vinyl 1990-11-26 Written-By
Волшебное Яблочко Vinyl 1984 Written-By
Walking In The Shadow Of The Big Man Vinyl 1985 Written-By
Historias Da Rua CD 2000 Written-By
Local Ground CD 2005 Lyrics By
Boulez Conducts Webern, Carter, Varèse, Berio CD 2009 Lyrics By [Volkslied]
Per Agata CD 1992 Written-By
Vinyl 1969
Čim Rujna Zora Zarudi Vinyl 1975 Written-By
The Blue Idol CD 2002 Written-By
La Cantina CD 2006 Written-By
A Chrestomathy CD 1992 Written-By
1975 CD 2008 Written-By
Sweet Wivelsfield Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Pasakos Vinyl 1989 Written-By
Deinainá Cassette 1998 Music By, Arranged By
Móðir Vinyl 1996 Written-By
40 Jahre CD 2002 Written-By
Vinyl 1987
Moving The Air CD 1995 Written-By
Dueling Banjos Vinyl 1972 Written-By
A Charlie Brown Christmas CD Written-By
Thaïlande: Danses CD 1994 Written-By
Egypte: Taqâsim & Layâli - Tradition Du Caire CD 2003 Written-By
Jewel Vinyl 1991 Lyrics By
Channel Nordica CD 2004 Music By
Alma Livre CD 2007 Written-By
Escale Au Maroc CD 1995 Written By [Release Credit]
Did He Jump... Or Was He Pushed? Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Jedno Jutro U Svitanje Zore Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Live! Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Vinyl Written-By [Folksong]
Cerddoriaeth I Macbeth / Music From Macbeth CD 1999 Written-By
Die Betschwester Und Andere Frivole Gesänge Vinyl 1980 Written By
Heart Ease Blues CD 1996 Written By
Vinyl 1990 Written-By
Ingenmandsland Vinyl 1983 Written-By
Qntal CD 2000-05-01 Lyrics By
Qntal II CD 2000-05-01 Lyrics By
Erschröckliche Moritaten Vinyl 1981 Written-by [Folklore]
З Маминих Долонь CD
Mia Cassette 2001 Lyrics By, Music By
Fruit CD 2007 Written-By
Fast Folk CD 1994 Written-By
'S Katherl / Mein Vatern Sein Häuserl Vinyl 1974 Lyrics By
Huipun Mikko CD 2004 Written-By
The Big Come Up Vinyl 2010-01-21 Written-By
Backwoods Vinyl 1975 Composed By
Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Sabra Disco (Hevenu Shalom Aleichem) Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Les Yeux Noirs Vinyl Written-by [Folklore]
No Sports CD 2008 Lyrics By
Ujta Midra Ko Vazuj Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Le Rêve (Jeux Interdits) Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Fossils And Other Phantoms CD 2010-04-05 Lyrics By [Some Lyrics]
Što Se Bore Misli Moje Vinyl 1977-09-00 Written-By
The Polish Song And Dance Ensemble, Vol. 3 Vinyl 1965 Words By [Folk Text]
Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Easy Riding Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Negro Spirituals Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Free Beer And Chicken Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Ты, Ветер / Серьги-Кольца Vinyl Written-By
Cilmeri Vinyl 1980 Written-by [Melodies]
Nem Úgy Van Most, Mint Volt Régen... Vinyl 1982 Music By
An Introduction To Capercaillie CD 2001 Written-By
Jolka Jolka CD 1996 Lyrics By
Folk Celtic Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Vendémiaire Vinyl 1978 Written By
Maluzerne Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Irish Tunes And Songs Vinyl Written By
Cassette 1997
The Rumanian Sound Of Gheorghe Zamfir Vinyl 1979 Written-by [Folklore]
Musique Traditionnelle Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Namnètes Vinyl 1975 Written By
Égypte Vol 2 Vinyl 1979 Music By
Long Long Ago Vinyl 1979-08-24 Written-By
Salzburger Volksmusik Vinyl Written-by [Volksweise]
What Am I To Be Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Slow Train Vinyl 2007 Written By
Dead Planet: SonicSlowMotionTrails CD 2006 Music By, Lyrics By
No One Comprehends Cassette 1998 Lyrics By
Ja Hoću Da Volim Pa I Da Patim Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Island Of Ghosts CD 1991 Written-By
Kafu Mi Draga Ispeci Vinyl 1961 Written-By
Ašikluka Više Nema Cassette 1985 Written-By
Oluja Vinyl 1968 Written-by [Ciganska Narodna]
The Woods Band Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Shellac 1939
Hairy Jazz CD 2008-02-19 Written-By
Fate Of A Bachelor CD 2007 Written-By
The Old Woman's Dance Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Untitled Vinyl Written-By
Andy Irvine / Paul Brady Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Earthdance Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Thomas The Rhymer Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Kalinka / Zigeuner-Lager Vinyl Written-By
Hazırım CD 1995 Music By
Aufsässige Volkslieder Aus Österreich Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Blas Y Pridd Vinyl 1979 Written-by [Music]
The Even Dozen Jug Band CD 2002-06-11 Written-By
Shellac 1946 Written-By
A Capella Choral Works CD 1997 Lyrics By [Text]
Pesma Skoplju Vinyl 1965 Written-By
Now We Are Six Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Recollections Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Once I Had A Sweetheart Vinyl 1969 Written-By
A Charlie Brown Christmas SACD 2003-09-30 Written-By
Spillemændene Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Реве Та Стогне Днiпр Широкий / Ой. Попливи, Вутко Vinyl 1951 Written-By
Cançons De Femnas - Cançons De Hemnas - Cançons De Fremas Vinyl 1979 Written By
Vinyl Written-By
Sky 2 Vinyl 1980 Written-By
The Eternal Flute - Folk Music From India Vinyl 1982 Composed By
Gabby Road CD 1997-10-21 Written-By
Tweetine Bandım CD 2010-07-26 Music By
American Pie Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Dŵr Glân CD 1990 Written-By
La Vendée Vinyl 1977 Written By
Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Young Hunting Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Balkan Vinyl 1989 Written-By
CD 2001 Written-By
Música Tradicional Portuguesa - Volume 2 CD 2010 Written-by [Popular]
Li Sarracini Adorano Lu Sole Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Fest-Noz Vinyl Written-By
The Queens Royal Trimma CD 2000 Written-By
The Virgin's Lament (Caoineadh Na Maighdine) CD 1996-07-01 Written-By
My Life On The Plains CD 1989 Written-By
Freedom Fields CD 2006-08-21 Written-By
Vol.2 - Medicine Show Man CD 2006-10-16 Written-By
Afro-Mandinka Soul (Tama-silo) CD 2006 Music By
Codex Lascivus CD 2002-04-22 Music By
Tempus Mutatur CD 2007-04-30 Music By
Kas Tave Šaukia... CD 2010-08-29 Lyrics By
Præsenterer Clausen I Tonernes Verden Vinyl 1982 Music By
Hare Krishna Mantra Vinyl 1969-08-00 Written-By
Govinda Vinyl 1970 Written-By
How To Play Blues Guitar Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Spirituals Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Mutabor CD 2010-09-09 Lyrics By
Jack Orion CD 1991 Written-By
The Blue Horizon Story: 1965-1970 - Vol. 1 CD 1998-10-05 Written-By
Big Bill Broonzy Vinyl 1972 Composed By
Joko CD 2002 Composed By
Litania CD 2004 Lyrics By
Quitte Paris Vinyl 1977 Lyrics By
Buy Me Bring Me Take Me: Don't Mess My Hair - Life According To Four Bitchin' Babes CD 1991-09-17 Written-By
Cruel Sister CD 1997 Written-By
The Jazz Singer (Original Songs From The Motion Picture) Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Good Morning Judge CD 2003 Written-By
Tamo Daleko Vinyl 1967 Written-By
Włóczęga Flexi-disc 1975 Written-By
Beklenen CD 2010-06-28 Written-By
Question Mark & The Mysterians CD 1997 Composed By
Live! CD 2000 Written-By
Musique Traditonnelles Des Pays De Meuse (Barrois Et Perthois) Vinyl Written By
Adieu To Old England Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Danses Traditionnelles D'Alsace Vinyl Written By
Ciganske Narodne Pesme Vinyl 1962 Written-by [Ciganska Narodna]
Old Blood CD 2002 Written-By [Derived From The Traditional]
Folclore Vinyl 1975 Written By
Sean-Nós Nua CD 2002 Written-By
Christmas Joy Cassette 1986 Composed By
Birthrights CD 1998 Written-By
Folk Songs CD 1997 Written-By
Gilles Servat Vinyl Written-by [Barzhaz Breizh]
Vinyl 1984 Written-by [Tradicionalne Narodne Pesme Ruskih Roma]
Swan Lake Vinyl 1976 Written-By
My Bonnie Vinyl 1963-06-00 Written By
Klangoase 2 CD 1998 Written By
Travelling Days Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Mchezo Mpiya / Mchezo Ya Uhuru / Wasifa / Kisafiri Vinyl 1965 Written-By
20 Great Dixieland Hits CD 1989 Written-By
Cassette 2005 Lyrics By
Der Leutnant Von Der Garde (Sie War Ein Mädchen Voller Güte) Vinyl 1967 Written-By
La Mirlitantouille Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Chants Des Indiens D' Amérique CD 1994 Written-By
Playing With Fire CD 1995 Written-By
Hello Mr. Beat Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Collections CD 2009 Written-By
Mariama Vinyl 1990 Written-By
Starogradski Biseri 2 Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Qntal IV - Ozymandias CD 2005 Lyrics By
Mangala Vinyl 1974 Written-by [Indijska Narodna]
Sakmės Ir Pasakos Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Pjesma I Svirka Iz Istre Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Ain't A Gonna Lie To You CD 2003 Written-By
Gipsy Serenade Vinyl Written-By [Folk-song]
Good Morning Judge CD 2003 Written-By
Istrijanka Vinyl 1967 Music By
Hoot Your Belly CD 2003 Written-By
I Wanna Ramble CD 2007 Written-By
Yankee Doodle Dandy Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Korean Court Music Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Alte Volksweisen Aus Dem Appenzell Vol.1 Vinyl Written-By
Kyrie Eleison Vinyl 1966 Written-By
Shake 'Em On Down CD 1992 Written-By
Blues Magician CD 1999 Written-By
La Prison D'amour Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Fourth And Beale CD 2006-08-01 Written-By
Three Drunken Maidens Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Reflection Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Au Pays De Lerida Vinyl 1976 Written By
Au Pays De Lerida Vinyl 1979 Written By
Love Devotion Surrender CD 2003 Written-By
The George Mitchell Collection CD 2008 Written-By
Radujte Se, Narodi Vinyl 1966 Written-By
Narodi Nam Se Vinyl 1966 Written-By
Mama Says I'm Crazy CD 2003 Written-By
CD 1995 Lyrics By [Indiánská Poezie]
Andy Irvine / Paul Brady Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Ossian Vinyl 1977 Music By, Lyrics By
Something New / I Loved A Lass CD 1999 Written-By
Musique Traditionnelle De Gascogne II Vinyl 1978 Written By
Mélusine Vinyl 1975-09-00 Written-By
Selections Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Canción Ecuatoriana Vinyl 1979 Written By
J'ai Vu Le Loup, Le Renard Et La Belette Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Free Again CD 1992 Written-By
Mit Fürst Pückler-Muskau Nach Irland (1828) Cassette 1999 Written-By [Fáinne Óir Ort, Two Jigs, The Three Sisters, Tom Mcelvogue's, The Mulligar Races]
Gwymon CD 2008 Written-By
Stare Gradske Pesme Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Omut CD 2004 Lyrics By
Everybody's Child CD 2010-11-12 Composed By
Hörstücke CD 1994 Music By
Profesionalka CD 2001 Music By
The Sermon CD 1988 Written-By
Tullochgorum CD 2002 Written-By
Northwards CD 2005 Composed By [Traditionell Überlieferte Tunes (wahrscheinlich Aus Dem Schwedischen Raum)]
Luksus CD 1995 Music By
Carnaval In Rio / Überall Vinyl 1972 Written-By
The Even Dozen Jug Band Vinyl 1964 Written By
Чорніі Брови, Каріі Очі Shellac
Vinyl Written-By
Chants Et Danses De Yougoslavie Vinyl Written-By
Trouble In Mind CD 2002 Written-By
Chants Et Danses De Tradition Savoyarde - Zhe Vire Ma Vyüla Pè Gonyi Mõ Pã ... Vinyl 1977 Written By
Too Long In This Condition CD 2010 Written-By
From Lake Mary CD 2000-09-22 Written-By
Christmas Is: Cassette 1985 Written-By
Sacred & Secular Gospel-Blues-Jazz Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Ffawd CD 2001 Written-By
Vinyl 1989 Written-By
Continental Drift Vinyl 1987 Composed By
Elektriçisti I Ri Vinyl 1971 Written-by [Këngë Popullore]
My Black Name A-Ringin' CD 1999 Written-By
Vinyl 1966 Written-By
(New) Christmas With Boney M. Vinyl 1984-11-12 Written-By
Čerga Mala Luta Preko Sveta Vinyl 1980 Music By [Ciganska Narodna]
Za Tebe, Zemljo Moja Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Ajde Slušaj Kaleš Bre Anđo Vinyl 1966 Written-By
Dona Got A Ramblin' Mind Vinyl 2006 Written-By
Prava Stvar Cassette 1995 Music By
Studio Sessions: Rare And Unreleased CD 2003 Written-By
Mi Se Sobrale, Mi Se Nabrale Vinyl 1966 Written-By
Ian Campbell Folk Group Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Les Bateliers De La Volga / Je T'Ai Donné Mon Cœur Shellac Composed By [Chant Des Haleurs]
Makedonske Narodne Pesme Vinyl 1965 Written-By
Live Cream Vinyl Written-By
Fiedel Michel Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Beroemde Balalaika Medlodieën Vinyl Written-By
Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen - The Library Of Congress Recordings, Volume Five CD 1994 Written-By [Uncredited]
The Best Of Leadbelly CD 2003-03-18 Written-By
U Našem Selu Češma Šarena Vinyl 1970 Written-by [Goranske Narodne Pesme]
Let It Shine On Me - The Library Of Congress Recordings, Volume Three CD 1991 Written-by [Uncredited]
Take This Hammer CD Written-By
The Last Emperor Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Another Time CD 2010 Written-By
No Line On The Horizon CD 2009 Music By
Albanske Narodne Pesme Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Live Cream Vinyl Written-By
Enemagic Sound Tracks File 2009-11-25 Written By
The Immortal Mississippi John Hurt CD Written-By
The Wind That Shakes The Barley CD 2010 Lyrics By
Ima Dana Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Slavonske Narodne Pesme Vinyl 1965 Written-By
Teška Beše Našata Razdelba Vinyl 1985 Written-By
Spirit Of Love Vinyl Written-By
Love Devotion Surrender CD 1997-02-01 Written-By
In_Transit CD 2007 Written-By [All Songs]
Live Cream Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Witaj Gwiazdko Złota Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Open The Door Vinyl 1984 Written By
Peva Uz Saz Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Kola Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Wśród Nocnej Ciszy... Kolędy I Pastorałki Śpiewa Irena Santor Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Red Roses For Me Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Live At Last ! Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Vaj Si Qenka Ba Dynjaja Vinyl 1973 Written-By
CD 2007 Lyrics By
Air CD 1986-11-10 Written-By
Folklore Angevin Vinyl Music By [Music & Dance]
Fiesta Gitana Vinyl Written-By
Almanach Vinyl 1979 Written By
Mornaru Na Rastanku Vinyl 1967 Written-By
The Rizitika Of Crete Vinyl 1976 Written-by [Rizitika]
The Best CD 2007 Music By, Lyrics By
Aufsässige Volkslieder Aus Österreich Vinyl 1985 Written-By
Rock On Away From Here: Blues By Jimmy Lee Williams Vinyl 1988 Written-By
The Jazz Singer (Original Songs From The Motion Picture) Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Ik Ging Laatstmaal Op Jacht (Veldopnamen) CD 2001 Written-By
Das Naturbräu-Lied Vinyl 1984 Written-By
A Journey Through His Music CD 2006 Composed By
Speelman, Gij Moet Strijken (Traditionele Instrumenten En Dansmuziek) CD 2001 Written-By
Vinyl 1954
My Very Favourite Nursery Rhyme Record CD 2009 Written-By
Two Graduated Jiggers CD 2000 Written-By
Russian Balalaika Vinyl Music By
Piano Music 1977-1996 CDr 1998 Composed By
Handgjort Vinyl 2010 Written-By
A Christmas Together CD 1996 Written-By
Die Schönsten Lieder Der Weihnachtszeit Vinyl 1983 Written-By
Po Jezeru Bliz Triglava Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Kadar Jaz Na Pvaninco Grem Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Lonesome Penny CD 2006 Written-By
Talking With The Taxman About Poetry Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Kupite Rože Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Glittering Prize 81/92 CD 1992 Music By
The Enchanted World Of Ferrante & Teicher Vinyl 1964 Written-By
Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Vinyl 1982 Music By
The Wind That Shakes The Barley Vinyl 2010 Lyrics By
The Sermon Vinyl 1987 Written-By
On A Personal Note CD 1997 Written-By
W Cichą Noc Vinyl 1974 Written-By
60 Horses In My Herd CD 1996 Music By [All Songs]
Purely Piobaireachd - Classical Music Of The Highland Bagpipe Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Life Of A Man Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Sings Songs And Plays Guitar CD 2005 Written By
Alkeholism CD 1994 Lyrics By
Blackwaterside CD 1996 Written-By
Kosmose Cassette 1997 Words By
Autar CD 2000 Music By [Based On Melodies]
The Irish Rover Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Isabel Canta A Violeta CD 2014 Written-By
Sky 2 Vinyl 1980 Written-By
3 Ships - 22nd Anniversary Edition CD 2007 Written-By
HMS Donovan CD 2009 Music By
The Celts Strike Again Cassette 1997 Written-By
Proměny CD 2010 Written-By
Early Blues Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Ciganski Tabor Vinyl 1962 Written-by [Ruska Romansa]
Vinyl 1968 Written-By
What We Did On Our Holidays CD 1990 Written-By
The Sun Also Rises Vinyl 2008-06-15 Written By
Amerika & Zurück Vinyl Written-By
Esma Vinyl 1977-01-00 Written-By
Nezaboravne Melodije Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Aus Der Jugendzeit - A Go Go Vinyl 1967 Written-By
Great Songs Of Lightnin Hopkins Vinyl 1984 Written-By
Songs And Sounds Of The Orient Vinyl 1966 Music By [All Music]
Nuova Compagnia Di Canto Popolare Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Irish Heartbeat Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Låtarna Ur: Musikalen Pappa Vinyl 1981 Lyrics By, Music By
Looking Back At Marburg County Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Achter In Het Stille Klooster / Als De Soldaten Door De Stad Marcheren Vinyl 1960 Written By
Kerstliederen Vinyl Written-By
Missa Luba - Messe Des Savanes (De La Bande Originale Du Film "If..." "Sanctus") Vinyl Composed By
... Plays Kukaratshas CD 2007 Music By
Brangus Vinyl 1999 Written-By
Опришки Vinyl 1973
Burnin' CD Written-By
You're A Lady Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Cassette 1999-11-19 Lyrics By
New Orleans Stompers CD 2008 Composed By
Hot Rod Vinyl 1990 Written-By
Farewell, Angelina Vinyl 1965 Written-By
Volcano Vinyl 1976 Music By
The Road To Paradise CD 2007-06-01 Composed By [Chant]
Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Rudy's Rockin' Kiddie Caravan CD 1997 Written-By
Walk Right In CD 1999 Written-By
Swinging Christmas Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Clementine Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Iskee Kuin Miljoona Volttia Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Remembering Part 1 Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Andy Irvine / Paul Brady CD 1990 Written-By
Musik Im Glenn Miller Und Tomy Dorsey Style Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Blasmusik Vom Egerland Vinyl Written-By [Volksweise]
Never Mind The Bollocks 1983 CD 1996 Written-By
The Lady's Back Vinyl 1980 Music By
Ffidil CD 1997 Written-By
Die Grossen Erfolge Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Paratiisin Pojat - Amerikansuomalaisia Lauluja Vinyl 2008 Composed By [Säv.]
Voyage Intérieur / A Spiritual Journey CD 1996 Lyrics By
Red Roses For Me Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Every Time You Move Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Castles In The Sand CD 2009 Written-By
Rímur CD 2003 Written-By
Vinyl 1977
Pili Jsme A Budem CD 2009-03-03 Music By, Lyrics By
Balkan Impressions Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Pencere CD 2005 Written-By
Balkan Rumba CD 2001 Written-By
Canti Degli Indiani D'america CD 1994 Written-By
The Bothy Band Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Txaranga "Wiiiss Wiiiss" Cassette 1996 Written-By
Pibau CD 1998 Written-By
Alive CD 1990 Music By
Шумел Камыш CD 2007 Music By, Lyrics By
Сивка-Бурка Vinyl 1980 Written-By
The Bears Are Running CD 1994-05-24 Written-By
Persistent Et Signent - Au Prix Où Sont Les Courges CD 1990 Written-By
Kishmul's Galley Vinyl 1968 Written-By
A Victorian Noël CD 1993 Written-By
A Victorian Christmas CD 2000 Written-By
Joan Baez Accompanying Herself On The Guitar Vinyl 1961 Written-By
So Early In The Spring Vinyl 1990 Written-By
Relativity Vinyl 1985 Written-By
Trojka Vinyl 1965 Written-by [Ruska Romansa]
Vinyl 1963 Written-By
Amen Sama But Roma Vinyl 1958 Written-by [Ciganska Pesma]
Ne Se Faćaj Done Donke Vinyl 1958 Written-by [Makedonska Narodna Pesma]
U Mojim Venama CD 1994 Written-By
Chant Et Poésie Vinyl 1959 Written-By
Fungus Vinyl Written-By
Gloryland - The Official Theme Song Of WorldCup USA 94 CD 1994 Written-By
Quatre Chants Pour Le Cours Élémentaire Vinyl 1955 Written By
Berlin Wedding CD 2006 Composed By
Pop-Party Auf Der Ponderosa Vinyl Composed By
Mainly Mother Goose CD Written-By
Ca Va Bien S'Passer ! CD Written-By
Da, To Je To! CD 2000 Music By
Suut Makiaks! CD 2010-05-00 Composed By
Live! Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Wir Sitzen Alle Im Selben Boot Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Wir Sitzen Alle Im Selben Boot Cassette 1982 Written-By
Too Close For Comfort Vinyl 1979 Written-By
The Planxty Collection CD 1989 Written-By
Andy Irvine / Paul Brady Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Senegambia Cassette 1986 Written-By
Sings Geordie Songs Vinyl 1964 Written-By
Les Grandes Chansons De Claude Nougaro - "Une Petite Fille" Vinyl Music By
U Tem Somboru Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Muzsikas Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Vinyl Lyrics By
Weihnachten & James Last Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Malicorne I Vinyl 1974 Written By
20 Canti Popolari Italiani CD 1990 Written-By
Vlaške Pesme Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Speel Zigeuner....Speel Vinyl Written-By
Blues Cassette 1994 Written-By
The Serfs CD 2008 Written-By
Exile On Main St. Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Abre Babi Sokerdžan Vinyl 1961 Written-by [Ciganska Narodna Pesma]
Sea Of Storms Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Keep Your Silver Shined CD 2007 Written-By
Dixie Date Vinyl Written-By
Gaudete Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Celtic Flutes CD 2005 Written-By
Sgwarnogod Bach Bob Cassette 1990 Lyrics By
Germany À Gogo Vinyl Written-By
Irish Heartbeat Vinyl 1988 Written-By
An Evening In Old Moscow Vinyl Written-By
In Touch With: Ray Charles - Nothing But The Blues CD Written-By
Devil's Tune - Ethnic Music From The Twilight Zone CD 1998 Written-By
South Seas Adventure CD 2003 Music By
Kebnekaise CD 1990 Written-By
CD 2006-11-20 Music By, Lyrics By
CD 2003 Music By
La Vie En Rose CD 2005 Written-By
Benjamin Blümchen Präsentiert Die Schönsten Weihnachtslieder Cassette 2000-10-13 Written-By [Releasecredit]
Dixieland-Party Cassette 1974 Written-by [Releasecredit]
Schatz, Lass Uns Den Tango Tanzen Cassette 1974 Written-by [Releasecredit]
Hammond-Feuerwerk Cassette 1974 Written-by [Releasecredit]
Original Skiffle Cassette 1974 Written-by [Releasecredit]
Live On Lansdowne Boston MA (March 12 - March 17 2009 Seven Shows Six Nights) CD 2010-03-16 Written-By
The Meanest Of Times (Limited Editon) CD 2008-03-11 Written-By
Red Roses For Me Vinyl Written-By
Visa Från Barnrike Vinyl 1970 Written By
The 60's Beat Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Jiddische Lieder Vinyl 1982 Composed By
Gospel Train To London CD 1995 Words By, Music By
Sunny Spells & Scattered CD 1997 Written-By
To Our Grandchildren / Watching The Evening Sun Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Blues Koncert Vinyl 1983 Written-By
Seen The Lights Live In Verona DVD 2004 Written-By
Benjamin Blümchen Liederzoo 14 - Fröhliche Weihnachten Cassette 1998-09-21 Music By, Lyrics By
Neven Kolo Vinyl 1974-11-00 Written-By
Un Soir A Moscou Vinyl Written-by [Folklore]
Love Jones Vinyl Written-By
Ships Are Sailing CD 2009 Written By
CD 2005 Lyrics By
Poji Mile Volove Na Reci Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Vinyl 1981 Music By
Les Humphries' Dancin' Medley Vinyl 1980 Written-By
On The Road With The Dropkick Murphys DVD 2004-03-09 Written-By
4 - "Jausmų Karuselė" Cassette 1997 Music By, Lyrics By
Disco Folk Vinyl 1980 Written-By
South Seas Adventure Vinyl 2003 Music By
Концерт CD 1987 Written-By
All For Me Grog Cassette 1994 Written-By
Chariot D'Or CD 1995 Written-By
Habitus Vinyl 1990 Lyrics By
Red Roses For Me Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Solomon's Seal CD 2010-09-22 Written-By
Cruel Sister CD 2010-09-22 Written-By
Hrvatska Pjesmarica - O Hrvatskoj Pjevam Pjesmu Cassette 1989 Written-By
Ti Ne Znaš, A Ja Te Volim Cassette 1980 Written-By
Жар-Жар CD 2008-12-25 Lyrics By
Memória De Adriano CD 1992 Composed By, Lyrics By
The Wind That Shakes The Barley Vinyl 2010 Lyrics By
Shearwater Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Salaisuuksien Talo CD 1994 Lyrics By
O Sete Nebună CD 2009-03-01 Lyrics By
Strict Tempo! (Traditional & Modern Tunes For All Occasions!!) Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Abre Babi Sokerdžan Vinyl 1964 Written-by [Ciganska Narodna Pesma]
Everything Remains (As It Never Was) CD 2010-02-19 Music By [Tunes]
Festival Of Irish Music CD 1995 Written-By
Гайдамаки CD 2002 Lyrics By
No Roses Vinyl 1971-10-00 Written-By
Un Dewezh 'Barzh 'Gêr - Una Jornada En Casa Vinyl 1978 Written-By
En Mana Kuoyo CD 1993 Written-By
Just Dave Van Ronk Vinyl 1964-08-00 Written-By
Sterneneisen CD 2011-02-25 Lyrics By
Going Out In Style CD 2011-03-01 Written-By
Walking In The Shadow Of The Big Man Vinyl 1985 Written-By
Die Schönsten Kinderlieder CD 2010 Written-By
Idioten Vinyl 2011-02-27 Written-By
Western Hits! - The Best Of Bluegrass Banjo Vinyl Written-By
In Concert Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Ođila Vinyl 1995 Written-by [Narodne Pesme Ruskih Cigana]
Jehal Cigan Cassette 1987 Written-by [Tradicionalne Pesme Ruskih Roma]
Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Belfast Child (Full Length Version) Vinyl 1989 Composed By
The Music Of Roscoe Holcomb & Wade Ward Vinyl 1962 Written-By
Księżyc Na Tahiti Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Fiestas Of Peru: Music Of The High Andes Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Passe-Partout Vol. 3 Vinyl 1982-01-00 Written-By
Passe-Partout Vol. 4 Vinyl 1982-12-00 Written-By
We Sail Away CD 1997 Music By
Esma Vinyl 1980 Music By
Zar Ti Ne Kaže Pesma Stara Vinyl 1983 Written-By
Взойди Солнце CD 2011 Music By
Salida De Emergencia Vinyl 1989 Written-By
Love Devotion Surrender CD 2001 Written-By
Imam Jednu Želju - Izbor Starogradskih Pesama I Romansi Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Wald Und Jägerei Vinyl 1976 Composed By [M.]
Tonewall Stands CD 1992 Written-By
CD 1997 Lyrics By
Hei-Fara! CD 2010-12-06 Written-By
Ideje Izpod Odeje Vinyl 1981 Written-By [Ljudska]
Da Ne Zaboravis CDr 2005-12-00 Written-By
A Frenzy Of Music And Action! CD 1992 Written-By
When The Saints Go Marching In Vinyl Written-By
Son Of Morris On Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Je Li Kome Kano Srcu Mome Vinyl 1965-06-00
Krishna CD 2006 Lyrics By
Starogradski Biseri 3 Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Starogradski Biseri 6 Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Uz Vatru Vinyl 1983-01-00 Written-By
Pogreših Samo Jedno - Romanse 6 Vinyl 1976-05-00 Written-By
Sterneneisen CD 2011-02-25 Lyrics By
Yenisei-Punk CD Lyrics By
The Celts Strike Again CD 1997 Written-By
Stari Ciganin Vinyl 1959 Written-by [Romansa]
Gwendal Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Seven Seas CD 2011 Written-By
Canciones De La Guerra Civil Española Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Russia - Between Day And Night Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Belfast Child Vinyl 1989 Composed By
Russland Zwischen Tag Und Nacht Cassette 1972 Written-By
Oj Djevojko Pod Brdom Vinyl 1965-01-00 Written-By
Chansons Du Folklore De France Vinyl 1978 Written By
Поет Трио Маренич Vinyl 1980
Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Country & Western Greatest Hits Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Amayenge Vinyl 1989 Written-By
The Joan Baez Ballad Book Vinyl 1972 Written-By
The Wind That Shakes The Barley CD 2010 Lyrics By
Thank You For The Music CD 2008-08-13 Written-By
Ștefan Hrușcă Vinyl 1984 Lyrics By
Garolou Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Mărlin Dărlin Paișpe' Colinde Ș'o Strigătură CD 2006-12-18 Music By, Lyrics By
20 Years Of Manfred Manns Earthband 1971-1991 CD 1991 Written-By
Vinyl 1969-07-00 Written-By
Stare Gradske Pesme Vinyl 1969 Written-by [***]
CD 2005
Leninas CD 2000 Written-By
All Things Are Quite Silent CD 1994 Written-By
Andrea CD 2010-12-20 Music By
Come A Little Closer... Vinyl 1983 Written-By
Beau Jocque Boogie CD Written-By
A Love Song Vinyl 1968 Words By
CD 2010 Music By
Temerav, Temerav Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Maids, When You're Young, Never Wed An Old Man Vinyl 1967 Written-By
Follow Me Vinyl 1968 Music By
Farewell To Tarwathie Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Romske Pesme Vinyl 1974-04-00 Written-By
Juomaripoika | Mennään Pojat CD 2002 Lyrics By
Balalaika Vinyl Written-By
Летучий Корабль Vinyl 1983 Written-By
The Wind Cries Mary Vinyl 1967 Written-By
Djabote CD 1994 Written-By
Kad Mi Pišeš Mila Mati Vinyl 1973-12-00 Written-By
The Lotus Of The Quiet Mind CD 2001 Composed By
Romanse I Gradske Pesme 2 Cassette 2000 Written-By
He's A Tramp Vinyl Written-By
Cantico Della Terra CD 1999 Composed By
Going Out In Style Vinyl 2011-04-01 Written-By
Vinyl 1980 Written-By
The John St. Leger Show Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Mori Çikë N'at Hajat / Kanga E Mahmut Pashës Vinyl 1970-09-00 Written-By
Mori Çikë Ne Derë Të Stanit / Kanga E Pajazitit Vinyl 1970-09-00 Written-By
Hitovi CD 2010 Written-By
Harvest Song CD 1995 Written-By
The Streets Of Laredo / Foggy Foggy Dew Vinyl Written-By
Isa E Ahmeti Vinyl 1975 Written-by [Këngë Popullore]
"Usfret" CD 2001 Written-By
Parcel Of Rogues Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Silly Sisters Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Tutamadim Bir Vatan Vinyl 1974-01-00 Written-By
Le Bal Des Mendiants Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Isa Beg Vinyl 1971 Written-by [Këngë Populore]
Le Pont De Nantes / Le Conscrit Du Languedoc / La Chaloupe A L' Eau / Les Tristes Noces Vinyl 1967 Written-By
Worried Blues Vinyl 1964 Written-By
Folk Music Of East Africa - Volume 1: The Folk Music Of Kenya Vinyl Music By
Nerijai 30 Cassette 2000 Music By
Bitola, Babam Bitola (Macedonian Folk Songs And Dances) Vinyl 1972-01-00 Written-By
Ligeni I Ulzës Vinyl 1970-12-00 Written-By
Ishin Kanë Shtatë - Tejë Vetë Vinyl Written-by [Këngë Popullore]
Juice CD 1993-05-21 Written-By
Kënga E Dabishevcit Vinyl 1971 Written-by [Këngë Popullore]
Kënga E Muhaxherëve Vinyl 1974-03-00 Written-By
Battle Of The Field Vinyl 1985 Written-By
Babe Stovall Vinyl 1964 Written-By
The Cherry Tree. Songs, Carols & Ballads For Christmas SACD 2010 Composed By
CD 2010 Written-By
Remembering Part 1 CD 1998 Written-By
Ballady Przedmiejskie Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Vinyl 1981
CD 2010 Written-By
Kapela Czerniakowska Cassette 1976 Written-By
CD 2010 Written-By
Three Vinyl 2009 Songwriter
Lo Mejor Del Camarón De La Isla Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Pur CD 2000 Written-By
Krakel Spektakel - Lennart Hellsing Bästa Barnvisor CD 2001 Music By
Seppuccio Vol.2 - Lu Vasillo Cassette Written-By
Embryo's Reise CD Written-By
Jelen Pase CD 2010-10-29 Written-By
Melodie Der Welt Vinyl 1965 Composed By [Volksweise]
Preko Reke CD 2008 Lyrics By
Ragnarok CD 2006 Lyrics By
CD 2000 Written-By
La Cucamarcha (Remix) CD 1994 Written-By [Uncredited]
Magical Ring CD 1983 Written-By
Jogging The Memory CD 1986 Composed By
Поет Трио Маренич Vinyl 1979
Поет Трио Маренич Vinyl
Grand Bal Folk Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Going Out In Style Vinyl 2011-04-05 Written-By
The Immortal Mississippi John Hurt Vinyl 2011-04-16 Written-By
Rum, Sodomy & The Lash CD Written-By
Këngë Popullore Shqiptare Vinyl 1969-02-00 Written-by [Kënge Popullore]
The Bootleg Series Volumes 1 - 3 [Rare & Unreleased] 1961-1991 CD 1997 Written-By
Go Slow CD 2004 Written-By
The Old Sow Shellac Written-By
Čuvam Ovce Sve Po Dolovima / Kolenike, Kolenike Vreteno Vinyl 1962 Written-By
Boogieman Box Set 2009-03-11 Written-By
Neformatas CD 1999 Written-By
Vinyl 1988 Written-By
По Щучьему Велению Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Сивка-Бурка Vinyl 1979 Written-By
De 20 Mest Önskade Med Evert Taube Cassette 1979 Written-By
Celtic Bagpipes CD 1997 Written-By [All Songs]
В Мире Сказок Vinyl Written-By
Dies Irae Vinyl 1982 Written By
Волга CD 2007 Music By , Lyrics By
Pjesme Iz Sandžaka Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Najljepše Pjesme Sandžaka Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Lonesome Road Blues Vinyl 1974 Written-By [Release Credit]
Kënga E Sylë Rezallës / O Emin, Emin Duraku Vinyl 1979-01-00 Written-By
Alive Cassette 1997 Lyrics By
Step It Up And Go Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Transdanubian Swineherds CD 1992 Composed By
Kraj Tanana Šadrvana Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Cassette 1998
Salime Ya Salama Vinyl 1989 Written-By
Da Smo Se Ranije Sreli Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Asllan Pasha Vinyl 1971 Written-by [Këngë Popullore]
Ah, Devla Vinyl 1967 Written-By
Hrabri Torero Vinyl 1967 Written-By
Cançons Tradicionals Vinyl 1967 Written-By [Populares Catalanas]
Vinyl 1983 Written-By [Moravská Lidová]
CD 2007-09-14 Written-by [Moravská Lidová]
Ti Eliz Iza CD 1994 Written-By
Пожар / Коробейники Shellac
18 Godina Sa Vama Vinyl 1984 Written-By
Labud Plovi / Kraj Dunava Kuća Mala Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Ne Ljuti Se, Dragana Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Kenga Dede Gjonit Vinyl 1974-08-00 Written-by [Popullore]
Old Faith CD 2009 Lyrics By
Tom Rush CD 2001 Written-By
No Line On The Horizon CD 2009-03-03 Music By
Negro Spirituals Vinyl 1960 Written-By
Mala Moja, Moj Nevene / Lepa Mara Ovce Čuva Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Këngë Popullore Shqiptare 2 Vinyl 1969-02-00 Written-by [Kënge Popullore]
Čekajući Ljubav Vinyl 1986 Music By
Spanning The Years CD 1995 Written-By
The London Balalaika Ensemble Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Na Kraju Grada Vinyl 1990 Written-By
Jazz Begins: Sounds Of New Orleans Streets: Funeral And Parade Music Vinyl Written-By
Travelling Days Vinyl 1973 Written-By
V Divadle E. F. B. Vinyl 1970 Written-By
In Russia Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Razgranala Grana Jorgovana Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Haxhi Mustafa Vinyl 1971 Written-by [Këngë Popullore]
Merak T'u Bana I Mjeri Vinyl 1972-04-00 Written-by [Këngë Popullore Shqipe]
Kenga E Igballe Feratit Vinyl 1975-08-00 Written-By
Співає «Лемковина» Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Yuyachifca Vinyl 1979 Written By
Hotel*s CD 2001 Written-By
La Véritable Histoire Du Chat Botté CD 2009-10-07 Music By
Ciganska Krv Romano Rat Cassette 1982 Written-By
Red's Recovery Room CD 1998 Written-By
Vinyl 1977-09-00 Written-By
No Surrender! Vinyl Written-By
Ymer Popovci Vinyl 1971 Written-by [Këngë Popullore]
Del Folklore Aragonés (Homenaje A Arnaudas) Vinyl 1983 Written-By
Under Surveillance Vinyl 2010-06-26 Lyrics By [Folk Song]
Qysh Na Dual Ky Bedatë / Shota Galica Vinyl 1976-04-00 Written-by [Popullore]
Kënga E Ramë Halitit Vinyl 1971 Written-by [Këngë Popullore]
Sanctified Country Girls (1927-31): The Complete Recordings In Chronological Order Of Jessie May Hill, Rev. Sister Mary Nelson, Sister Cally Fancy Vinyl Written-By
Haida Numa' Si Numa' Cassette 2001-07-00 Music By
CD 2008 Lyrics By
Snafu Vinyl 1986 Written-By
Meet The Demons Of Bali CD 1998 Composed By
Portsmouth Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Folksongs From Finland Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Spirit Of The Nation Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Hafli: Echoes Of The Middle East Vinyl 1960 Written-By
Labyrinth CD 1995-05-30 Composed By
Tell Me Darling Vinyl Written-by [Adapted]
Indim Jarin Bahcesine Vinyl 1973-05-00 Written-by [Halk Müziqi]
The Jay Bird Blues Vinyl 2011 Written-by [Unknown Bosnian Romantics]
E Ka Dada Nji Djale Sugar Vinyl 1980-02-00 Written-By
Me Sharki Vinyl 1974-03-00 Written-by [Kënge Folklorike]
Piąta Prostytucja Vinyl 2011-05-15 Music By [Based On]
Halit Dula Vinyl 1971 Written-by [Këngë Popullore]
Earthbeat CD Written-By
Takako Nishizaki Plays Suzuki Evergreens CD 2010-05-25 Composed By
Cruel Sister CD 2004-07-21 Written-By
Jotas De Oro - Navarra Vol. 2 Cassette 1977 Written-By
Miqasija Pa Ba Mend Vinyl 1971-06-00 Written-by [Këngë Popullore]
Kënga E Ilaz Agës Vinyl 1971 Written-by [Këngë Popullore]
Soleil Des Loups Cassette 1997-05-00 Written-By
Bellemou Messaoud (Le Roi De La Trompette Raï) Et Gana El Maghnaoui Vinyl 1989 Composed By
Cruel Sister Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Exile On Main St. Vinyl 2010 Written-By
Mary Had A Baby Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Live From The Mable Barnes Auditorium CD 2009-09-04 Written-By
Kënga E Velës Vinyl 1974-05-00 Written-by [Popullore]
Komita Kan Ra N'sllatinë Vinyl 1971 Written-by [Këngë Popullore]
Hate Your Friends Vinyl 1987 Written By
Disco - Folk 2. Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Cambucha (Carmen) CD 1999 Composed By
Glory In The Meeting House CD 2010-12-10 Written-By
Stebuklas CD 2011 Lyrics By
Kënga E Feta Hysës Vinyl 1971-09-00 Written-by [Këngë Popullore]
Coje Nuse Sexhaden Vinyl 1974-03-00 Written-by [Këngë Popullore]
The Last Battle Vinyl 1978 Composed By
Ty Parti Të Këndojmë Lavdi Vinyl 1973-03-00 Written-by [Këngë Popullore]
Kënga E Cen Magjunit Vinyl 1971 Written-by [Këngë Popullore]
Ibrahim Hoca / Şote Vinyl 1971-12-00 Written-By [Turski Narodni Plesovi]
Emin Aga Vinyl 1971 Written-by [Popullore]
Mora Avdesin E Sabahit Vinyl 1971 Written-by [Këngë Popullore]
Dërgut Pasha Vinyl 1971 Written-by [Këngë Popullore]
Exile On Main St CD Written-By
Mierolainen CD 2001-10-00 Composed By
Vielä Minustakin Kuullaan CD 2008 Composed By
Shellac 1954
CDr Written-By
Karelian Stout CD 2006 Composed By
Ka Nji Vjet E Disa Muej Vinyl 1970-06-00 Written-By
Struttin Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Bolivie Vinyl Written-By
Cassette 1999 Written-By
Vinyl 1983
Lucas 15 CD 2007 Written-By
Angel Clare Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Kënga E Ibrahim Sadikut Vinyl 1971-06-00 Written-By
Heret Kur U Çova Ishte Tuj Ra Shi Vinyl 1970-12-00 Written-By
Thoughts From Another World Vinyl 1982 Written-By
The Complete CD 1985 Written-By
Big Bad Zydeco Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Vallja E Sharkijave Vinyl 1970-02-00 Written-By
O Kandil, Kandil Garipi Vinyl 1968-11-00 Written-by [Albanske Narodne Pesme]
Vallja E Çikave Vinyl 1969-07-00 Written-by [Albanske Narodne Pesme]
In Russia Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Njizetekatër Pshallarë Vinyl 1970-07-00 Written-by [Albanske Narodne Pesme]
Grimen CD 2007 Music By
Kanga E Demë Isufit Vinyl 1970-09-00 Written-By
Kanga E Raxhës Vinyl 1967-02-00 Written-by [Šiptarske Narodne Pesme]
Shoqe Mori, Shoqe Vinyl 1978-05-00 Written-By
Charlatan Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Celtic Harp Volume Two: From A Distant Time CD 1983 Written-By
Pentru România CD 2004 Lyrics By
La Serpe A Carolina Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Polka Für Die Welt CD 2003 Written-By
Sinoć Sam Pio Iz Bokala Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Ditë E Zezë Ish Konë E Honja Vinyl 1968-06-00 Written-By
Zo' Ku Krisi Pushka Promë Vinyl 1968-06-00 Written-By
Happy Charleston CD 1987 Written-by [Alle Titel]
Yes! Jesus Loves Me CD 2007 Written-By
Too Long In This Condition CD 2010 Written-By
Red Roses For Me Vinyl 1984 Written-By
Rum Sodomy & The Lash Vinyl 1985 Written-By
Valjevska Podvala Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Ivan Rebroff - Chants Folkloriques De La Vieille Russie Vinyl Written-By
Иван Ребров - Chants Folkloriques De La Vieille Russie (Vol. 2) Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Con La Banda Tamazulas CD 1994 Written-By
Vinyl 1986 Written-By
Elements CD 1993 Written-By
Nocoj, Pa Oh Nocoj Vinyl 1973-09-00 Written-by [Slov. Nar.]
Bellemou Messaoud (Le Roi De La Trompette Raï) Et Gana El Maghnaoui Vinyl 1989 Composed By
English Folk Dances For Young People Vinyl 1959 Written-By
Поет Трио Маренич Vinyl 1980 Lyrics By
Sarayland CD 2010 Written-By
The Essential Ravi Shankar CD 2005 Written-By
Ej, Przeleciał Ptaszek Shellac Lyrics By [Tekst Ludowy]
Karel Plíhal… …Emil Pospíšil Vinyl 1989 Music By
Harmonika Folk-Cocktail Br. 1 Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Humpty Dumpty Flexi-disc Written-By
You Were Meant To Be CD 2009 Written-By
My Life On The Plains Vinyl 1989 Written-By
Deep River Vinyl 1960 Written-By
Gde Si Dušo Vinyl 1992-10-00 Written-By
Schwarze Augen Flexi-disc Written-By
Düğün Kına Ve Ask Türküleri Vinyl 1985 Written-By
Žemaitiškų Dainų Enciklopedija CD 2006 Lyrics By
Rekonstruierte Improvisationen CD 2006 Composed By [Volkstümliche Themen]
Nino... Dejad Que Os Cuente Un Cuento Vinyl 1960 Written-By
Égypte Vol 2 Vinyl 1988-11-00 Music By
Spring, River, Moon, Night - Traditional Cantonese Music CD 1997 Written-by [All Compositions]
Andes Song (Cacharpaya) Vinyl 1983 Written-By
Nebo Je Tako Vedro Vinyl 1969-10-00 Written-By
Original Afrikanische Ritualmusik - Mågischer Kreis II Vinyl 1984 Written-By
The Promised CD 1997 Written-By
John Renbourn Vinyl Written-By
Lougarou Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Live And Kicking CD 2002 Written-By
38 Folk Songs From Israel Cassette Written-By
Meilės Uostas CD 2008 Lyrics By
10J Hiss CD 2005 Written-By
Drifting Clouds CD 1999 Written-By
Velnio Tuzinas Cassette 2008 Music By
Velnio Tuzinas CD 2008 Music By
CV CD 2002 Lyrics By
Šjor Zorzi Cassette 1975 Written-By
False True Lovers Vinyl 2009 Written-By
Christmas With The Everly Brothers And The Boystown Choir Vinyl 1962 Written-By
Celtic Harp Volume III: Secret Isles Vinyl 1985 Composed By
Gyvo Garso Koncertas DVD 2007 Lyrics By
Vinyl 1970-04-00
Timișoara Vinyl 1992-12-20 Lyrics By
Rum Sodomy & The Lash Vinyl 1985 Written-By
Canción Ecuatoriana Vinyl 1977 Written By
Hairy Jazz Vinyl 1959 Written-By
Još Ne Sviće Rujna Zora Vinyl 1962 Written-by [Narodna Iz Crne Gore]
CD Written-By
Neler Olacak, Neler? Cassette 1988 Written-By
Amadeus (Original Soundtrack Recording) Vinyl 1984 Composed By [Early 18th Century Gypsy Music]
The Two Sides Of Benji Aronoff Vinyl 1965 Written-By
Ships With Tattooed Sails CD 2007 Composed By
Hotheads Vinyl 1987-01-00 Written-By
Opet Ljuljaj, Ne Ljuljaj Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Love And Rockets CD 1989-11-28 Words By
Midwinter Graces CD 2009 Written-By [Traditional]
Shahen-Shah Vinyl 1989 Written-By
Folk - Baroque And Other Rags For Guitar(s) CD 1994 Composed By [Moravian And Czech Traditional Tunes]
Epica Etica Etnica Pathos CD 1990 Written-By
Po Gorah Grmi In Se Bliska / Pijmo Ga, Pijmo Vinyl 1972 Music By
French Record Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Spanish Guitar CD 2001 Music By
Flamenco - Chants Et Danses Du Folklore Andalou Vinyl Written-By
The Dubliners Vinyl 1975 Written-By
The Best Of Celtic Guitar CD 2007-06-15 Written-By
Venäläinen Fantasia - Kauneimmat Venäläiset Sävelmät CD 1986 Written-By
The Half Gate CD 2004 Written-By
Pesma Za Samuil Vinyl 1968-02-00 Written-By
Verloren Oder Was? Vinyl 1983 Music By
Alegrias Vinyl Written-By
Retanavota CD 1992 Written-By
Ali Farka Toure CD 1988 Composed By
Meuterei Vinyl 1986 Words By
Ye Banks And Braes: Songs And Music Of Robert Burns CD 2010 Music By
Arabesque II: Geçmiş Bize Yakışıyor... CD 2011-07-07 Music By
Dobio Sam Tri Poljubca Vinyl 1964 Written-By
Vinyl 1968-09-00 Written-By
Vinyl 1970-03-00 Music By
A Journey Home Vinyl 1989 Composed By
Hawaii-Timmen 1 Cassette 1978 Written-By
Ain't A Gonna Lie To You Vinyl 2003 Written-By
Divni Dani Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Going Out In Style CD 2011-03-01 Written-By
Ţambal: Muzică De Chemat Îngerii CDr 2004 Composed By [Folclor]
Vinyl 1989 Written-By
Cvala Mi Ruža Rumena Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Authentic Celtic Party Music CD 2004 Written-By
Gwlith Y Bore Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Am Berg CD 1997-12-01 Composed By [Kompositionen Von]
1994 - 2008 CD 2008 Written-By
Union Cafe CD 2011 Composed By
Lonesome Road Blues Vinyl 1979 Written-By [Release Credit]
Irish Folk Festival Live 1974 Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Quite Extraordinary Vinyl 1988-07-00 Written-By
W Moim Sercu Gra Muzyka CD 1997 Music By
The Blue Kite - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD 1994 Written-By
Swing Low Sweet Satchmo Vinyl 1966 Written-By
Brass & Percussion CD 2010 Composed By
Ja Sam Junak Iz Doline Vinyl 1967 Written-By
An Irish Evening CD 1992 Written-By
Mo Ghile Mear - "Our Hero" CD 1995 Written-By
Svatovska Vinyl 1976-04-00 Written-By
Leninas Cassette 2000 Written-By
Alte Und Neue Kärntnerlieder Vinyl Written-By
Herr, Bleib Bei Uns: Geistliche Volkslieder Aus Kärnten (II. Folge) Vinyl Written-By
Kärntner Weihnachtssingen Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Der Oberkärntner Kreis Vinyl Written-By
Hoppe, Hoppe Reiter CD 1995 Music By
Five Hand Reel Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Volkslieder: Im Satz Von Norbert Artner Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Üba Die Alm Her... Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Wie Schön, Ist Dieses Land Vinyl 1984 Written-By
Daleko Mi Je Biser Jadrana Vinyl 1969-11-00 Written-By
Die Liab Is A Traman Vinyl 1974 Written-By
15 Jahre Alpentrio Wieting Vinyl Written-By
Blackwater CD 1996 Composed By
Und Mei Diandle Is A Bilde Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Romi, Romi - Gipsy Soul Vinyl Written-By
Návštěvní Den 3 Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Unsere Schönsten Volkslieder Vinyl 1983 Composed By [Folklore]
S One Strane Plive Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Bold Orion Vinyl 1983 Written-By
CD 2009
Joshua Fit De Battle Of Jericho And Kum Ba Yah Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Canzoni D' Una Volta III Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Canzoni D' Una Volta IV Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Canzoni D' Una Volta V Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Canzoni D' Una Volta 6 Vinyl 1984 Written-By
Canzoni D' Una Volta 7 Vinyl 1987 Written-By
Canzoni D' Una Volta 8 Cassette 1994 Written-By
The Ugly Duckling CD 1987 Music By
Návštěvní Den 3 Vinyl 1990 Written-By
Ne Bom Se Možila Vinyl Written-by [Slovenska Narodna, Uncredited]
Oko Moje Plavo I Garavo / Volim Diku, Dika Za Mnom Gine Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Kukavo Gegutė / Aš Nueisiu Shellac Written By
Tykiai Nemunėlis Teka / Šėriau, Šėriau Sau Žirgelį Shellac Written-By
Shellac Written-By
Karvelėli / Plaukia Sau Laivelis Shellac 1929 Written By
Folk Celtique Vinyl Written-By
Color & Style CD 2010-01-22 Written-By
Regards From Macedonia Volume Two CDr 2007 Written-By
Vinyl Written-By
Spirituals Vinyl 1963 Written-By
Garçons Sans-Souci CD 2002 Written-By
Les Noces Du Papillon Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Narodni Ora So Zurli I Tapani Vinyl 1975-02-00 Written-By
Kaži Slavke Kaži Kerko / Janke Le Janke Ubava Vinyl 1980-08-00 Written-By
Draumkvedet CD 2009 Composed By
In Fortune's Hand CD 1990 Written-By
Why Worry? CD 1991 Written-By
Hei-Fara! Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Svajonė Ir Meilė / Sudiev Sesutės Shellac Written-By
Dalmatinske Narodne Pesme Vinyl 1962 Written-By
Entends-Tu Ma Blonde Le Tonnerre Qui Gronde CD 1996 Written-By
Shellac 1953
Glory In The Meeting House Vinyl 2011 Written-By
Midnight Roses Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Boxed Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Rebellion! Vinyl 1967 Written-By
Seánsongs CD 2002 Written-By
Kur Tas Šaltinėlis / Aš Išdainavau Visas Daineles Shellac Written-By
Texas Bohemia (The Texas Bohemian Moravian-German Bands) CD 1994 Written-By
Sangue De Beirona CD 1997 Written-By
Songs Of The Sanctuary Cassette 1995 Lyrics By
A Portrait CD 2004 Written-By
Floating World CD 2006 Composed By
The Folk Songs Of Britain Volume 8: A Soldier's Life For Me Vinyl 1971 Written-By
The Folk Songs Of Britain Volume 3: Jack Of All Trades Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Noema CD 2007 Written-By
Nessiah CD 2008 Written-By
Dolphin Secrets Vol. 1 - Spanish Guitar CDr 2010 Written-By
Live At The Fillmore East CD 1999-02-24 Written-By
Festival De Marrakech - Folklore National Du Maroc Volume 1 Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Panama Limited Jug Band Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Зімачка CD 2011-04-27 Lyrics By
Invocation CD 1995 Written-By
Parcel Of Rogues Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Breakaway Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Alpenfusion CD 1997 Written-By
Eddie Skoller Og Hans 6 Strengs En-Mands-Band Vinyl 1981 Music By
& Byens Bedste Backin' Band Vinyl 1984 Written-By
No Direction Home: The Soundtrack (A Martin Scorsese Picture) CD 2005 Written-By
İki Dil Bir Heves CD 2011-08-24 Written-By
Vajtimi I Avdisë Vinyl 1967-02-00 Written-By
Vallja Burrnore Vinyl 1969-07-00 Written-By
Four Green Fields Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Landet Jag Är Van Vid Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Oj Ti Dušo Duše Moje Vinyl 1974 Written-By
The Best Of Mississippi John Hurt Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Sali Syla Vinyl 1969 Written-by [Popullore]
Krisi Pushka Ushtoj Pazari Vinyl 1970 Written-by [Popullore]
Canções Heróicas / Canções Regionais Portuguesas Vinyl 1974 Composed By
Vinyl 1978-08-00 Written-By
Da Sind Wir Aber Immer Noch / Hier, Wo Ich Lebe Vinyl 1979 Composed By [Releasecredit]
I Will Not Be Sad In This World CD 1992 Composed By
Kad Sam Bila Ja Malena Vinyl 1973 Written-By
Čep, Čep U Slavinu Vinyl 1973-01-00 Written-By
Roy Guest And His Guitar Vinyl Written-By
Twenty Songs Of The Chosen Surfers CD 2005 Written-By
Going To California CD 2002 Written-By
The Big Come Up Vinyl 2008-10-31 Written-By
Film Cuts CD 1996 Written-By
Homeland: A Prayer For Peace CD 2002-08-13 Written By
Dom_Live CDr 2002 Music By , Lyrics By
Na Kraj Sela Čađava Mehana Vinyl 1965-10-00 Written-By
My Ireland Vinyl Written-By
Vinyl 1980
Tri Sulara / Meštre Ivonko Zonković Vinyl 1959 Written-By
Vinyl 1965-02-00 Written-By
Bećarac Vinyl 1963-02-00 Written-by [Narodne Pesme Iz Vojvodine]
Hear The Grass (Echoes From The World Of Bamboo) Cassette 1991 Composed By [Tule Clarinette Sequence]
Cançons De La Nostra Mediterrània Vinyl 1982 Music By
Nigde Zore Vinyl 1963-10-00 Written-By
Winter On The Moors CD 1997 Written-By
Opa Nina Ninai-Na Vinyl 1983 Songwriter [Melodii Din Folclorul Grec]
Opre Roma Vinyl 1977 Written-By
A L'Entrèe Du Temps Clair Vinyl 2011 Written-By
J'ai Vu Le Loup - Ritmi E Canti Tradizionali Bretoni E Gitani Vinyl 2011 Written-By
Los Comuneros Vinyl 1976 Music By
Chants & Dances Of The Native Americans CD 1995-12-20 Songwriter [Native American Songs All]
Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Izlegla Evda Niz Čaršiju Vinyl 1983 Written-By
Anam Cassette 1990 Lyrics By
Causeway Cassette 1989 Written-By
The Last Emperor Vinyl 1988 Written-By
Trandafil Dela Moldova Vinyl 1975-03-00 Written-By
The Time Is Right Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Od Sevdaha Goreg Jada Nema Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Kola Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Na Put Se Spremam Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Lost Sounds Of The Tao (Chinese Masters Of The Guqin In Historic Recordings) CD 2001 Composed By
Hänschen Klein CD 1995 Written-By
Pašėlusios Dainos Cassette 1996 Lyrics By
Jagode U Grlu Vinyl 1985 Written-By
Ti Si Mi Sve Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Free Beer And Chicken Vinyl 2011 Written-By
Tzeitel CD 2010-09-00 Written-By
Susanna CD 1994 Written-By
Lof Songi Czyli Kochajmy Się / W Krainie Ciulu Ciula CDr Music By
Vinyl 1969 Written-By
Balalaika Vinyl Written-By
Hate Your Friends Vinyl 1987 Written By
Chansons Dorées De Notre Enfance - Volume 1 Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Celtic Awakening Cassette 1997 Written-By
Tuva.Rock CD 2003 Written-By
Kad Bi Ti Dušo Znala... Vinyl 1973 Music By, Lyrics By
Davno Je Bilo To Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Une Nuit De Noël A Notre-Dame De Paris Vinyl Composed By
Songs From The Julekalender Vinyl 1991 Written-By
Du Limousin À L'auvergne Vinyl 1980 Music By
Svatovac Vinyl 1983 Written-By
Two Of A Kind Cassette 1991 Written-By [Traditional-p.d.]
Flamenco Fenómeno! Vinyl 1960 Music By [Rhythms]
S One Strane Dunava Vinyl 1985 Written-By
Noël! Noël! Noël! Christmas With Michala Petri. Vinyl 1989 Composed By
XXI Amžiaus Etnohitai CD 2005 Lyrics By
Moslavino Moja Mila Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Ciganka Mi Gatala Na Travi Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Crown Of Horn Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Room For Company Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Pusta Mladost Brgu Pominuva Vinyl 1984 Written-By
Tetovski Starogradski Biseri Vinyl 1986 Written-By
Cassette 1997 Written-By
Vinyl 2011-09-00 Lyrics By
Vinyl 2011-09-00 Lyrics By
Nordisk Sang (Music Of Norway) CD 1991 Written-By
Sonos CD 1989 Written-By
Music Of Earth, Water, Fire And Sky (Music Of The American Indian) CD 1992 Written-By
S' One Strane Morave / Raslo Mi Je Badem Drvo Vinyl 1963 Written-By
CD 2002
Maremannu CD 2000 Lyrics By
Vol. 3: Texas Songster In A Live Performance Vinyl 1966 Written-By
Memories Vinyl 1979-06-00 Written-By
Tzigan Virtuoso Vinyl 1975 Composed By
Pan Przyjacielem Moim (Msza Beatowa) Vinyl 1968 Lyrics By [Tekst]
Come On And Zoom Vinyl 1974 Written-By
Kliknu Vila Sa Vrha Porima Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Vinyl 1976 Written-by [Παληό Λαϊκό]
Grand Collection CD 2005 Words By
Najlepše Gradske Pesme Vinyl 1987 Written-By [Stara Gradska]
Way Down Upon The Swanee River Vinyl 1974 Written-by [Spirituals]
Pop Wagner & Bob Bovee Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Berner Troubadours 2 Vinyl 1975 Music By
Liedjes Van Verlangen Vinyl 1980 Written-By [Anlo]
Bergkgeschrey CD 2011-04-14 Written-by [Folk Song]
Parables Vinyl 2010 Music By [Melody From Lesbos, Greece]
Idriz Ajeti Vinyl 1983 Written-by [Popullore]
Hajde Lule Te Bunari Vinyl 1983 Written-by [Popullore]
Sedam Dana I Tri Noći Vinyl 1968-05-00 Written-By
Kolika Je Duga Zima Bila / Moj Pendžeru, Juhaj Haj Vinyl 1960 Written-By
Pipiri Te Whetu Shellac Written-By
Sele, Jele, Što Se Ne Udaješ Vinyl 1975-10-00 Written-By
Arcángel CD 2001 Written-By
Old Hag You Have Killed Me Vinyl 1982 Written-By
The Wild Field Vinyl 1991 Written-By
Malicorne Vinyl Written By
Herren Der Nacht Vinyl 1982 Written-By
Ihr Kinderlein Kommet (Verdammt Noch Einmal) Vinyl 1979 Music By
Majstori Na Harmonici Vinyl 1981-02-00 Written-By
Songs Of Peace CD 1999 Written-By
Ελληνικοί Αντίλαλοι Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Tell Your Story Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Makedonske Starogradske Pjesme Vinyl 1975-08-00 Music By, Lyrics By
The Gift Of God Vinyl 1981 Written-By
The Best Of The Golden Gate Quartet Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Canto Por Travesura Vinyl 1978 Written-By
X/Y CD 2010 Music By
WISI und BÄRTI Nr. 2 Vinyl Written By
A Game Of Chess CD 2004-05-25 Composed By
Presents Roumanian Flutes 2 Vinyl Written-By
Cassette 1982 Written-By
Hallelujah (On His Way To Heaven) CD 1995 Lyrics By
Timișoara CDr 2007 Lyrics By [Folk]
Schweizer Volkslieder Vinyl Written By
Heartland Cassette 1985 Written-By
Christmas With Kićo - Svim Na Zemlji Mir Veselje Vinyl 1983 Written-By
Terang Bulan Vinyl Written-By
Java, Mijn Land Vinyl Written-By
CD 2006 Music By, Lyrics By
The Last Emperor Vinyl 1988 Written-By
The Highland Connection Cassette 1979 Written-By
Grand Collection CD 2008 Music By, Lyrics By
Chemins De Terre Cassette 1974 Written-By
Family Songs And Stories From The North Carolina Mountains CD 1995 Written-By
Vinyl 1974-09-00 Written-By
Najpiękniejsze Kolędy CD 1998 Lyrics By
Pan Przyjacielem Moim - Msza Beatowa Vinyl 1968 Lyrics By
Drug Se Drugu Žali Na Djevojku Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Pickin' Around The Cookstove Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Grand Collection CD 2006 Music By, Lyrics By
Barka Je Malena Vinyl 1989 Written-By
Play Gaelic: The First "Legendary" Recordings Cassette 1990 Written-By
Tamburaški Evergreen 1 CD 2004 Written-By
Jørgen Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Cântece Din Maramureș CD 2004 Music By, Lyrics By
Masks And Faces CD 1991 Written-By
Aryan Memory: Musical Traditions In Pamir CD 2003 Written-By
Sciur Padrun Da Li Beli Braghi Bianchi Vinyl 1971 Written By
What Child Is This? Cassette 1989 Written-By
Delíríum Cassette 1991 Written-By
Znaš Li Di Su Kali Cassette 1988 Written-By
Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Tribute CD 2007 Composed By
La Săvârșitu Lumii Vinyl 1993 Lyrics By [Versuri Populare]
Shalom Vinyl 1961 Written-By
Black And White CD 1997-04-00 Written-By
Geros Nuotaikos Ir Sveikatos Jums Linki... Obelių Aliejus CD 2007 Music By, Lyrics By
I Will Not Be Sad In This World Vinyl 1989 Composed By
Sons And Lovers Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Piosenki Spod Siodła Vinyl 1973 Music By
These Dreams Like Trees Are Dark & Twisting CD 2011 Written-By
Oriente - Occidente Vinyl 1982 Written-By [India]
Valceri I Polke - Za Veselice Vinyl 1987-05-00 Written-By
Ехали Цыгане Vinyl
Celtic Harp, Volume III: Secret Isles CD 1985 Composed By
Don't Awake My Memories CD 1993 Written-by [Russian Folk Song]
Po Šumama I Gorama Vinyl 1980 Music By
Songs From The Cold Seas CD 1995-02-16 Written-By
Secret People CD 1993 Written-By
Oj, Garava, Garava Vinyl 1987 Written-By
The Waking Hour Vinyl 1984 Composed By, Arranged By
Cassette 1974 Written-By
CD 1998 Written-By
Gwendal Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Călător CD 2008 Music By [Folclor]
Irish Folk Songs 2 Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Turske Narodne Pesme Vinyl 1965-03-00 Written-By
Turske Narodne Pesme Vinyl 1965-01-00 Written-By
Vinyl 1970-06-00 Written-By
Ora Vinyl 1970-06-00 Written-By
Pesni Za Krale Marko Vinyl 1972-10-00 Written-By
Dve Neveste Tikve Brale Vinyl 1970-11-00 Written-By
Čungur Mi Čuka Vinyl 1972-08-00 Music By, Lyrics By
Dalmatinska Vinyl 1987 Written-By
"Švet' Ivane O' Moga Trogira" - Stari Trogirski Napjevi Vinyl 1981 Written-By
Kad Bi Ti Dušo Znala... Vinyl 1977 Music By, Lyrics By
Cruel Sister Vinyl 1978 Written-By
Kad Bi Ti Dušo Znala... Cassette 1973 Music By, Lyrics By
Almanach Vinyl 1976 Written By
Badiu Di Fora / Traiçoeira D'Dakar Vinyl Written By
Maria Barba / Tunga Tunguinha Vinyl Written By
Caneuon Gwerin I Blant Vinyl 1984 Written-By
Greatest Hits 1998 - 2008 CD 2011-10-24 Music By
The Singing Bowls Of Tibet Vinyl 1981 Written-By
O Son Do Ar CD 1997 Written-By
Amor Dammi Quel Fazzolettino Vinyl 1971 Written By
Oj, Vesela Veselice Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Canzoni Venete Vinyl 1976 Written By
Folklore Rund Um Die Ostsee Vinyl 1977 Written-By
Odeš Li Mila... Vinyl 1983 Written-By
Falile Se Kaštelanke Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Festival Dalmatinskih Klapa Omiš 71 Vinyl 1971 Written-By
Vinyl 1974 Written-By
A Street Car Named De Luxe Vinyl 1982 Music By
Din Cîntecele Lui Anton Pann Vinyl 1966 Songwriter
Doldinger Vinyl 1973 Composed By
CD 2006 Music By, Lyrics By
Modern Oyun Havaları Vinyl 1975 Composed By
Jardín De Al-Andalus. Música Arabigo-Andaluza De La Sevilla Medieval CD 1999 Composed By
Alarifes Mudéjares CD 1999 Composed By
The Night Visitor Vinyl 2011-10-28 Written-By
Erdha Nga Qyteti Vinyl 1979-12-00 Written-by [Popullore]
Vinyl 1975-04-00 Music By, Lyrics By
Ušti Ušti Baba / Dragi Mi Je Bekrija Vinyl 1978-12-00 Music By, Lyrics By
Plenilunio CD 1997 Written-By
Opa Nina Nina Naj Vinyl 1966-01-00 Written-By
Sokol Mi Leta Visoko Vinyl 1972-12-00 Written-By
Vinyl 1968 Written-By
Vinyl 1970-01-00 Written-By
The Light Of Experience (Doina De Jale) Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Jetzt Kommen Die Lustigen Tage Vinyl 1972 Written-By
Timeless CD 1999 Written-By
Uma CDr 2000 Written-By
Panchpuran CD 2001 Written-By
Recovery Cassette 1981 Written-By
30th Anniversary Tour - Live In Macedonia DVD 2006 Written-By
Chämihütte-Party Vinyl Written By
Crown Of Horn CD 1995 Written-By
În Umbra Marelui Urs Cassette 2000 Lyrics By [Cântec Popular Macedon]
Latakia Blend CD 2002 Composed By
Katrca Vinyl 1970 Written-By [Koroška Ljudska]
Božilak Rainbow CD 2007 Written-By
Sine, Vrati Se Cassette 1985 Written-By
Bushes And Briars (And Other English Folk Songs) Vinyl 1980 Written-By
The Derby Ram CD 2004 Lyrics By
Songs From The Julekalender CD 1991 Written-By
Quimsa / Hichhanigua Hikjatata Vinyl 1978-03-00 Written-By [Folclor Boliviano]
Gold CD 1995 Written-By
Home On The Range (Way Out West) Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Nine Witch Knots CDr 2008 Written-By
Donna...Amore...Dolore Vinyl 1970 Written-By
Ulicama Kružim Vinyl 1980 Written-By
Muzică Populară Românească Vinyl Written-By
Mono CD 2011 Composed By [Traditional]
Dookin' For Apples Vinyl 1979 Written-By
Scarborough Fair (Songs From The British Isles) CD 2008-09-15 Written-By
Nizamski Rastanak / Svilen Konac Vinyl 1980 Composed By
Žal Za Mladost Vinyl 1973-08-00 Written-By
Vinyl 1974-03-00 Written-By
Jug Band Songs Of The Southern Mountains Vinyl Written By
Sex Melodier Ur Sol-Och-Melodi-Komedin En Strålande Dag Vinyl 1967 Music By
Vinyl 1975 Written-By
Šešir Moj Vinyl 1974-02-00 Written-By
Historia Pewnej Miłości CD 1998 Music By
Spirit Of Love Vinyl Written-By
Lepa Janja Vinyl 1964-09-00 Written-By
Nađije, Nađije Vinyl 1964-11-00 Written-By
Ethno Folk Italia Gli Anni '70 - The Universal Music Collection CD 2010 Written-By
Voje Verde Foje Lata Vinyl 1974-11-00 Written-By
Renowned Vinyl 1976 Written-By
Coisich A' Rùin (Walk My Beloved) CD 1991 Written-By
The Last